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+ - Newsletter 2 - NATO (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

February 1995
Budapest 1241, Pf. 181. Tel: (36-1)262-1920 Fax: (36-1)264-9623

The Individual Partnership Programme (IPP) Between Hungary and NATO

The Budapest Institute for Strategic and Defence Studies has recently
published the Individual Partnership Programme between Hungary and NATO*.
The document, which has been printed concurrently in English and Hungarian
language editions, lists bilateral and multilateral activities the Republic
of Hungary and NATO would like to see come to fruition within the next year
of the Partnership for Peace (PfP) programme.

The Individual Partnership Programme for 1994/1995 between Hungary and NATO
is based on the NATO documents which set out the overall concept, objectives
and modalities of Partnership for Peace, for instance the NATO Summit
Declaration of 11th January 1994, the Invitation and the Framework Document
issued on 10th January 1994, the Partnership Work Programme, and the
Presentation Document provided by Hungary on 6th June 1994. The IPP was
officially signed on 15th November 1994. It will be reviewed and updated
on an annual basis in accordance with later to be agreed additions.

The IPP between Hungary and NATO is an accurate reflection of Hungary's
commitment to Euro-Atlantic solidarity and cooperation and of its intent
to share in the purpose and fundamental values laid down in the North
Atlantic Treaty. Hungary believes that the objectives of  Partnership
for Peace are fully in accord with Hungary's aim of joining  the North
Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the institutions of European integration.
They are also deemed to be in accord with the Basic Principles of Security
Policy  and National Defence adopted by the Hungarian National Assembly in
accordance with the Constitution and the Defence Bill. Hungary stipulates
its needs in protecting the country's sovereignity and territorial integrity
and the way in which it shares NATO's conviction that the security and
stability of the Euro-Atlantic region can only be guaranteed by cooperation
and joint action.

The activities listed in the Individual Partnership Programme cover a broad
range of cooperative activities to be carried out within the PfP framework.
Special importance is given to issues such as Democratic Control of Forces,
Defence Planning and Budgeting, Cooperation in the fields of C3I, Air Traffic
Management, Defence Procurement Programmes, Logistics, Standardisation and
Interoperability, and also Education and Training. The document sets out
the nature of exercises to be held on either Hungarian territory or with
Hungarian participation within the PfP programme.

The IPP also contains a commitment by Hungary to openly present as available
the whole spectrum of its Armed Forces for the purposes of Partnership for
Peace and it includes the designation of specific units, institutions,
resources and facilities to be involved in the cooperation programme. These
include ground force units, air defence and air force units, specially
trained peacekeeping units, training areas and institutions of education
and research. National activities "within the spirit of Partnership for Peace"
are listed as well.

The publication is extensive and open in its detail and thus represents
Hungary's desire to promote a widespread understanding of the objectives
and purposes of Partnership for Peace and to contribute to the level of
mutual confidence and openness within the PfP programme.

*('The Individual Partnership Programme between Hungary and NATO' in
ISDS Defence Studies, ISBN:963 8117, Charta Press, 1995. 63pp.)

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+ - Newsletter 1 - NATO (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

January 1995


Budapest 1241, Pf. 181. Tel: (36-1)262-1920 Fax: (36-1)264-9623

Office of Information

Many people have felt for a long time that Hungary was in need of a
centre which informs policy makers and the public of matters
concerning NATO and the WEU. This has finally been realized by
the founding of the Hungarian Office of NATO / WEU Information.

The Office intends to provide information concerning all aspects of
NATO and the WEU and Hungarian integration into these organisations.
The main task of the Office will be to collect and distribute
information and carry out public relations activities. It is felt that
the Hungarian public has only a little or just a basic understanding
of European/Trans-atlantic institutions. The Office will hold a related
library and an electronic database and will provide information
(incl. e-mail sources) on Western European integration organizations,
press agencies and general media regarding the developments of Hungary's
intentions to join NATO and the WEU. The Office will also translate
and analyse related material where necessary, forwarding it to
concerned /interested bodies where applicable.

A Newsletter will provide the most up-to-date information for
a wider range of interested parties - experts, institutions, the Press
and the general public - briefly outlining events in connection with
Hungary's integration. The newsletter will be widely distributed
in both printed and electronic form.The Office aims to work closely
with the NATO Office of Information and Press, the WEU Information
Service, academic institutions within the DEFSEC/Network (Academic
Defense and Security Network) electronic information exchanges,
non-governmental organizations and all institutions which can serve
as an information source.

Ministerial Visit

Hungarian Minister of Defence, Gyorgy Keleti made a three day
visit to Paris (25-27th January), having been invited to the French
capital by his domestic counterpart, Francois Leotard. The two ministers
discussed bilateral military relations, as well as the current
international problems they face, including the situation in Bosnia.
The Hungarian side proposed that a joint military exercise be scheduled
for 1996, to be held in Hungary, involving the troops of Eurocorps countries.
Mr. Keleti will be proposing the exercise to his German opposite number when
he visits Bonn in the near future.

The Hungarian Minister informed Mr. Leotard about the Government's plans
to establish a centre for language training, which would begin working by
September of this year. The centre would teach English, French and German
to those Hungarian officers closely involved in co-operative work with NATO.
The language training would include general military language and specialist
vocabulary for peacekeeping and arms control. This facility will also be
available for the use of officers from Partner nations. France has promised
assistance in the establishment of the school. During talks, the parties
discussed the question of Hungarian officers being trained in France also.

Mr. Keleti detailed the intentions of the Republic of Hungary as concerns
technical development of the Hungarian Defence Forces (HDF). He emphasised
that air defence represents one of the most important areas. A visit to
two representatives of the French defence sector, Matra and Thomson, was
also included in the programme Concrete purchase proposals were not
however discussed, due, on the one hand to the limited nature of the
Hungarian Defence Budget and, on the other due to the fact that as of
yet there does not exist an agreement between the two states on the
joint handling of classified/restricted materials. During the course
of the talks however, the parties agreed on the preparation of just
such an agreement.

The Hungarian Minister also gave details on the country's military relations
with its neighbours. Both government representatives were of the opinion
that these military ties contribute to confidence-building and serve the
cause of stability.

New Publications

The Individual Partnership Programme between Hungary and NATO.
in Defence Studies. ISBN: 963 8117, Charta Press, 1995, 63 pp.

The last week of January saw the release of a publication by the
Budapest Institute for Strategic and Defence Studies. The Institute,
a think-tank on issues pertaining to the overall security of the
Republic of Hungary, regularly publishes the results of the work of
its researchers, in its periodical, Defence Studies.
By publishing and making this Partner Country's IPP widely available,
Hungary hopes to contribute to the level of mutual confidence and openness
of the PfP Programme.

Dunay, P. - Gazdag, F. (ed.) 'Western European Union - Essays and Documents.'
ISBN: 963 8117192,  Charta Press,  1994, 188 pp.
The first Hungarian language essay collection on WEU to introduce the
organisation to the Hungarian public on the occasion of the 40th anniversary
of its foundation. The volume contains six studies, a list of abbreviations
as well as a selection of the most significant documents in connection with
the Western European Union. A special feature of the publication is a piece
by Willem van Eekelen, WEU General Secretary concerning the tasks of the
organisation within European security as it approaches the turn of the century.

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+ - CET - 13 February 1995 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Monday, 13 February 1995
Volume 2, Issue 31


  Around 50 anti-nuclear activists demonstrated outside a public
  hearing in Budapest Friday on a nuclear power plant Slovakia
  would like to finish building at Mochovce near its borders
  with Hungary and Austria.  The Hungarian Enivironmental
  Ministry says Russia has agreed to loan Slovakia $150 million
  to finish the plant.  But Bratislava would still need a $612
  million loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and
  Development.  Friday's hearing was held at the request of the
  EBRD.  The anti-nuclear activists didn't stay outside the
  hearing.  Inside they made up the bulk of those testifying
  about the plant, even though they claim they weren't given
  enough time to prepare.  Vilmos Kiszel is a spokesman for the
  Goncol Foundation, a group of Hungarian environmentalists.

  "I think the participation was really interesting, it was very
  high.  You cannot expect in eight days to organize 100,000 people,
  but I think the room was filled with enthusiastic people."

  Anti-nuclear activists also say they're afraid of a
  Chernobyl-style accident at the Mochovce plant, which was
  started under communism with Soviet technology. But Slovakia
  insists that with EBRD money, the facility can be finished by
  Electricity de France which has agreed to upgrade safety.  In
  fact EBRD project director Allain Pilloux argues that
  finishing the plant would increase safety in the region,
  especially since Slovakia has agreed to shut down its other
  Soviet-style nuclear facility.

  "Should we put our head in the sand and shy away from such a
  project when we have the unique opportunity in Slovakia to
  obtain closure of two unsafe reactors in exchange for the
  upgrading of two newer more robust reactors."

  That's an issue the EBRD's board will have to think about when
  it makes a decision on the loan next month.  Austria is
  fighting hard against EBRD funding.  Late last week Austria's
  parliamentary parties asked the government to pull out of the
  EBRD if the money is approved.  The Hungarian government
  hasn't reached a decision on Mochovce. --David Fink


  According to a new poll, most Hungarians don't like foreign
  investment.  The survey by the daily newspaper Magyar Hirlap
  found that only a third of those surveyed welcome outside
  investment.  Twenty-eight percent see it as -- quote -- bad
  but necessary, and 35 percent say they don't like it at all.
  The remaining 4 percent expressed no opinion.  Survey
  participants were also asked to rank investors by nationality.
  Americans and West Europeans received the highest marks,
  while Israelis, Chinese and East Europeans were most disliked.
  The poll was conducted by Tele-Media, and was based on
  telephone surveys of 709 people.

  Hungary plans to sell off four small banks this year, and
  outline privatization plans for two major banks.  The four
  smaller banks are Dunabank, Mezobank, Iparbankhaz and
  Konzumbank.  The larger banks targeted are Magyar Hitel Bank
  and Kereskedelmi Bank. Also, the country's bank privatization
  commissioner Istvan Farkas says Credit Suisse should finish
  evaluating Budapest Bank for privatization by the end of this
  month.  The Swiss bank is considering a stake in Budapest
  Bank, which is Hungary's fourth largest.


  Interview with Camilla Brooks, emerging market sales, Credit
  Suisse First Boston, London.

   By David Fondler

  Brooks:   In regard to the market performance over this past
  week, it really hasn't been much of a change.  The only
  significant difference we've seen is that Poland had a
  substantial rise on Monday and Tuesday about 18 percent over
  the two days, which has been sort of uncharacteristic of this
  year's trading so far.

  CET:  Were those increases a reaction to Poland's political
  upheavals last week? -- The replacement of Prime Minister
  Waldimar Pawlak, and signals that President Walesa was backing
  off on threats to dissolve parliament?

  Brooks:  I think the market went up and reacted so positively
  on Monday was a little bit premature because actually on
  Monday when the stock exchange was open, it was still
  undecided as to what was happening and Pawlak actually
  resigned during that trade session.  Yes, you can say that
  people were actually forecasting that things would turn out
  okay and that parliament would not be dissolved

  CET:  What about the political situation in Hungary?  We saw
  a cool reaction to the appointments of Gyorgy Suranyi to head
  the Central Bank and Lajos Bokros as finance minister.

