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4 DunaTv 6. heti musora - 95. februar 6. - februar 12. (mind)  781 sor     (cikkei)

+ - Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Newsletter (jan.18) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

N  E  W  S  L  E  T  T  E  R

Republic of Hungary                             Budapest, 1394 . 423
Ministry of Foreign Affairs                     Telephone:36(1)156-8000
Press Department                                        Telefax: 36(1) 156-3801
11/1995.                                        Budapest, January 18, 1995

Hungarian Press Review

        Budapest, January 17 (MTI) - The following is a summary of articles
carried on Tuesday by the Hungarian national dailies:

        - Nepszabadsag - There is no sign within the government of the post of
privatization government commissioner having to be replaced by that of minister
without portfolio, Elemer Kis, administrative State Secretary at the Prime
Minister's Office, said. (The privatization government commissioner, Ferenc
Bartha, was dismissed last week because of the scandal surrounding the
HungarHotels hotel chain.) Kiss said that Finance Minister Laszlo Bekesi
continues to be answerable on matters of privatization to both the Cabinet and
Parliament. (Pages 1 and 8)

        - Magyar Nemzet - Examining the question of whether the size of party
membership is related to the size of the state subsidy granted to political
the paper states that the HSP receives the largest subsidy, amounting to HUF
327.2 million a year. The other ruling party, the Alliance of Free Democrats,
HUF 214.1 million and the most important opposition party, the Hungarian
Democratic Forum, HUF 145.9 million. The article goes on to say that the law on
political parties does not take into account the incomes of parties or their
management when deciding on the amount of state support. The extent of state
subsidy depends on the results obtained at the General Election. (Page 5)

        - Nepszava - The State Audit Office will initiate court proceedings aga
the Entrepreneurs" Party led by Peter Zwack for only registering the financial
support received from the central budget, failing to submit tax returns and for
payment of social-security contributions in 1993.

* * *

        - Nepszabadsag - The year 1995 will be a severe test; health care is
currently maintained only by the sense of vocation of health employees, trade
union leaders say in an article headlined "Health Care: Strike Not Ruled Out".
Democratic Trade Union of Health Workers has got to the point of declaring that
the workers decide to go on strike the union will be at the forefront of such
Health workers have always obeyed their Hippocratic oath, but their patience
could run out, says the article, which points to the financial situation as
being the
main cause of discontent.
(Page 9)

        - Nepszabadsag - The December 2 rail crash at the Central Hungarian
village of Szajol, in which 31 people died, was caused by human error when the
points were set incorrectly. Karoly Kamaras, chief counsellor at the Budapest
Directorate of the Hungarian State Railways, who led the committee
the accident, said that the train ran onto a side track at a speed of 112 km
hour and derailed because the points were set wrongly. Twenty-nine passengers
were killed on the spot and two died of their injuries some time later.

* * *

        Magyar Hirlap - Automatic radiation meters will be installed at most bo
stations before the end of the year to protect the health of border guards and
combat the illegal trade in isotopes, Jozsef Lajtar, director general in charge
economic affairs at the Border Guards, told the paper. He said the installation
automatic document reading machines would begin later. Equipment expected to
examine photographs, the texts of passports and codes therein simultaneously
would probably be put into service in Hegyeshalom, Zahony, Tompa and
Biharkeresztes. This equipment will help to detect wanted persons and those
banned from traveling, and is extremely accurate.

        - Magyar Hirlap - Trains shipping the burnt out heating elements of the

Paks Nuclear Power Plant will soon leave for Russia under stringent security
measures, although for security reasons the itinerary of the freight train and
date of delivery will not be made public. The Ukrainian and the Russian
have already given the green light to the shipment. Last year during Russian
Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdyn's visit to Hungary an agreement was signed
on the processing of heating elements in Russia.

        - Nepszabadsag - The government is determined to speed up privatization
Elemer Kiss, administrative state secretary at the Prime Minister's Office
said. The
1995 budget estimates that there will be nearly HUF 150 billion in
revenues, and firm and speedy privatization is needed if this is to become a
reality. The HungarHotels affair was a special case and has a clear message
the legislation in existence must be obeyed and realistic prices must be asked
when selling state assets. Responsibility for privatization rests with Finance
Minister Laszlo Bekesi who can be questioned about his policy in Parliament.

Hungarian Parliament to Ratify Basic Treaty with Russia

        Budapest, January 17 (MTI) - On Tuesday the Hungarian Foreign Ministry
proposed that Parliament ratify the Hungarian-Russian basic treaty, Foreign
Minister Laszlo Kovacs said, adding that the motion would likely be put before
cabinet next week.

        The basic treaty was signed in Moscow on December 6, 1991 by
Hungarian Prime Minister Jozsef Antall and Russian President Boris Yeltsin. In
January 1993 Hungary's former government decided to submit it to Parliament,
and the Foreign Affairs Committee discussed the text.

        The Russian Duma did not ratify the treaty until last week due to a cla
which condemned the intervention that crushed the democratic efforts of the
Hungarian people in 1956.

Meciar Likely to Visit Budapest on January 25

        Bratislava, January 17 (MTI) - Slovak Prime Minister Vladimir Meciar wi
likely meet the invitation of his Hungarian counterpart Gyula Horn to visit
on January 25, the Bratislava correspondent of MTI learned from reliable Slovak

        Meciar will stay in Brussels on January 23 and 24, and return to Slovak
via Budapest. He is expected to arrive in Budapest in the evening of January
and negotiate with his Hungarian partners the following day, the sources said.

Hungarian Foreign State Secretary to Visit Slovenia

        Budapest, January 17 (MTI) - Hungarian State Secretary of Foreign Affai
Istvan Szent-Ivanyi is scheduled to pay an official visit to Slovenia on
January 20.

        The talks will aim at providing an impulse for the development of econo
relations, and taking the greatest possible advantage of the free trade
which recently came into force, Szent-Ivanyi told MTI.

        "We will hold talks on opening new border-crossing points, developing t
connecting roads, and establishing a rail link, if possible, with European
he said.

        Concerning the integration of the two countries into Europe, Szent-Ivan
said, "Hungary has an interest in the conclusion of an association agreement
the European Union by its southwestern neighbour, and is prepared to transfer
related experience to Slovenia. Budapest considers it important for the two
countries to coordinate their steps towards joining the EU."

        The state secretary is to meet representatives of ethnic Hungarians, an
discuss their situation with his Slovenian negotiating partners.

Raoul Wallenberg Commemorated in Budapest

        Budapest, January 17 (MTI) - "The Budapest mission of Swedish diplomat
Raoul Wallenberg and the attitude of his country was a genuine manifestation of
humanism. With Wallenberg's mediation, Sweden issued free passes saving the
lives of tens of thousands of people threatened by death merely because of
race," Gyorgy Kaiser, chairman-in-office of the Raoul Wallenberg Association,
a commemoration in Budapest today on the 50th anniversary of the diplomat's

        An implacable exploration of truth, including Wallenberg's fate, should
one of the first steps towards creating a new Hungary, he added.

A tovabbterjesztest a New York-i szekhelyu Magyar Emberi Jogok
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Reposting is supported by Hungarian Human Rights Foundation News
and Information Service.

+ - Washington Post (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

GOP Tempo Differs On Foreign Policy House ChallengesWhile Senate Holds Back


     The new Republican majority in the House is preparing early challenges
to many of the Clinton administration's foreign and defense policies. But the
Republican-controlled Senate appears to be taking a less confrontational
approach, because of differences over policy among GOP members there and
because of the Senate's more leisurely legislative style.