  Brooks:  What has happened over the central bank and the
  finance minister has been bad news in the past, but now we see
  those two posts have been filled, and I think these are very
  optimistic people to fill them, Suranyi and Bokros.

  CET:  Is this optimism going to effect investors in

  Brooks:  The market has lost an awful lot of confidence. My
  feeling is the domestics have been continuing to sell, while
  they've seen no foreign support.  And I think the foreigners
  are over-reacting.  Whilst they're not exactly selling,
  they're very much putting Hungary as an investment opportunity
  out of their mind -- I think actually exaggerating the
  economic and political risks that they feel are in the market
  just now.

  CET:  The week certainly ended on an interesting note.  On
  Friday, close to 1.4 million shares of Danubius Hotel stock
  traded in one day.

  Brooks:  It was a block trade.  A block trade for about 20
  percent of the company.

  CET:  Do you know who was involved in that transaction?

  Brooks:  I'm not entirely sure.  If it's going to be disclosed,
  then it's going to be disclosed by the buyer.

  CET:  I understand there are  also rumors of a large forint
  devaluation in Hungary.

  Brooks:  The rumor's coming from the local market.  We actually
  estimate as a house that a devaluation of 1 to 1 and a half
  percent is due in the coming days or weeks.  However, we also
  believe it could actually happen and we're just getting this
  confirmed by the domestic rumors, that a larger devaluation of
  maybe between 6 and possibly even 10 percent, in conjunction
  with the new adjustment program. It is rumors from the
  domestic market, though, it's not really been confirmed by any
  sort of authoritative position.

  CET:  What about the Czech Republic?  We saw four good days
  at the start of the week -- with trader skepticism -- and then
  it was back down to its losing ways.  Are the utilities and
  bank stocks still driving this market?

  Brooks:  Yes, mainly driven by the blue chips, and that's in
  line with the market, people realize that they have been
  substantially hit.  The market is still continuing to fall,
  it's moving in the same direction that it has been for the
  last eight or nine months.  We've seen a little bit of
  activity starting up in some of the utilities, CEZ for
  instance has hit an all-time low, and also Komercni Bank, so
  we've seen some activity there.  We've also seen a bit of
  activity in the new telecom company SPT and a bit of interest

  CET:  Are people starting to gear up for the emergence of
  the second wave of privatization on that market?

  Brooks:  People are beginning to talk about the second wave,
  they've appreciated that prices have come down, but we still
  believe that prices need to come down in general across the
  board more if the second wave is going to be introduced at a
  fair valuation.


* CET On-Line - copyright (c) 1995 Word Up! Inc. All rights reserved.
  This publication may be freely forwarded, archived, or
  otherwise distributed in electronic format only so long as
  this notice, and all other information contained in this
  publication is included.  For-profit distribution of this
  publication or the information contained herein is strictly
  prohibited.  For more information, contact the publishers.

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+ - Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Newsletter (feb.10) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


from the Daily Bulletin of the Hungarian News Agency MTI
distributed by the Department for Press and International Information
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Hungary

H-1394, Budapest P.O.B. 423.
Telephone: 36 (1) 156-8000
Telefax: 36 (1) 156-3801
No. 31/199510 February 1995 

Hungarian Press Review

Nepszava - Approximately HUF 70 billion worth of compensation 
coupons are still in the hands of the original recipients, while HUF 1,000 
billion worth of state assets await privatization. The paper carries a 
summary of the programme of the Interest Association of People Eligible 
for Compensation. (page 5)

Magyar Hirlap - The Alliance of Free Democrats (AFD) invariably  
opposes the idea of creating a post of privatization minister, Chairman Ivan 
Peto says. According to the paper, it is unlikely that the AFD will approve 
Socialist MP Tamas Suchman's nomination for the post. (page 3)

Hungarian PM Visits European Parliament

Brussels, February 9 (MTI) - "He is the man who has changed the 
face of Europe," said Bernie Malone, Deputy Chairman of the European 
Parliament's (EP) Committee of Foreign Affairs and Security, on 
introducing Hungarian Prime Minister Gyula Horn at today's session his 
committee held jointly with the EP Committee of External Economic 

Visiting the Brussels headquarters of the body of directly elected  EU 
representatives on the second day of his trip to Belgium, Horn held a 
discussion with Parliament President Klaus H E4nsch and then answered 
questions from parliamentary committee members responsible for external 
economic and political relations.
In his introductory lecture, Horn said that joining NATO was a 
fundamental objective of the Hungarian government. To achieve it, Hungary 
has all necessary democratic institutions, including those designed to 
protect human rights, he added.
As far as Hungary's external links are concerned, Budapest has 
offered a historic reconciliation to neighbouring countries, and certain 
progress has already been apparent on this road, the prime minister said.
What gives cause for greater concern - and this is true not only for 
Hungary - is the state of economic preparations for EU membership.
In this context, Horn reminded his audience that in Hungary "the 
market economy has to evolve not bottom-up over several centuries, but 
top-down and in the course of only a few years. This is an unbroken path 
which has no examples and models in history," he stressed.
Horn also noted that Hungary has laid down its aspirations, 
requirements and planned efforts in a separate memorandum, which he 
handed to H E4nsch this morning.
Horn first mentioned Hungary's wish to officially extend its 
(economic and trade) cooperation with the Fifteen as already finalized in the 
association contract to the "other two pillars" of the Maastricht treaty, that 
is foreign and security policy and interior and justice affairs.
The prime minister noted Hungary was currently working on a 
modernization programme designed to prepare the ground for 
membership, and urged the 1996 EU inter-governmental review conference 
should set a date for the start of admission talks.
"This is crucial for foreign investments as well as the modernization 
programme. Hungary expects that a membership agreement following the 
admission talks may be ratified in three years," he said.
In reply to a question, Horn indicated the need for EU to help the 
preparations by some sort of financial support.
"We face the specific contradiction that we can only enter the Union 
if we meet the related criteria, but we cannot meet these without external 
assistance," the prime minister said and underscored the importance for 
Hungary to link up with the Transeuropean road system and energy grid..
"We have the Union's principal agreement for this, but so far only 
few concrete things have happened," Horn said, adding that Hungary sees 
this as a key question of future cooperation in practical matters.

Hungarian PM at WEU Office in Brussels

Brussels, February 9 (MTI) - Hungarian Prime Minister Gyula Horn 
visited the Brussels headquarters of the Western European Union (WEU), 
where he met Secretary-General Jose Cutileiro as well as WEU Council 
members. The Secretary-General expressed the union's gratitude to the 
prime minister for Hungary's participation in the Danube mission which 
supervises regulations against Serbia. He praised Hungary for its efforts 
done so far as holder of the OSCE's chair to help resolve the conflict in 
The Hungarian premier reiterated that Hungary wants to handle its 
entries into the WEU, NATO and the European Union (EU) not independent 
of one another, although it hopes to become a member of NATO somewhat 
earlier than obtaining full membership in the EU.
The secretary-general said the WEU wishes to have actual 
cooperation with its Eastern and Central European associate member 
states in various fields. For instance, the union hopes these countries will 
help elaborate a security policy white book, to be completed this year, 
which will cover all the possible elements and basic principles of an 
independent European defence strategy.
Hungary has been an associate member of the WEU since May 1994, 
alongside five EU associate member countries and the three Baltic states. 
This status entitles these states to take part in the work of the WEU's 
Council and other forums, but gives them no vote.

Horn in Brussels on NATO

Brussels, February 9 (MTI) - If NATO finishes examining possibilities 
for expanding its membership, Hungary might become a full member of 
NATO earlier than of the European Union, Hungarian Prime Minister Gyula 
Horn told Hungarian journalists today at the Brussels headquarters of 
NATO. The Hungarian premier had talks with NATO Secretary-General Willy 
Claes, after which he attended an ambassadorial meeting of the North 
Atlantic Council.
Later Horn and Claes held a joint press conference. At this, the 
Hungarian prime minister said he had been assured that Hungary would be 
one of the first states to be granted full membership of NATO.
Asked about the timing of the organization's expansion, Claes 
referred to the current review of possibilities, saying he hoped the first
draft could be ready by this autumn, going to foreign ministers of NATO member 
states in December.
The Hungarian prime minister sees NATO as easier to join than the 
EU because of its larger number of preconditions and the length of the EU's 
admission procedure - ratifications - itself.

Horn-Santer Meeting - Press Conference

Brussels, February 9 (MTI) - European Union President Jacques 
Santer called the memorandum presented to him on Thursday by 
Hungarian Prime Minister Gyula Horn an especially strong commitment to 
European integration and full membership of the union.
Santer saw the expansion of the EU as an irreversible process, but 
stressed that the union wanted to adequately prepare for this.
Later, at a press conference, Horn said he had reiterated the need for 
the EU supporting Hungary's modernization. The internal difficulties of the 
union are known, yet the EU should try to find a way to help the aspiring 
countries in this respect.

The Hungarian prime minister was asked about Hungarian-Slovak 
and Hungarian-Romanian relations. Would Hungary sign basic treaties with 
these two countries before the Paris conference on stability this March? 
Horn said that Slovak Prime Minister Vladimir Meciar's visit to Budapest 
gave push to finishing the treaty. Hungary sent Bratislava a draft of the 
future agreement, to be discussed at expert-level talks due to start soon.
Horn was less optimistic about a treaty with Romania. Hungary 
hopes for historic reconciliation with Romania, and does not feel 
responsible for the current tensions. Hungary sent a treaty draft to 
Bucharest. "The chance is given, but there are no guarantees," he summed 
up. The Hungarian prime minister was concerned by signs of extreme 
nationalism in Romania. "It is encouraging that President Ion Iliescu has 
distanced himself from all this", Horn added.
The Hungarian prime minister said candidates had been already 
nominated for the most crucial finance posts. Hungary does not intend to 
change its economic policy. "On the contrary, the aim is to steadfastly carry 
out the government programme and personnel changes were needed for 
this," the Hungarian premier explained.

Pope Meets Hungarian President

Vatican City, February 9 (MTI) - President Arpad Goncz has invited 
Pope John Paul II to visit Hungary in 1996, who accepted the invitation.
According to plans, the pope and Patriarch Aleksey II, head of the 
Russian Orthodox Church, would also meet on this occasion.
Goncz paid a private call at the Vatican on Thursday, and was 
granted an audience by the pope.
Goncz later told journalists and the 40-minute private audience had 
taken place in very good atmosphere.
The pope is scheduled to pay a visit to the 1,000-year-old Austria 
next year, when he said he would be glad to travel to Hungary for the 
1,100th anniversary of the Hungarian Conquest and the millenium of the 
Abbey of Pannonhalma in western Hungary.
Aleksey II will also be invited to the millenial celebration, which may 
thus become the site of a historical meeting between the heads of the 
Catholic and Orthodox churches.
At the private audience, Goncz also spoke on the affairs of 
Hungarian Catholic communities living beyond the borders.
After the audience, Goncz's wife and the members of his suite were 
introduced to the pope.
At a meeting with Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Prime Minister of the 
Vatican, Goncz stressed the Hungarian government wants to continue the 
return of church property.
He proposed the church set up an order of importance for the 
schedule of the process. Sodano said the church places the most emphasis 
on ensuring conditions for its everyday activity.
The Hungarian president on Thursday received Ludwig Hoffmann-
Rumerstein, Great Commander of the Order of the Knights Hospitallers of 
St. John, and expressed his thanks for the charitable work carried out by 
his order in Hungary.
The Vatican visit was the last leg of Goncz's trip to Italy.
The president and the group of businessman accompanying him flew 
from Rome to Valetta, the capital of Malta, in the afternoon.