     The House plans in coming weeks to submit to intense scrutiny aid to
Russia, the nuclear agreement with North Korea, missile defense policy,
military readiness programs, the administration's cautious approach to NATO
expansion and its probable commitment to send U.S. troops to the Golan
Heights to monitor a prospective peace agreement between Syria and Israel,
according to House members and staff aides.
     But whether Congress will overturn any administration policies or force
President Clinton to back away from any international commitments is open to
question because the Senate appears to be taking a more cautious path on
foreign policy and because key Senate Republicans are split on some issues.
     For example, Senate Majority Leader Robert J. Dole (R-Kan.) is
sponsoring a measure that would require the administration to break with
United Nations Security Council policy and unilaterally lift the arms embargo
on Bosnia. But Sen. Richard G. Lugar (Ind.), the second-ranking Republican on
the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said last week that Dole's bill is
"not a good idea" while the "fragile cease-fire is holding."
  The Senate's aggressiveness on foreign policy is likely to depend in large
part on how events overseas unfold, and on whether the administration's
foreign policy appears effective.
     In the House, where a disciplined Republican majority took office with
much of its national security agenda already in place, Rep. Doug Bereuter (R
Neb.), chairman of the International Relations subcommittee on Asian and
Pacific affairs, said North Korean agreement is the first issue his
subcommittee will take up.
     Bereuter said "some members and myself have substantial concerns" about
the North Korean agreement, which calls for the United States to provide fuel
oil and arrange financing for nuclear power reactors in North Korea in
exchange for Pyongyang's agreement to halt its nuclear weapons program.
    The Korean agreement does not require congressional approval, but
Bereuter said members from both parties have "questions about who is going to
pay for the oil and the reactors." Sen. Frank H. Murkowski (R-Alaska),
chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, has raised
similar concerns.
      In the House, International Relations Committee Chairman Benjamin A.
Gilman (R-N.Y.) said at the committee's first hearing last week that "we have
a unique opportunity to examine our long-term strategic approach to
protecting United States interests around the world."
     Appealing for bipartisanship, Gilman said he was seeking "thoughtful
analysis on how this administration can work more closely and more
effectively with Congress to shape a foreign policy clearly tied to our vital
national interests."
     But despite this apparently conciliatory approach, Gilman and 119 other
Republicans were ready as soon as Congress convened to confront the
administration with their "National Security Revitalization Act," the defense
and foreign policy component of the Republicans' "Contract With America."
     This measure contains several provisions that would conflict with
Clinton administration policies. For example, it would set a deadline -- Jan.
10, 1999 -- for offering membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
to Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, provided they retain
democratic governments and free market economies. The administration favors
NATO expansion, but has avoided setting a timetable because it does not want
to antagonize Russia, which opposes an eastward expansion of NATO.
     The Republicans' bill will also require the Pentagon to "develop for
deployment at the earliest possible date a cost-effective, operationally
effective antiballistic missile system designed to protect the United States
against ballistic missile attacks" -- that is, it would revive the "Star
Wars" missile defense program originally proposed more than a decade ago by
President Ronald Reagan.
     The GOP bill does not say where the tens of billions of dollars needed
to do this would come from -- a "National Security Commission" would be
instructed to find the money -- but even without the economic concerns such a
program is anathema to the Clinton administration.
     One reason is that deployment of such a system would violate the 1972
Antiballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty, a cornerstone of nuclear arms control for
a generation. Another is that the Clinton administration believes the end of
the Cold War ended the threat of a long-range missile attack from the Soviet
Union so there is no need to develop defenses against it, an evaluation
widely shared by career military officers.
    Overall defense spending levels, which the Republicans have criticized as
too low despite the administration's recent decision to add $25 billion over
six years, will be the subject of a hearing Thursday before the House
National Security Committee, chaired by Rep. Floyd Spence (R-S.C.)
     Ever since the November elections, the Washington news corps and foreign
policy analysts have been anticipating clashes between the administration and
Sen. Jesse Helms (R-N.C.), the cantankerous conservative chairman of the
Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
     But Helms said they will be disappointed.
     "Our friends in the news media have been busily speculating ever since
November 8 about the dark and dangerous things that they are so sure are
about to happen," Helms said at the committee's organizational meeting last
week. "Well, that perhaps was wishful thinking . . . perhaps willful
exaggeration, which almost always ends up being wrong and it's certainly
wrong this time."
     Helms and Secretary of State Warren Christopher have an amicable
relationship, according to aides, and reinforced it with a friendly meeting
last week, when Christopher went to Capitol Hill with his undersecretaries
for a get-acquainted session with the Republican foreign policy leadership.
Aides to Helms said that despite his sometimes extreme rhetoric, Helms has
never deserved his reputation as an obstructionist and does not intend to
begin now.
     It is not even clear Helms will be an active participant on all foreign
policy issues. Lugar, a respected moderate and former chairman of the
committee, said Helms has asked him to direct committee consideration of the
START II nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia and to conduct hearings on
the future of NATO.
     Helms will play an active role on topics that interest him. He and Sen.
Strom Thurmond (R-S.C.), chairman of the Armed Services Committee, may call
new hearings that would frustrate the administration's desire for early
ratification of an international treaty banning chemical weapons. But the GOP
senators, unlike their House colleagues, did not come to power with an
ambitious national security agenda already developed.
     Sens. Olympia J. Snowe (R-Maine) and Craig Thomas (R-Wyo.), new senators
and new members of the Foreign Relations Committee, said they had not heard
of any big-ticket foreign policy item on which their party will seek quick
     One major component of Clinton's foreign policy, economic aid to Russia,
appears to be in deep trouble with members of both parties, who have been
citing polling data about the unpopularity of foreign aid in general and
concerns aid to Russia is not producing results. The Russian army's assault
on the breakaway republic of Chechnya has not strengthened Russia's case for
U.S. aid, key senators said.
     "Our relationship with [Russian President Boris] Yeltsin has been good,
but if he can't control his people in terms of killing women and children and
other people then he had better look out as far as foreign aid is concerned,"
Helms said.
     The Chechnya war is "wrecking their economy," Lugar said. "Just putting
in good money after bad wouldn't make sense."
     Even before the Chechnya fighting broke out, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R
Ky.), who will have substantial influence over foreign aid policy as chairman
of the Appropriations subcommittee that allocates the money, was a strong
critic of the administration's Russian aid policy.
     Lugar drew a distinction between economic aid to Russia, which he said
"has lots of questions attached," and a separate program he and Sen. Sam Nunn
(D-Ga.) developed to provide $400 million this year to help Russia
disassemble nuclear weapons.
  Nunn-Lugar aid "will have to continue if we are serious about moving ahead
to destroy the potential to attack us," he said.