President Goncz on Malta

Valletta, February 9 (MTI) - Hungarian President Arpad Goncz went 
on from Rome to Malta, to pay a two-day official visit to the Republic of 
Malta. This current trip is the return of former Maltese president Censu 
Tabone's visit to Hungary last February. President Goncz is accompanied 
by the same business delegation as during his tour in Italy.
At Malta's international airport, the Hungarian head of state was 
received by President Ugo Mifsud Bonnici and Prime Minister Edward 
After this, Goncz held private talks with his host.

Hungarian Foreign Minister in Stockholm

Stockholm, February 9 (MTI) - Invited by Swedish Foreign Minister 
Lena Hjelm-Wallen, Hungarian Foreign Minister Laszlo Kovacs reached 
Stockholm on Thursday for an official visit. Kovacs saw Swedish Prime 
Minister Ingvar Carlsson, and Carlsson wanted to hear about Hungary's 
plans related to European Union (EU) membership.
Sweden suggested Sweden and Hungary should regularly discuss 
security issues, despite their countries' different geographical and political 
situations. "The Swedes seemed concerned about the state of security in 
Central and Eastern Europe, and we think Hungary could learn from 
Scandinavian security policy," said a spokesman.
Kovacs visited the Linkoping section of the Saab Scania Works, at 
the invitation of industrialist Peter Wallenberg. Saab Scania had a plan for 
modernizing Hungary's air force before the turn of the century. This could 
increase Hungarian exports, and help Hungary's military meet the technical 
requirements for NATO membership.
The Hungarian foreign minister met Swedish Minister of Trade Mats 
Hellstrom, with whom he discussed Sweden's efforts to join the EU. 
Hellstrom, and earlier the Swedish prime minister, said Sweden was willing 
to help Hungary become a full EU member.

Economic Forecast for Budapest Bank

Budapest, February 9 (MTI) - Budapest Bank expects this year's 
economic policy to be decisively based on monetary restrictions.
Steps taken to reduce the total demand will affect both the 
population and the business sector.
The bank forecasts a consumer price rise of 24-26 per cent this year, 
with a 13-15 per cent increase in producer prices.
The gross domestic product (GDP), however, may grow only by 1-2 
per cent in 1995, Budapest Bank's chief department head Peter Bihari told a 
news conference on Thursday.
Lajos Bokros, whom Prime Minister Gyula Horn asked to take the 
post of finance minister earlier this week, has been the managing director 
of Budapest Bank thus far.
With the interest policy closely tied to monetary belt-tightening, 
interest rates will continue to rise further.
However, the analysis points out that higher interest rates will force 
entrepreneurs to boost their imports and increasingly shift their expenses 
onto the consumer.
In addition, the interest hike will due further damage to the balance 
and push up prices, while greater interest costs will make Hungarian 
companies less competitive.
A restrictive wage policy this year will be aimed at curbing 
consumption, but people will predictably check their savings rather than 

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           [*]   [*]  [*]   [*]  [*]  [*]  [*]
           [*][*][*]  [*][*][*]  [*][*]    [*][*] 
           [*]   [*]  [*]   [*]  [*]  [*]  [*]    
           [*]   [*]  [*]   [*]  [*]   [*] [*]

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+ - Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Newsletter 4 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

February 1995

Budapest 1241, Pf. 181. Tel: (36-1)262-1920 Fax: (36-1)264-9623

Ministerial Press Briefing

 On February 8th, Gyorgy Keleti, Hungarian
Minister for Defence, briefed representatives
of the Press on the most important tasks
within the process of  Euro-Atlantic
integration. The press conference which was
held in the Ministry of Defence building,
came immediately after a MoD Cabinet
meeting where important decisions had been
taken in the interests of aiding the process of
integration. The high level ministerial body
defined tasks and aims as follows:

- The civilian and democratic control and
supervision of the armed forces.
- The transparency and methodology of
Defence Budget planning.
- Adoption of the methods of  'Integrated
Defence Planning'.
- Achieving a level of compatibility between
Hungarian forces and those of NATO.
- Adjustment of institutional structures and
decisionmaking processes.
- Successful implementation of the
Partnership for Peace programme.

 The Minister announced that eventual
arrival at compatibility is not mainly a
technical issue, but primarily, a question of
executing urgent and necessary changes, on
the conceptual level.

 Within the field of technical cooperation
with NATO, the Minister emphasised the
need for the creation of compatible systems
of communications for the leading organs of
the military and the integration to NATO
standards of air defence and air traffic

 On the shortterm the Minister also listed the
following tasks:
 - Implementation of the PfP plan and the
formulation of the plan for the coming year.
 -Execution of legal measures related to
international military exercises.
 - Stipulation for the employment of the
Hungarian peacekeeping company.
 - Involvement in the work of NATO' s
communications and information technology
 - The initiation  of the harmonisation of civil
and military air traffic control.
 - Formulation of "Status of Forces
 - Identification of legal requirements as
related to classified materials.
 - The continuation of language training.
 - Familiarisation with NATO standards.
 - Study of NATO' s logistical system.
 - Modernisation of military higher
- Detailing of tasks related to environmental

 The midterm goals (3-5 years), are aimed at
arriving at, at least, a minimum necessary
level of general technological compatibility.
On the longterm, complete compatibility
with the Alliance must be reached. In
conclusion, the Minister stressed that in
order to create the necessary conditions for
entry into NATO, the Defence Budget will
have to be established in accordance with
NATO member states.

A tovabbterjesztest a New York-i szekhelyu Magyar Emberi Jogok
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           [*]   [*]  [*]   [*]  [*][*]    [*][*][*]
           [*]   [*]  [*]   [*]  [*]  [*]  [*]
           [*][*][*]  [*][*][*]  [*][*]    [*][*] 
           [*]   [*]  [*]   [*]  [*]  [*]  [*]    
           [*]   [*]  [*]   [*]  [*]   [*] [*]

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+ - Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Newsletter 3 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

February 1995
Budapest 1241, Pf. 181. Tel: (36-1)262-1920 Fax: (36-1)264-9623

Hungarian-Romanian ministerial talks

On February 4th, an unofficial meeting was held in Debrecen, Hungary
between Gyorgy Keleti, Hungarian Minister for Defence and Gheorge Tinca,
the Romanian Minister for Defence. The meeting, which was a continuation
of official talks held in Gyula (Hungary) on July 30th last year, and of
those held in Bucharest November 18-20th, was initiated by Mr. Keleti.

The main topic for discussion was the implementation of the 15 point
co-operation package which the two sides had drafted last November.
This plan details, amongst other things, the closer co-operation of the
two armies in the fields of training and exercises. According to the
joint plan of the two Ministers, in the future Hungarian Airforce Officers
will partake in live-firing exercises in Romania. At the same time,
Romanian tank units will be able to undergo training on Hungarian ranges.

According to the plan, the co-operation between the two sides will extend
to such areas as peacekeeping, activities related to experiences as UN
observers, the research and development of military technology, as well
as co-operation in manufacturing. Gyorgy Keleti offered his opposite number,
the services of the Budapest NATO/PfP Language Training Centre (which is
being set up at the moment) for the training of Romanian officers. The
Republic of Hungary and Romania intend to jointly widen military
confidence-building activities. Within this, they will establish direct
relations between the military districts on either side of their joint
border. There will thus be an opportunity for personal contact to be made
between the commanders of larger, as well as smaller size units.

The leading officers of both armies intend to continue the exchange of views
and experiences as connected to the development of new military structures
and arms reduction processes. The two government representatives also
debated the issue of co-operation between the Danube fleets of their two
countries, as they assist in the UN Security Council embargo measures
executed by the WEU and NATO patrol boats acting on the river.

The Hungarian and Romanian Defence Ministers agreed on the organisation of
an international conference, under which representatives from both countries
will discuss the way in which  the 'Open Skies' agreement has been implemented.
The experiences under the implementation of this agreement are seen to be
important and of use for other countries which are also interested in the
development of confidence-building measures. Two weeks after the current meetin
specialists from both sides will meet in Bucharest to formulate the
implementation of those decisions agreed upon at the ministerial talks. The two
Defence Ministers also agreed  that the Hungarian/Romanian 15 plan for military
co-operation should now be forwarded to both state Parliaments for official

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           [*][*][*]  [*][*][*]  [*][*]    [*][*] 
           [*]   [*]  [*]   [*]  [*]  [*]  [*]    
           [*]   [*]  [*]   [*]  [*]   [*] [*]

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+ - CET - 14 February 1995 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Tuesday, 14 February 1995
Volume 2, Issue 32


  Hungarian Prime Minister Gyula Horn says Hungary could become a
  NATO member as early as next year.  Horn is just back from a
  visit to Belgium and Luxembourg.  In Brussels, he met with
  the ambassadors of NATO's 16 member nations.  NATO has said it
  could finish reviewing its expansion plans by September of
  this year and talks on membership for Eastern and Central
  European countries could begin as early as next year.

  Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Army's
  capture of Budapest from the Nazis at the end of World War II.
   But Hungarians weren't sure if they should celebrate because
  they still have mixed feelings about the Red Army liberators.
  Hungary marked the end of the brutal siege, which destroyed
  about 80 percent of Budapest, with only a few low key
  ceremonies.  Budapest Mayor Gabor Demszky invited diplomats to
  lunch and a reception.  Demszky says the anniversary can't be
  labeled as a liberation.

  "This was the first day of peace, first of all, the Russians
  liberated Hungary and Budapest from the Nazis, from the
  Fascists, and this was the end of the war.  But on the other
  hand freedom wasn't achieved in these days.  The sovereignty
  of the country was restricted for years."

  The Soviets installed a communist dominated government which
  carried out mass imprisonments and deportations.  But the Red
  Army also saved the city's surviving 70,000 Jews.  With such a
  clouded past, it may take more than the end of communism to
  bring Hungary's history clearly into focus. --David Fink


  Hungary devalued the forint by 2 percent yesterday -- one of a
  series of smaller devaluations that are expected throughout
  this year.  The National Bank says another devaluation is due
  in a few weeks.  The bank wants to devalue the forint by a
  total of about 15 percent by the end of the year.  Analysts
  say the devaluations are needed to counter the 23 percent
  inflation that is expected this year.  The devaluations are
  also designed to boost exports.

  Hungary's General Electric lighting subsidiary, Tungsram, is
  reporting higher sales throughout Central Europe for 1994.
  Company officials say Tungsram's market share increased by
  three percent to a total of 14 percent.   This includes a
  10-fold increase in Russia, where Tungsram reported an
  increase of $3 million in sales last year.  Tungsram also saw
  big market-share increases in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and


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+ - OMRI Daily Digest - 13 February 1995 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

No. 31, 13 February 1995

PUBLIC HEARING ON SLOVAK NUCLEAR PLANT. A hearing on Slovakia's nuclear
plant at Mochovce was held in Budapest on 10 February. Participants
included officials from the Hungarian Environment Ministry, members of
the Slovak and Hungarian Green Parties, as well as representatives of
the two firms building the plant, Slovenske Elektrarne and Electricite
de France. The Greens criticized the project, expressing concern about
nuclear waste and safety, TASR reports. A public hearing scheduled in
Vienna in January was canceled after the two firms building the plant
refused to attend; however, a panel discussion is expected to take place
there on 14 February. According to a Financial Times report on 11
February, the Austrian parliament voted unanimously on 9 February to ask
the government to consider pulling out of the European Bank for
Reconstruction and Development if the bank chooses to give Slovakia the
loan it needs to finish the project. The EBRD will vote on the decision
in April. -- Sharon Fisher, OMRI, Inc.

the chairman of the Democratic Convention of Romania, the country's main
opposition alliance, on 11 February warned the Hungarian Democratic
Federation of Romania that further cooperation depended on the HDFR
leadership making a "clear and unequivocal" statement that it was
prepared to respect Romania's Constitution and legislation. The HDFR,
which is the main political organization of Romania's large Magyar
minority and a DCR member, recently stirred controversy by suggesting
that it favored a higher degree of autonomy for ethnic minorities. In a
separate development, a seven-person delegation from Romania, including
HDFR leaders Bela Marko and Laszlo Toekes, arrived in Atlanta, Georgia,
to take part in a seminar on ways to defuse interethnic tension, staged
by the Princeton-based "Project on Ethnic Relations" and the Carter
Foundation. On 10 February, the HDFR threatened to boycott the
conference if a deputy for the chauvinistic Party of Romanian National
Unity attended. -- Dan Ionescu, OMRI, Inc.

[As of 1200 CET]

Compiled by Steve Kettle

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+ - DunaTv 10. heti musora - 95. marcius 6. - marcius 12. (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

MOZAIK    DUNA TV musora 1995. marcius 6. - marcius 12.                 

                      DUNA TV

  A DUNA TV adasa muholdrol egesz Europaban, Eszak-Afrikaban
  es a Kozel-Keleten veheto.
  Az adasidon kivul a monoszkop kepe alatt a Bartok radio
  hangja hallhato.

  A Duna Televizio Teletext adasa - a Dunatext - a nap 24
  orajan keresztul mukodik.

 Eutelsat II. F.3
 Keleti h. 16 fok
 Oldalszog 184.2 fok
 Emelkedesi szog 35.3 fok Budapesten
 Transzponder 33 csat. 11,596 GHz horiz. pol.

 DUNA TV cime: Budapest, Me'sza'ros utca 48-54
              H-1016 Hungary

 Tel.: +36-1-156-0122
 FAX:  +36-1-156-6772

 Telefonugyelet adas alatt: +36-1-267-6542


              A Duna Televizio  uj szolgaltatasa
 A Duna Televizio nov. 9-tol a nezok kivansagara uj
 szolgaltatassal jelentkezik: ahol a Duna Televizio
 musorait fogni lehet -- vagyis egesz Europaban,
 Kozel-Keleten es Eszak-Afrikaban -- ott a Kossuth es
 Peto"fi radio musora is hallhato a kovetkezo

 Kossuth radio: 7,02 MHz,
 Peto"fi radio:  7,38 MHz,
 A Duna Televizio hangvivo" frekvenciaja: 6,5 MHz


  A musort a DunaTv musorszerkesztosegetol kapott anyag
  alapjan tesszuk kozze, 
  a parameterek a TV Kepujsagbol szarmaznak.
&  Ekezetes szovegu musor a KFKI-GOPHER-ben elerheto   &
&      telnet sunserv.kfki.hu                          &
&      login: gopher                                   &
&      password: <ENTER>                               &
&      13. menupont /kultura - oktatas/                &
&         2. menupont /DUNA/                           &
 Jo TV-nezest!

1995. ma'rc. 6. he'tf
08.00-14.00 KE'PES KRO'NIKA
      Ta'je'koztato' mu"sor
      A Duna Televizio' ta'je'koztato' mu"sora, amelyben minden 
      o'ra'ban 20-20 perc ke'pu'jsa'g, mu"soraja'nlat e's va'roske'pek 
      va'ltja'k egyma'st.
14.00 LAPOZO'  (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15 PUFO'KA KALANDJAI  /ism./   (13')
      Az elrabla's
14.25 GAZDAKO~R /ism./    (45')
      Magazinmu"sor gazda'lkodo'knak
      Szerkeszt: Papp Ferenc
15.10 A VESSZO" TO~RVE'NYE   (13')
      Magyar ne'prajzi film
      Operatr: Klitz Ja'nos. Szerkeszt-rendez: Kondor Ferencne'
      Karika Ma'rton olyan mesterse'get u"z, amihez me'g pe'nz sem kell,
      csak egy kis szorgalom. A vessz szabadon n, csak le kell
      hajolni e'rte. Jo' pa'r begyakorolt, u~gyes mozdulat e's ke'sz a 
      Roma'n ke'pzmu"ve'szeti fiIm
      Rendezte: Ion Bostan
      Bukovina'ban, Roma'nia e'szakkeleti teru~lete'n csoda'latos 
      fresko'k diszitik a XVI-XVII. sz-i kolostorokat.
15.55 CIMBORA - Tallo'zo'   /ism./  (50')
      Szerkeszt: E'. Szabo' Ma'rta   
16.45 FORMOSA ARCAI    (50')
      Operatr: Illich Lajos. Szerkeszt-rendez: Csu'ri A'kos 
      1994 a kinai napta'r szerint a Kutya e've volt Tajvanon. A
      de'lkelet-a'zsiai szigetorsza'g Hongkonghoz hasonlo' politikai
      sta'tusza, azaz a Kinai Ne'pko~zta'rsasa'ghoz fu"zd kapcsolata
      a XX. sza'zad ve'ge'n ku~lo~n izgalmassa' teszi a vila'g egyik
      legrohamosabban fejld szigete't. Riportfilmu~nk megkise'rli
      bemutatni ennek az ezerarcu' orsza'gnak mindennapjait, politikai,
      gazdasa'gi e's kultura'lis e'lete't. A bennszu~lo~ttektl a vide'ki
      hala'szokig, a vizsga'zo' szine'szektl a kereszte'ny lagzit
      u~lkig. A gazdasa'gi szakemberek, illetleg a multinaciona'lis
      va'llalatok vezeti pedig hasznos tana'csokkal la'tja'k el a
      ko~ze'p-keleti re'gio' ce'gvezetit, kereskedelmi ira'nyito'it.
      Nem a'rt ra'juk odafigyelni.
17.40 Mese
      MUSTI: Musti e's a cirkusz  (6')
      PILI E'S POLI: A ho'ember    (6')
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's  (5')
18.00 HIRADO'    (15')
18.15 REKVIEM GRANADA'E'RT   VIII/6.  (51')
      Spanyol te've'filmsorozat
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Vicenta Escriva, Manuel Matji
      Zene: Anton Garcia Abril. Operatr: Jose Garcia Galisteo
      Rendezte: Vicenta Escriva
      Szereplk: Manuel Bandera, Horst Buchholz, Delia Boccardo, 
      Gioia Scola
      Boabdilt a harcok folyama'n elfogja'k e's Ferdina'nd udvara'ban
      fogva tartja'k. Egy e'v bo~rto~n uta'n Ferdina'nd titkos e's 
      bizalmas szerzde's megko~te'se't aja'nlja, beho'dola'st 
      Kasztilia'nak. Amikor Boabdil megtudja, hogy El Sagal lefejeztette
      o~ccseit, tana'cstalansa'ga beleegyeze'sre va'ltozik.
19.05 CIA   (52')
      VI/6.  Mozgo' ce'lpontok
      Amerikai dokumentumfilm
      Operatr: Bjorn Tonnesen. Zene: Geoffrey Burgon
      Irta e's rendezte: John Ranelagh
      A CIA vezete'se megosztott a szervezet jo~vje't illeten, a ce'g
      bels va'lsa'got e'l a't, ugyanu'gy, mint annyi minden a ko~rnye-
      zete'ben a '90-es e'vek eleje'n. Voltak ma'r jelei annak, hogy nem
      volt a helyzet ura (Ira'n) vagy hogy ellente'tes ve'leme'nyt
      ke'pviselt ne'ha'ny kongresszusi elo~lja'ro'val szemben (Nikaragua).
      Egy dolog bizonyos, nem fog munka ne'lku~l maradni.
20.00 RITMUS '95   (45')
      Ko~nnyu"izenei magazin
      Szerkeszt: Berki Tama's. Rendezte: Bokor Attila
20.45 ESTI KE'RDE'S -- A nap interju'ja   (13')
21.00 HIRADO'    (15')
21.15 A KGB ALKONYA   III/3.   (47')
      Az Andropov-korszak
      Magyar dokumentumfilm
      Szerkeszt: Kun Miklo's. Rendezte: To'th Tama's
      Tala'n senkinek nem sikeru~lt me'g eddig ennyire a'rnyaltan 
      dokumenta'lt ke'pet nyu'jtani a kegyetlen, keme'nyvonalas
      politikusro'l, aki megkise'relte visszaa'llitani a "Ce'g" Berija
      leva'lta'sa uta'ni megrendu~lt tekinte'lye't. Ugyanakkor a film
      alkoto'i ve'gig igyekeznek megszo'laltatni az egykori barika'dok
      mindke't oldala'n a'llo' szereplket: Krjucskovot, Andropov volt
      titka'ra't, aki ke'sbb maga is a KGB elno~ke lett; eldeit, 
      Solepint e's Szemicsasztnijt, Rizskovot, a peresztrojka korszak
      miniszterelno~ke't, valamint a szovjet bo~rto~nvila'g egykori 
22.00 A HATALOM HATA'RAI     (42')
      O~sszea'llita's Sze'kely Ja'nos mu"veibl
      Szerkeszt-forgato'ko~nyviro': Farkas Katalin
      Operatr: Becsy Zolta'n. Rendezte: Babiczky La'szlo'
      Szereplk: Ba'cs Ferenc, Derzsi Tama's, Fodor Tama's, Ga'lffy 
      La'szlo', Hegedu"s D. Ge'za, Ke'zdy Gyo~rgy, Luka'cs Sa'ndor, 
      Madaras Jo'zsef, Ma'di Szabo' Ga'bor
      Sze'kely Ja'nos valloma'saibo'l, verseibl, dra'ma'inak
      re'szleteibl ke'szu~lt az o~sszea'llita's, mellyel az iro' 
      szu~lete'snapja'ra emle'kezu~nk.
22.40 VERS    (2')
      Juha'sz Gyula: Bu'csu'
      Elmondja: Ka'lma'n Gyo~rgy
1995. ma'rc. 7. kedd
08.00-14.00 KE'PES KRO'NIKA
      Ta'je'koztato' mu"sor
      A Duna Televizio' ta'je'koztato' mu"sora, amelyben minden
      o'ra'ban 20-20perc ke'pu'jsa'g, mu"soraja'nlat e's va'roske'pek
      va'ltja'k egyma'st.
14.00 LAPOZO'     (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15 VA'LTO'   /ism./   (45')
      Gazdasa'gi magazin
      Fszerkeszt: Szabo' La'szlo' Zsolt
      "Apa'k napja"  ;  Droopy, a leveg ostora
      Angol sportto~rte'neti sorozat
      Operatr: Chris Openshow. 
15.45 NAGY- BRITANNIA  (30')
      Az o~nke'ntes szektor e's a jo'te'kony szervezetek
      A film bemutatja, hogy Nagy-Britannia'ban milyen sokat adnak
      a ta'rsadalomnak az o~nke'ntes jo'te'kony szervezetek.
16.15 A II. VILA'GHA'BORU'  /1973./   (53')
      XXVI/7.: Amerika u'tja a hadbale'pe'sig
      Angol dokumentumfilm-sorozat
      Irta: Neal Acherson. Operatr: Mike Fash, Frank Hodge, Peter Lang
      Rendezte: David Elstein
      Amerika nem akart ha'boru'zni. Nemcsak a politikai vezete'sben, a
      ko~zve'leme'nyben is megosztottsa'g jellemezte az embereket,
      belu~gynek tekintette'k az euro'pai csata'roza'sokat, ege'szen a 
      Pearl Harbor-i japa'n ta'mada'sig.
17.05 REGO~LE'S   (5')
      Magyar anima'cio's film
      Rendezte: Hegyi Fu~sto~s La'szlo'
      Ha'rom rego~s bse'gvara'zslo' e'neke'nek illusztra'la'sa a 
      Muzsika's egyu~ttes zene'je're.
17.10 E'SZAK A'LLATVILA'GA'BAN   /1975./   (23')
      XXVI/19. : A nagy szu~rkebagoly te'len
      Finn terme'szetfilm-sorozat
      Rendezte: Tapani Korkolainen
      A te'l minden a'llat sza'ma'ra megneheziti a ta'pla'le'k-
      szerze'st, de szerencse're maradnak a'rulkodo' jelek, nyomok, 
      amelyek pe'lda'ul a ragadozo'k sza'ma'ra is megko~nnyitik a
      vada'szatot. A szu~rkebagoly, a te'li tu"levelu" erdk 
      ragadozo'ja kitu"n nyomolvaso'. Me'g a ho' alatti rejtekhelye'n
      is ke'pes elcsipni kedvenc eledele't, a cicka'nyt. Nem tudjuk,
      honnan e'rkezik a te'li tundra'ra, ez me'g ma is rejte'ly.
      O"kelme uta'n nem marad nyom...
17.40 Mese
      LOLKA E'S BOLKA OLIMPIA'JA: Akada'lyverseny    (9')
      TOM E'S JERRY: Ha szo'l a kakas     (8')
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's  (5')
18.00 HIRADO'   (15')
18.15 EGY JA'MBOR LE'LEK   (90')
      Olasz ja'te'kfilm
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Cesare Zavattini. Zene: Franco Manino
      Operatr: Arturo Zavattini. Rendezte: Goorgio' Ferrara
      Szereplk: Adriana Asti, Alida Valli, Joe Dallesandro
      Gustav Flaubert rege'nye'nek filmva'ltozata egy sze'p, nagyon
      egyszeru", becsu~letes parasztla'nyro'l szo'l. Felicite't a 
      szeretet e's a hu"se'g veze'rli ege'sz e'lete'n a't. A falusi
      mulatsa'gban ismerkedik meg szerelme'vel. Egy e'jszaka'n sem
      enged a fiu' ke'rlele'se'nek, igy hamarosan ma'r csak hu"lt helye't
      tala'lja. Egy gazdag o~zvegyasszony ha'za'ba szegdik mindenes
      Szerkeszt: Berki Tama's. Rendezte: Bokor Attila
20.00 GAZDAKO~R   (45')
      Magazinmu"sor gazda'lkodo'knak
      Szerkeszt: Papp Ferenc. Mu"sorvezet: dr. Gyrffy Sa'ndor
      E'rdemes-e fo'lia'zni, pecsenyeba'ra'nyt nevelni, ke'szu~lni a gyom-
      irta'sra, traktort va'sa'rolni, ista'llo't e'piteni... egya'ltala'n
      a mezgazdasa'ggal hivata'sszeru"en foglalkozni? Ezt az 
      alapke'rde'st ja'rjuk ko~ru~l a Ka'rpa't-medence orsza'gaiban.
20.45 ESTI KE'RDE'S -- A nap interju'ja   (13')
21.00 HIRADO'  (15')
21.15 A'RMA'NY E'S SZO"KE   (1985) /ism./  (110')
      Amerikai kalandfilm
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Eddie Holland, Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland
      Zene: Ira Newborn. Operatr: Robert Paynter. Rendezte: John Landis
      Szereplk: Michelle Pfeiffer, Jeff Goldblum, Dan Aykroyd, Irene
      Papas, David Bowie
      Egy ciklon semmise'g a szke nho~z ke'pest. Diane-nak hivja'k e's
      forgo'sze'lke'nt robban be Ed Okin repu~lme'rno~k a'lmos, 
      nyugalmas e'lete'be, akit bara'tja e'ppen egy kis kalandra 
      biztatott. Ba'r nem ege'szen erre gondoltak...
23.00 VERS    (2')
      Sze'kely Ja'nos: Galambok
      Elmondja: Ga'spa'r Imola
1995. ma'rc. 8. szerda
08.00-14.00 KE'PES KRO'NlKA
      Ta'je'koztato' mu"sor
      A Duna Televizio' ta'je'koztato' mu"sora, amelyben minden 
      o'ra'ban 20-20 perc ke'pu'jsa'g, mu"soraja'nlat e's va'roske'pek 
      va'ltja'k egyma'st.
14.00 LAPOZO'    (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15 SZIPPANCSOK   (22')
      Alga mize'ria ; Civakodo' bara'tnk
14.35 OKAVANGO - A VADON SZIVE  XIII/6.  /1992./   (48')
      Gibralta'ri filmsorozat
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Terence Winter. Zene: Julian Laxton
      Operatr: Hans Kuhle. Rendezte: Mark Roper
      Fszerepben: Steve Kanaly, Sandor Smit, Wayne Crawford, Michele
      A szu~lk Amerika'ban a kifogott zsira'ffal, Kyle meg a farmon
      Pe'ntekkel. Ez uto'bbi a nehezebb. Komplika'ltabb is, mivel Kyle
      jutalmul egy fiatal la'ny keze't kapta aja'nde'kul, amikor egy 
      du~ho~ng elefa'ntbika'to'l megmenti Afrika Sze'pe't. Ma'r-ma'r u'gy
      la'tszik, az isten se menti meg atto'l, hogy to~rzsfno~k legyen
      az slakosok ko~zo~tt. Ettl me'g Pe'ntek is kiborul.
15.25 DON QUIJOTE  /ism./   (26')
      XXXIX/39.: Don Quijote utolso' u'tja
      Rendezte: Cruz Delgado
15.50 A NOBEL-DIJ E'VSZA'ZADA  /1991./  (53')
      IV/4.: U'j hata'rok
      Angol ismeretterjeszt film
      Operatr: Mike Spragg. Rendezte: Juliet Miller
      Alfred Nobel, a du'sgazdag gya'riparos e's feltala'lo' u'gy ve'g-
      rendelkezett, hogy hatalmas vagyona'nak kamata e'vente osztasse'k
      ki azok ko~zo~tt, akik az emberise'g java't szolga'lja'k.
16.40 E'SZAK A'LLATVILA'GA'BAN   (23')
      XXVI/20.: A vo~ro~sbagoly erdeje
      Finn terme'szetfilm-sorozat
      Rendezte: Veikko Korkolainen
      Re'gebben u'gy tartotta'k, ha a macskabagoly valamelyik ha'z 
      teteje'n e'jszaka megszo'lal, az a ha'zban hala'lt jelent.
      Finnorsza'gban ko~ru~lbelu~l sza'z e'vvel ezeltt jelentkezett ez
      a ragadozo'mada'r, s azo'ta igen otthonosan berendezkedett a 
      ko~rnye'ken, ko~lthelyke'nt haszna'lja a finn serdt.
17.15 MUZZY COMES BACK   XX/2.   (5')
      A BBC English kalandos nyelvleckesorozata gyerekeknek
17.20 THIS IS THE WAY   40/22.   (20')
      Operatr: Nagy Andra's, Tokaji Zolta'n
      Szerkeszt-rendez: Lrincz Zsuzsa. Gya'rta'svezet: Bo'dis Ga'bor
      Tanit: Jilly Viktor
      Technikai rendez: Szikszai Ottilia
      Dal Amanda testre'szeirl. Who's got Whose Wbat? Tre'fa's rajzok,
      amelyeken a Muzzy to~rte'nete'nek szerepli fu~let, szemet, orrot,
      hajat csere'lnek.   .Mine...,yours...,his...,hers...,ours...,
      Ki mit gyu"jt? Mi kie'?
17.40 Mese
      STAFLIK E'S SPAGETKA: Ta'ncmester  (8')
      MESE'K A NAGYVILA'GBO'L: Az olcso' ebe'd   (5')
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's   (5')
18.00 HIRADO'    (15')
18.15 A FEHE'R SZOBA  /1990./   (93')
      Kanadai film
      Zene: Mark Korven. Operatr: Paul Sa'rossy
      Irta e's rentdezte: Patricia Rozema
      Fszerepben: Kate Nelligan, Margot Kidder, Maurice Godin
      Volt egyszer egy fiatalember, aki rendkivu~l izgalmas e'letet e'lt.
      A nk vonza'sa'ban persze. Csakhogy a nk ko~zu~l - egy id uta'n -
      csak egy n e'rdekelte, ezt pedig a to~bbi igen rossz ne'ven vette
      tle (is). Ma'rpedig az a N nem volt he'tko~znapi teremtme'ny,
      titkon a hangja't adta egy jo'l men rocke'nekesnek, akit egy 
      napon mego~ltek. Hsu~nk mindennek szemtanu'ja volt, eze'rt el-
      hata'rozta, hogy megmenti a la'nyt. Csakhogy a nk ezt nem 
      mindig akarja'k...
19.45 LEVE'L HELYETT    (10')
      Irodalmi o~sszea'llita's
      Szerkeszt: Ugrin Aranka. Rendezte: Jeli Ferenc
      Szereplk: Bessenyei Ferenc, Me'cs Ka'roly, Ra'to'ti Zolta'n
20.00 RE'GIO'K -- Tudo'sito'k Stu'dio'ja  (45')
      Szerkeszt: Tanos Miklo's
      Aktua'lis eseme'nyek, tudo'sita'sok, portre'k, dokumentumok a 
      hata'ron tu'lro'l. Ottani filmesek, video'sok tudo'sitanak gond-
      jaikro'l, mindennapjaikro'l. Teha't filmek Erde'lybl,
      Vajdasa'gbo'l, Felvide'krl, Ka'rpa'talja'ro'l e's Szlove'nia'bo'l.
20.45 ESTI KE'RDE'S -- A nap interju'ja   (13')
21.00 HIRADO'  (15')
21.15 CLE'O 5-TO"L 7-IG  (1962. - ism. - 86')
      Francia ja'te'kfilm
      Rendezte, forgato'ko~nyviro': Agne's Varda
      Operatr: Jean Rabier
      Szereplk: Adriana Asti, Alida Valli, Joe Dallesandro
      A Cle'o 5-tl 7-ig azzal lep meg, hogy a filmid azonos a 
      to~rte'net ideje'vel. 1961. ju'nius 21-e'n 17 o'ra o~t perctl 18 
      o'ra harmincig kise'ri ve'gig hsnje't. Cle'o, a sze'p szke 
      e'nekesn betegnek e'rzi maga't. De'luta'n 5 o'rakor egy jo'snt
      keres fel, aki megersiti hite'ben. "A Cle'o: dokumentumfilm
      egy nrl" - jellemzi filmje't a rendezn. A film ko~ze'p-
      pontja'ban Cle'o sze'pse'ge e's maga'nyossa'ga a'll: "sze'pnek lenni
      azt jelenti, hogy e'lu~nk, hogy jobban e'lu~nk, mint ma'sok",
      halljuk Cle'o'to'l. Ennek a sze'pse'gnek gondtalan, o~nz 
      ragyoga'sa't fenyegeti a hala'los betegse'g vesze'lye, mely 
      szembesiti Cle'o't eddigi e'lete'nek u~resse'ge'vel. Pa'rizs 
      utca'in valo' ijedt bolyonga'sa'nak minden pillanata Cle'o 
      va'ltakozo' lelkia'llapota'nak tu~ko~rke'pe. Ehhez a te'tova utcai
      ba'me'szkoda'shoz e'rkezik meg Antoine, az alge'riai ha'boru'ba 
      indulo' ta'rs.
22.40 VERS  (2')
      Sa'rko~zi Gyo~rgy: Vira'gok besze'lgete'se
      Elmondja: Csomo's Mari
1995. ma'rc. 9. csu~to~rto~k
08.00-14.00 KE'PES KRO'NIKA
      Ta'je'koztato' mu"sor
      A Duna Televizio' ta'je'koztato' mu"sora, amelyben minden
      o'ra'ban 20-20 perc ke'pu'jsa'g, mu"soraja'nlat e's va'roske'pek 
      va'ltja'k egyma'st.
14.00 LAPOZO'    (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15 EMLE'KKE'PEK - RE'GI HIRADO'K /ism./   (15')
      Bokor Pe'ter mu"sora
14.30 Mura'ti Lili filmjei
      AZ E'JSZAKA LA'NYA   /1942./   (87')
      Magyar ja'te'kfilm
      Rendez: Ba'n Frigyes
      Fszerepl: Mura'ti Lili
      Ko'cos Bo~zsi vagy A'da'm Erzse'bet: ki vagyok e'n? - ke'rdi 
      maga'to'l a sze'p fiatal la'ny. Nem tudja, hogy a hires ideg-
      gyo'gya'sz elfelejtette vele a mu'ltja't, elfelejtette vele a
      fe'rfiakat, azt, hogy  az e'jszaka la'nya volt...
15.55 KAPCSOK  /ism./   (55')
      Ismeretterjeszt magazin
      Szerkeszt: Lengyel Gyula. Rendezte: Orba'n A'gnes
16.50 FOLKEST   (30')
      A Ghymes egyu~ttes koncertje
      Szerkeszt-rendez: Birinyi Jo'zsef
17.30 Mese
      PUMUKLI KALANDJAI: E'der kara'csonyi aja'nde'ka    (24')
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's  (5')
18.00 HIRADO'     (15')
18.15 A SKORPIO' GYU"RU"JE   IV/1.   (50')
      Ausztra'l krimi
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Suzanne Hawley. Zene: Martin Arminger
      Operatr: Jamie Doolan. Rendezte: Ian Barry
      Fszerepben: Carolin Goodall, Catherine Oxenberg, Linda Cropper, 
      Jack Scalia
      Helen Simmonsnak, a ko~ze'pkoru', a'mde elba'jolo' ho~lgynek 
      ragyogo' kila'ta'sai voltak a ce'ge'ne'l. Elle'ptete'si ige'ret, 
      re'sztulajdonosi lehetse'gek, elnyu'jtott liezon az egyik ns
      munkata'rsa'val - sinen volt. Munka'ja'bo'l ko~vetkezen azonban 
      egyszercsak feltu"nt na'la egy ne'v, egy fe'rfi neve, Richard 
      Deveraux-e', s ez teljesen felboritotta lelki egyensu'lya't. 
      Feldu'ltan e'rtesitette ke't re'gi bara'tnje't, Fiona't e's 
      Marlene-t, azonnali tala'lkozo't javasolt...
18.55 A ZENE ARCAI /ism./  (50')
      Komolyzenei magazin
      Szerkeszt-mu"sorvezet: Bartalus Ilona
20.00 VA'LTO' -- Gazdasa'gi magazin   (45')
      Fszerkeszt: Szabo' La'szlo' Zsolt. Rendezte: Oblath Pe'ter
20.45 ESTI KE'RDE'S -- A nap interju'ja    (13')
21.00 HIRADO'   (15')
21.15 Carlos Saura filmjei:
      AZ ODU'   /1969./    (99')
      Spanyol ja'te'kfilm
      Rendez, forgato'ko~nyviro': Carlos Saura, Rafel Azcona, Geraldine
      Chaplin. Zene: Luis de Pablo. Operatr: Luis Guadrado
      Szereplk: Geraldine Chaplin, Per Oscarsson, Teresa Del Rio,
      Emiliano Redondo, Julia Pena, Maria Elena Flores
      Teresa e's Peter ma'r o~t e've e'lnek egyu~tt egy ta'gas, modern,
      napfe'nyes madridi ha'zban. Egy napon Teresa hazahozatja csala'dja
      re'gi bu'torait e's ezzel a mu'lt a'rnyai e'letre kelnek.
22.50 A II. VILA'GHA'BORU'   (1973. - ism. - 53')
      XXVI/.7: Amerika u'tja a hadbale'pe'sig
      Angol dokumentumfilm-sorozat
      Irta: Neal Acherson. Operatr: Mike Fash, Frauk Hodge, Peter Lang
      Rendezte: Hugh Raggett
23.45 VERS     (2')
      Tama's Menyhe'rt: Fe'rfikor
      Elmondja: Ferenczy Istva'n
1995. ma'rc. 10. pe'ntek
08.00-14.00 KE'PES KRO'NIKA
      Ta'je'koztato' mu"sor
      A Duna Televizio' ta'je'koztato' mu"sora, amelyben minden
      o'ra'ban 20-20 perc ke'pu'jsa'g, mu"soraja'nlat e's va'roske'pek 
      va'ltja'k egyma'st.
14.00 LAPOZO'  (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15 RE'GIO'K -- Tudo'sito'k stu'dio'ja /ism./   (45')
      Szerkeszt: Tanos Miklo's  
15.00 REGINA RE'VBE E'R    /1990./  (52')
      X/6.re'sz: Va'ltozo' idk
      Ne'met te've'filmsorozat
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Barbara Piazza. Operatr: Reginald Naumann, Erich
      Krenek, Veit Schloemp. Zene: Michael Ru~ggeberg
      Rendezte: Bernd Fischerauer
      Szereplk: Katja Riemann, Mark Kuhn, Serge Avedikian, Karin Kienzer
15.50 ZENEI PILLANATOK    (3')
      A cseleszta
      Kanadai, ismeretterjeszt sorozat
      Rendezte: Alain Rondeau
15.55 KU~LO~NLEGES VASU'TVONALAK  /1988./   (55')
      Francia, ismeretterjeszt sorozat
      Japa'n - A 'puskagolyo'-vonatok"
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Francois Gall. Zene: Francois Tusques, Bernard Vitet
      Operatr: Jean-Louis Melin. Rendezte: Bernard d'Abrigeon
      Szemben az a'zsiai kontinenssel Japa'n az az orsza'g, mely minden
      kihiva'sra sikerrel felel. A pusztito' ta'jfunokkal, fo~ld-
      renge'sekkel szemben azonban ve'dtelen. "Japa'nban egyetlen 
      ne'p e'l" - vallja'k a japa'nok. Ereju~k az elszigeteltse'gu~kbl
      fakado' o~sszetartoza'sbo'l ered. Tokio', a lu~ktet fva'ros, 
      10 millio' lakossal. A va'rossal ma'r o~sszee'pu~lt a kiko~t 
      Yokohama, Kavaszaki, Siba, Hicsikava e's a to~bbi va'ros, ez
      28 millio' embert jelent. O~sszefu~gg betonrengeteg, amerre
      a szem ella't. De'lebbre Nagoya, Oszaka e's Kobe' hu'sz e'ven belu~l
      ugyancsak egy hatalmas, 70 millio's megalopoliszt fog alkotni.
      Me'g ra'gondolni is fe'lelmet kelt. A vonatok a va'ros minden
      pontja'ra hozza'k-viszik az utasokat. Az auto'utak to~bbszintesek,
      az u'thaszna'late'rt a va'roson belu~l is fizetni kell. Ko~zel 30
      e've avatta'k fel a Tokio'-Oszaka vonalat, ahol a hires Shinkanzen,
      a nagy sebesse'gu" japa'n gyorsvonat sza'guld o'ra'nke'nt 210 km-es 
      sebesse'ggel. A japa'n puskagolyo'-vonatok kihiva'sa'ra alkotta'k 
      meg a francia'k a TGV-t. Tokio'ban a pa'lya magasan, szinte a 
      ha'zak fo~lo~tt feszu~l, a su"ru"n lakott va'rosban egy tu"t nem
      lehet leejteni, a vila'gon itt a legdra'ga'bbak a teleka'rak.
      MADARAK  (1992)   (1')
      Francia anima'cio'
      Forgato'ko~nyviro': Roger Blachon, a vila'ghiru" ke'prege'nyrajzolo',
      dialo'giro'. Zene: Gilles Hekimian. Operatr: Christian Lamain
      Rendezte: Remmy Husson
      Tipikus va'rosanima'cio', pontosabban va'rosi ha'ztetk anima'cio'ja
      ez az expoe'nos mada'rsorozat. Mada'r legyek, ha ezt e'rtem.
      Villanydro'ton, ha'ztet-antenna'kon e'l, fu~gg, lo'go' verebek, 
      varjak, madarak szines kavalka'dja'ra, valamint komikus 
      dialo'gjaira, az e'let zo~ld dolgaira e'pu~l ez a szinvonalas
      ornitolo'giai- e's o~kolo'giai anima'cio's sorozat.
16.50 TALPALATNYI ZO~LD   /ism./    (45')
      Ko~rnyezetve'delmi magazin
      Szerkeszt: Gado' Gyo~rgy Pa'l. Rendez-operatr: Kocsis Tibor
17.40 Mese
      RE'MUSZ BA'CSI MESE'I: Ko'pe' tu~cso~kpajta's  (9')
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's   (5')
18.00 HIRADO'     (15')
18.15 A SKORPIO' GYU"RU"JE IV/2.   (50')
      Ausztra'l krimi
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Suzanne Hawley. Zene: Martin Arminger
      Operatr: Jamie Doolan. Rendezte: lan Barry
      Fszerepben: Carolin Goodall, Catherine Oxenberg, Linda Cropper,
      Jack Scalia
      Miuta'n a ha'rom la'ny megbizonyosodott ro'la, hogy a va'ratlanul
      feltu"nt fe'rfi valo'ban azonos egykori "marokko'i jo'tevju~kkel",
      bosszu't esku~szik. Egy dologban mindha'rman biztosak voltak:
      a rendrse'ghez nem fordulhatnak segitse'ge'rt, marad teha't a
      ko~zo~s felle'pe's, aminek kiviteleze'si mo'dja't illeten azonban
      nem voltak egy ve'leme'nyen.
19.05 MUZZY COMES BACK   XX/2. /ism./   (5')
      A BBC English kalandos nyelvleckesorozata gyerekeknek
19.10 THIS IS THE WAY   40/22.  /ism./  (20')
      Operatr: Nagy Andra's, Tokaji Zolta'n
      Szerkeszt-rendez: Lrincz Zsuzsa
      Tanit: Jilly Viktor
19.30 LISZT FERENC   XVI/16.  (25')
      Az utolso' turne'
      Magyar te've'filmsorozat
      Rendezte: Szineta'r Miklo's
19.55 5 PERC EURO'PA TO~RTE'NELME'BO"L    (5')
      Anglia 1926-1935: Hala'szat
      Rendezte: Annty Lanner
      Fszerkeszt: Balogh Ju'lia
20.45 ESTI KE'RDE'S -- A nap interju'ja   (13')
21.00 HIRADO'   (15')
21.15 A TAXIS LA'NY   /1992./  (83')
      Francia vigja'te'k
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Jean Dominique de La Rochefoucauld kome'dia'ja'bo'l
      irta a szerz e's Guy Grosso, Michel Modo. Zene: Jean-Marie Senia
      Operatr: Jacques Nouyssou, Pascal Baillargeau
      Rendeze: Jean-Dominique de La Rochefoucauld
      Szereplk: Louis Velle, Michel Modo, Sophie de La Rochefoucauld,
      Samuel Labarthe, Micheline Dax
      Egy biborvo~ro~s este'lyi ruha az oka mindennek. Az egyszeru", 
      de nagyon ba'jos taxis la'nyt, Charlotte-ot ebben te'vesztik 
      o~ssze az este'lyre meghivott vende'gek egyike'vel. S amikor ez
      a ruha elszakad, akkor ma'r nincs visszau't...
22.35 LGT SHOW   (31')
      O~sszea'llita's az egyu~ttes legjobb felve'teleibl
      Vezet operatr: Hala'sz Miha'ly. Rendezte: Sa'ndor Pa'l
      Jo'les e'rze's, ha isme't felcsendu~l az "Ugye, mi jo' bara'tok
      vagyunk?" a "Mindenki ma'ske'pp csina'lja"  vagy a "Szo'l a 
      ra'dio'". Hadd szo'ljon!
23.05 VERS    (5')
      Thinsz Ge'za: Va'ltozatok a so'hajta'sra
      Elmondja: Igo' E'va, Ga'spa'r Sa'ndor
1995. ma'rc. 11. szombat
09.00 Hirek, mu"sorismertete's  (5')
09.05 SLAPAJ   (22')
      O~reg kutya nem ve'n kutya
09.25 NYELVO"RZO"    /ism./    (30')
      Nyelvmu"vel mu"sor
      Szerkeszt: Matula A'gnes. Rendezte: Sipos Andra's
10.00 MUZZY COMES BACK    XX/2. /ism./   (5')
      A BBC English kalandos nyelvleckesorozata gyerekeknek
10.05 THIS IS THE WAY    40/22. /ism./   (20')
      Operatr: Molna'r Pe'ter, Tolnai Ga'bor
      Szerkeszt-rendez: Lrincz Zsuzsa
      Tanit: Jilly Viktor
10.25 KIMBA, A FEHE'R OROSZLA'N   /1964./    (22')
      52/2. re'sz: Kimba eltu~nik
      Japa'n rajzfilm
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Ardwight Chamberlain. Zene: Ted King
      Operatr: Will Am Smith. Rendezte: John Rust
10.45 APRO'K TA'NCA  (19')
      Mezse'gi ta'ncok - Vajdakamara's
      Irta e's a mu"sort vezeti: Seb Ferenc e's Tima'r Sa'ndor
      Operatr: Nagy Jo'zsef. Rendezte: Sik Ferenc
      Ko~zremu"ko~dnek: a Barto'k Be'la ta'ncegyu~ttes tagjai, valamint 
      a szegedi E'DOSZ gyermek ne'pta'nccsoportja
11.05 KEREKEK E'S LE'PE'SEK   (46')
      XXVI/21.: A ke't Tisza ko~zo~tt
      Ismeretterj eszt sorozat
      Operatr: Stenszky Gyula, Szabados Tama's. Rendezte: Gyenes Ka'roly
      Tiszamogyoro's e's Dombra'd ko~zo~tt szelju~k a't a Tisza e'szaki 
      nagy kanyarulata'val ko~zrefogott nyirse'gi e's re'tko~zi ta'jat. 
      A ma'ndoki kaste'ly, a ve'dett ricsikai erd, a 400 e'ves ha'rs,
      a kisva'rdai va'r az u't lege'rdekesebb la'tnivalo'i.
12.00 De'li harangszo', mu"sorismertete's  (5')
12.05 BIBLIAI TO~RTE'NETEK   XII/6.     (13')
      A tu~zes kemence
      Ko~zremu"ko~dik: David Wisner
      Ke'szitette a Moody Bibliai Inte'zet, Chicago
12.15 A MEGSEBZETT BOLYGO'    /1979./   (27')
      XIII/4.: Az eltu"n termfo~ldek
      Magyar ismeretterjeszt film
      Rendezte: Ra'cz Ga'bor
      Ahol az erdket kiirtja'k, ott a csapade'k, a sze'l hata'sa'ra
      megindul az ero'zio', a kora'bban aktiv termfo~ldek 
      mu"velhetetlenne' va'lnak.K u~lo~no~sen su'lyos gondja ez a nagy 
      hegyvonulatok vide'kein e'l ne'peknek, pedig hajdan voltak 
      ko~ztu~k olyanok, mint pe'lda'ul az inka'k, akik sikeresen vette'k
      fel a ku~zdelmet az ero'zio'val.
12.45 SU~SU~, A SA'RKA'NY KALANDJAI   VIII/1.   (30')
      Sa'rka'nyella'to' va'llalat
      Forgato'ko~nyviro': Csuka's Istva'n. Zene: Bergendy Istva'n
      Operatr: Abonyi Antal. Rendezte : Szabo' Attila
      Su~su~, a sa'rka'ny o~ro~me'ben, hogy befogadta'k az emberek, 
      mindenki helyett dolgozni kezd. Jo'l is mennek a dolgok 
      mindaddig, amig a munka ne'lku~l maradt Sa'rka'nyfu"a'rus kezde-
      me'nyeze'se're meg nem alakul a Sa'rka'nyella'to' Va'llalat.
13.10 RADIR   III/1.   /1990./   (45')
      Az adott szo'
      Vitamu"sor fiataloknak
      Vitavezet: Ro'zsa Pe'ter. Vezet operatr: Haraszti Zsolt
      Rendezte: Pe'terffy Andra's
      Van egy kis proble'ma. Mindja'rt a mu"sor eleje'n beja'tszott 
      filmben, amelynek kamasz hse, Misi sportolo'. Ige'retes 
      tehetse'g, akinek a feje fo~lo~tt do~ntenek, apai jo'va'hagya'ssal.
      A hu'sz perces keretto~rte'net uta'n jo'izu" vita't hallhatunk 
      arro'l, hogy mike'nt ve'lekedik a filmben to~rte'ntekrl a fiatal
14.00 LAPOZO'    (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15 KO~ZE'P-EURO'PAI MAGAZIN   /ism./   (45')
      Szerkeszt: Balogh Ju'lia
15.00 CIMBORA -- Tallo'zo'    (50')
      Operatr: Marcali La'szlo'. Szerkeszt: E'. Szabo' Ma'rta
15.50 Mu"soraja'nlat     (5')
16.00 Mura'ti Lili filmjei
      AZ E'JSZAKA LA'NYA   (1942. - ism. - 87')
      Magyar ja'te'kfilm
      Rendezte: Ba'n Frigyes
      Fszerepl: Mura'ti Lili
17.30 Mese
      Dir-durr zongoraverseny ; Droopy, az izompacsirta
18.00 HIRADO'     (15')
18.15 SKORPIO' GYU"RU"JE   IV/3.   (50')
      Ausztra'l krimi
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Suzanne Hawley. Zene: Martin Arminger
      Operatr: Jamie Doolan. Rendezte: Ian Barry
      Fszerepben: Carolin Goodall, Catherine Oxenberg, Linda Cropper,
      Jack Scalia
      Fiona egye'ni akcio'ja ke'tse'geket e'breszt ta'rsaiban Richard
      bu"no~sse'ge't illeten. A meghiu'sult mere'nylet isme't arra
      ke'szteti ket, hogy alaposan ve'giggondolja'k, mi is to~rte'nt 
      pontosan annak ideje'n Marokko'ban e's Spanyolorsza'gban. S ez
      fke'nt Helen sza'ma'ra kinos...
18.55 DUPLA VAGY SEMMI   /1987./  (106')
      Amerikai vigja'te'k
      Forgato'ko~nyviro': Jim Casch, Jack Epps, A. J. Carothers
      Zene: David Foster. Operatr: Carlo di Palma
      Szereplk: Michael J.Fox, Helen Slater, Richard Jordan, 
      Margard Whiton
      Brathley Foster, egy kansasi egyetem friss diploma'sa New York
      Citybe e'rkezik az u~zleti vila'g megho'dita'sa'ra. Terveit kisse'
      visszafogja, hogy a posta'zo'ban alkalmazza'k. Ha't... az 
      igazgato'-tana'csi tagsa'gig meglehetsen hosszu' az u't, de 
      Brathley ad maga'nak ra' mondjuk ke't hetet...
20.40 FRANS HALS MU"VE'SZETE   (17')
      Holland ke'pzmu"ve'szeti kisfilm
      Operatr: Pim Heytman. Zene: Wim Franklin. Rendezte: Frans Dupont
      A XVII. sza'zad egyik legnagyobb ne'metalfo~ldi festje 
      elssorban portre'kat ke'szitett. Mig a to~rte'nelem csak 
      felsorolja a te'nyeket, az eseme'nyeket, de nem tudja felmutatni
      ezeket a nagyszeru" kereskedket, kalandorokat, akik beja'rta'k
      az ege'sz akkori vila'got, telepeket le'tesitettek, amelyeket
      ma pe'lda'ul New Yorknak vagy Fokva'rosnak neveznek, Hals 
      la'ttatja ket. Az 1963-ban ke'szu~lt film Bergamo'ban, Londonban,
      San Francisco'ban e's a montevideo'i filmfesztiva'lokon els 
      dijat kapott.
21.00 HIRADO'   (15')
21.15 DENEVE'R  (172')
      Forgato'ko~nyviro': Romha'nyi Jo'zsef, Fischer Sa'ndor
      Johann Strauss operettje'nek te've'filmva'ltozata.
      Operatr: Ra'day Miha'ly. Rendezte : Szineta'r Miklo's
      Szereplk: Kukely Ju'lia, Csurja Tama's, Haumann Pe'ter, Koltai 
      Ro'bert, Csonka Zsuzsa, Ga'ti Istva'n, Hamar Ju'lia
24.05 VERS    (2')
      Federico Garcia Lorca: Gita'r (Vas Istva'n)
      Elmondja: Mere'nyi Judit
1995. ma'rc. 12. vasa'rnap
09.00 Hirek, mu"sorismertete's  (5')
09.05 BENJI    (22')
      Yubi mege'rkezik
      Forgato'ko~nyviro': Len Jauson, Chuck Menville. 
      Operatr: Jarry Callaway. Szerkeszt: Chris Burton
      Rendezte: Joe Camp
      U'j sorozatot inditunk a gyerekeknek a ma'r ismert e's szeretett
      Benji kutya fszereple'se'vel. Sok kalandban lesz re'szu~nk a 
      fo~ldo~nkivu~liekkel is. Jubi herceg saja't vila'ga'ban 
      u~ldo~zo~tte' va'lik, eze'rt a sza'ma'ra ismeretlen Fo~ld bolygo'n
      keres menede'ket ellense'gei ell. Benji, a "szuper" kutya -
      aki szemtanu'ja mege'rkeze'su~knek - segiti a herceget.
09.25 POPEYE    (23')
      Amerikai rajzfilmsorozat
      Popeye, az a'cs; Popeye, a kincsvada'sz; Kleopa'tra kincse
      Producer: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Dick Kinney, Al Bertino. Zene: Hoyt Curtin
      Dalszo~vegiro' (Popeye, a tengere'sz...): Sammy Lerner
      Anima'cio's rendez: Chris Cuddington
      Rendezte: Ray Patterson, Carl Urbano
10.00 SPORTKE'PEK (heti o~sszefoglalo')
      Fszerkeszt: Juni Gyo~rgy
12.00 De'li harangszo', mu"sorismertete's  (5')
12.05 "LUMEN 2000"     (30')
      "Veletek vagyok..."
      Kereszte'ny tanu'sa'gte'telek
12.35 REGINA RE'VBE E'R   /ism./   (52')
      X/6.: Va'ltozo' idk
      Ne'met te've'filmsorozat
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Barbara Piazza. Operatr: Reginald Naumann, Erich
      Krenek, Veit Schloemp. Zene: Michael Ru~ggeberg
      Rendezte: Bernd Fischerauer
      A Dior ce'g megbizza Ja'nost, hogy ke'szitsen divatfoto'kat.
      Regina a Vouge magazin cimlapja'n Pa'rizs-szerte ne'pszeru" lesz.
      Mu~nchenben Regina ve'letlenu~l o~sszeakad Martinnal. A tala'l-
      koza's mindkettju~ket felkavarja. Egy jo'mo'du' lea'nyzo' meg 
      akarja ho'ditani Ja'nost, nem minden e'rdek ne'lku~l. A fe'rfi
      legfbb vonzereje a la'ny sza'ma'ra rekla'mfilmszakmai 
13.25 SA'RKA'NY E'S PAPUCS   /1990./   (68')
      Magyar rajzfilm
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Dargay Attila, Nepp Jo'zsef
      Zene: Miko' Istva'n e's a Pastora'l egyu~ttes
      Operatr: Lossonczy A'rpa'd, Radocsay La'szlo'
      Rendeze: Herna'di Tibor
      Guinevra kira'lyne' szomoru'an panaszolja szeretett szolga'lo'-
      la'nya'nak, Peggynek, hogy fe'rje, Arthur kira'ly e'vek o'ta 
      elhanyagolja t. A kira'ly ugyanis minden ideje't a lovagi
      torna'k porondja, vagy a hires "kerekasztal" mellett to~lti.
      A ke't n kisu~ti, hogy a bajon egyedu~l a jo' o~reg Merlin 
      vara'zslo' segithet. Merlin el is ku~ld Guinevra'nak egy 
      fantasztikusan ers vara'zsszert, amelynek segitse'ge'vel
      visszaszerezheti Arthur szerelme't. A ho~lgyek egy pudingba
      su~tik a csodaszert, a'm azt ve'letlenu~l Arthur kedvenc lovagja,
      Lancelot eszi meg. Bonyolitja a helyzetet, hogy Peggy szerelmes
      Lancelot-ba, de a lovag a tu'lme'retezett adag vara'zsszer 
      hata'sa'ra egycsapa'sra rjit szerelemet e'rez a kira'lyne' 
14.35 VILA'GTO~RTE'NET   13.   (26')
      Kina e's Japa'n
      Angol ismeretterjeszt filmsorozat a TIMES magazin vila'g-
      to~rte'neti atlasza alapja'n
      Zene: Hans Zimmer. Operatr: Stuart Bourne
      Rendezte: David Wright
      1281-ben a kinaiak mongol uralkodo'ja, Kublaj ka'n megta'madta 
      Japa'nt. A ve'res kaland fiasko'val ve'gzdo~tt, s ettl kezdve
      a ke't csa'sza'ri me'lto'sa'g hosszu' ideig nagy tisztelettel 
      tekintett egyma's ne'pe're.
15.00 KUTYAPORTRE'K   /1993./    (42')
      Francia ismeretterjeszt filmsorozat
      U'jfundlandi terrier
      Rendez, operatr: Gilles Roussel. Zene: Didier Thibault,
      Sebastien Regnier. Szake'rt: Veress Istva'n. 
      Magyar szo~veg: Haller Orsolya
      Ko~zremu"ko~dik: Papp Ja'nos, Mensza'tor Magdolna, Kajta'r Ro'bert,
      Breyer La'szlo', Pataki Imre, Kassa'k Ilona, Me'cs Ildiko'
      Az u'jfundlandi ba'tor kutya, nagyon ers, odaado', bara'tsa'gos
      terme'szetu". A tengerek berna'thegyije'nek nevezik, egy pillanatig
      nem habozik, ha e'letmente'srl van szo'. Jo'szive'rl hires, a
      gyermekek nagy bara'tja, akikre egy tapasztalt no~rsz lelki-
      ismeretesse'ge'vel vigya'z. Su"ru", to~mo~tt, e'benfekete bunda'ja 
      ellena'llhatatlan va'gyat e'breszt az emberben egy kis 
      simogata'sra, e'rinte'sre. Manapsa'g a legto~bb u'jfundlandi 
      E'szak-Amerika'ban e's Nyugat-Euro'pa'ban e'l, a szabad e'g alatt.
      Ba'rmennyire is be'ke's, kiva'lo' rzkutya. Az u'jfundlandi 
      eredete pontosan nem ismert, felte'teleze'sek szerint X. 
      sza'zadbo'l sza'rmazo' e'szak-amerikai kutyafajta; india'n sirok
      lenyomatai bizonyitja'k ezt. A hajo'sok a'ltal U'jfundlandra vitt
      kutya'k ve'rvonala is vezethet bennu~nket, pl. egy nagy fekete
      kutya kise'rte a norve'g Leif Ericsont, valamint a baszk hala'szok
      pireneusi masztiffokat vittek magukkal U'jfundlandra, s sei
      ko~zo~tt tala'lhatjuk me'g a tibeti e's angol masztiffokat is.
      Annyi bizonyos, hogy a 18. sz. eleje'n a sziget hala'szainak
      segitta'rsai, nehe'z hala'szha'lo'kat hu'ztak a partra, s mind-
      emellett vontato'-, juha'sz-, vada'sz- e's rzkutyake'nt is
      haszna'lta'k. St, mi to~bb, kutyaposta's is volt egyszeme'lyben.
15.40 PO'DIUM   (36')
      Cserhalmi Gyo~rgy e's Cseh Tama's mu"sora
      Szerkeszt: Farkas Katalin. Operatr: Lukin Sa'ndor
      Zene: Cseh Tama's. Rendezte: Andra's Ferenc
16.30 POSTABONTA'S -- LEVE'LVA'LTA'S    (15')
      Szerkeszt: To~ro~k Erzse'bet. Rendezte: Ka'zsme'r Ka'lma'n
16.45 EMLE'KKE'PEK -- RE'GI HIRADO'K   (15')
      Bokor Pe'ter mu"sora
17.00 SZINHA'ZI E'LET   (25')
      Szinha'zi magazin
      Szerkeszt: Ka'llai Katalin. Rendezte: Sa'ra Bala'zs
17.30 Mese
      SZIPPANCSOK: Rhyme e's bu"nhde's   (24')
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's  (5')
18.00 HETI HIRMONDO'   (60')
      Fszerkeszt: Csa'ky ZoIta'n
19.00 PE'KMESTEREK   VI/6.   (60')
      Francia te've'filmsorozat
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Herve' Basle. Zene: Alain Margoni
      Operatr: Andre Neau, Charlie Gaeta. Rendezte: Herve Basle
      Szereplk: Wladimir Yordanoff, Anne Jacquemin, Francoise Seigner
      Honore' u'gy do~nt, elhagyja otthona't. FelesIegesnek e'rzi maga't.
      U'gy gondolja, keve's itt a hely ke't pe'kmesternek. Silvanana'l,
      apja egykori szeretje'ne'l tala'l menede'ket. Jerome nem e'rti,
      hol rontotta el a fiu'k nevele'se't, hisz mindkettt egyforma'n
      szerette, s mindenbl egyforma'n kaptak: szeretetbl, tuda'sbo'l,
      mesterse'gbl egyara'nt. Sebastien, a ma'sik pe'kfiu' gyermekkora
      o'ta Marie-t, a ba'ro'ne' la'nya't szereti. A szerelmesek gyermek-
      a'lda's ele' ne'znek. A ba'ro'ne' miden ereje'vel ellenzi ezt a 
      rangon aluli ha'zassa'got. Ko~zben a francia va'roska'bo'l a 
      fe'rfiak bevonulnak. Ku~szo~bo~n a ha'boru'.
20.00 STEVIE WONDER  (51')
      Angol portre'film
      Operatr: Roy Cornwall. Rendezte : Gaz Gorham
      A film eleje'n elhangzo' "I JUST CALLED TO SAY I LOVE YOU" cimu"
      dal Stevie Wonder egyik legnagyobb sla'gere, Oscar-dijjal
      jutalmazta'k. Ezt a dalt Nelson Mandela'nak aja'nlotta. A film
      alkoto'i a Los Angeles-i Wonderland Stu'dio'ban kereste'k fel
      a vila'ghiru" mu"ve'szt, hogy e'nekesi, zeneszerzi pa'lya'ja'ro'l
      besze'lgessenek veIe.
20.50 SKORPIO' GYU"RU"JE   IV/4.  (50')
      Ausztra'l krimi
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Suzanne Hawley. Zene: Martin Arminger
      Operatr: Jamie Doolan. Rendezte: Ian Barry
      Fszerepben: Carolin Goodall, Catherine Oxenberg, Linda Cropper,
      Jack Scalia
      Nem ke'tse'ges, a ha'rom la'ny alulbecsu~lte Richard e's Geny
      ke'pesse'geit, a mu'ltban, a jelenben egyara'nt. A to~rte'netnek
      azonban itt nincs ve'ge, ha'rmo'juknak nem marad ma's 
      lehetse'gu~k, minthogy ve'gigja'rja'k az elkezdett utat, me'gha 
      az isme't egy kietlen sivatagba vezeti is ket...
21.40 AZ ODU'   (1969. - ism. - 99')
      Spanyol ja'te'kfilm
      Rendez, forgato'ko~nyviro': Carlos Saura, Rafel Azcona, Geraldine
      Chaplin. Zene: Luis de Pablo. Operatr: Luis Guadrado
      Szereplk: Geraldine Chaplin, Per Oscarsson, Teresa Del Rio, 
      Emiliano Redondo, Julia Pena, Maria Elena Flores
23.15 VERS   (2')
      Tandori Dezs: Hommage
      Elmondja: Papp Zolta'n