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+ - CET - 19 January 1995 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

19 January 1995
Volume 2, Issue 14


**Hopes For Peace Fade**
        Russian forces pounded the Chechen capital Grozny with
        artillery fire mortar bombs and rockets yesterday blasting
        away hopes that a ceasefire will go into effect anytime soon.
        Chechen negotiators said Tuesday that Moscow had agreed to a
        truce, but Russian officials wouldn't confirm that. Russian
        President Boris Yeltsin has ruled out holding peace talks with
        Chechen rebel leader Dzhokhar Dudayev. Meanwhile a delegation
        from the Organization  for Security and Cooperation  in
        Europe, or OSCE, will travel to Chechnya next week.  The
        delegation will be headed by a Hungarian OSCE
        chairman-in-office Istvan Gyarmati. Gyarmati says while in
        Chechnya he'll quote examine the observation of OSCE
        agreements especially on human rights observe the military
        situation and firmly support efforts to achieve a peaceful
        solution to the conflict on the basis of the Russian


**Hungary's C/A Deficit Too Large, Says National Bank**
  Hungary's National Bank says the country will need another
  supplementary budget this year because of its huge current
  account deficit.  Acting Bank President Gyorgy Szapary says
  the bank feels the current account deficit the government is
  predicting for 1995 is too big at 2 and a half billion
  dollars. Szapary says in order to maintain that high of a
  deficit, the National Bank would have to drain up to 1 and a
  half billion dollars from the economy and raise interest
  rates.  Last year Hungary's current account deficit rose to 4
  billion dollars, when it was projected to be 2.6 billion.  As
  a result, the government had to adopt a supplementary budget
  in October to revise its earlier projections.  The current
  account deficit is the discrepancy between a country's total
  assests and the money it owes.

**Budapest Shares Down Again**
  Budapest shares fell for the ninth consecutive session
  yesterday. Analysts are still saying the decline is due to
  worldwide investor skepticism in emerging markets. The
  Budapest index fell 23.43 points, closing at 13 07.24. More
  than 57 thousand shares changed hands yesterday. Trading was
  dominated by Egis Pharmaceuticals.  Seven stocks reached their
  lowest points in the past 52 weeks, some setting record lows.


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+ - DunaTv 6. heti musora - 95. februar 6. - februar 12. (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

MOZAIK    DUNA TV musora 1995. februar 6. - februar 12.                 

                      DUNA TV

  A DUNA TV adasa muholdrol egesz Europaban, Eszak-Afrikaban
  es a Kozel-Keleten veheto.
  Az adasidon kivul a monoszkop kepe alatt a Bartok radio
  hangja hallhato.

  A Duna Televizio Teletext adasa - a Dunatext - a nap 24
  orajan keresztul mukodik.

 Eutelsat II. F.3
 Keleti h. 16 fok
 Oldalszog 184.2 fok
 Emelkedesi szog 35.3 fok Budapesten
 Transzponder 33 csat. 11,596 GHz horiz. pol.

 DUNA TV cime: Budapest, Me'sza'ros utca 48-54
              H-1016 Hungary

 Tel.: +36-1-156-0122
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 Telefonugyelet adas alatt: +36-1-267-6542


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 Kossuth radio: 7,02 MHz,
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 A Duna Televizio hangvivo" frekvenciaja: 6,5 MHz


  A musort a DunaTv musorszerkesztosegetol kapott anyag
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  a parameterek a TV Kepujsagbol szarmaznak.
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 Jo TV-nezest!

1995. febr. 6. he'tfo"
8.00-14.00 KE'PES KRO'NIKA
      Ta'je'koztato' mu"sor
      A Duna Televizio' ta'je'koztato' mu"sora, amelyben minden
      o'ra'ban 20-20 perc ke'pu'jsa'g, mu"soraja'nlat e's va'roske'pek 
      va'ltja'k egyma'st.
14.00 LAPOZO'   (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15 GAZDAKO~R  /ism./  (45')
      Magazinmu"sor gazda'lkodo'knak   
15.00 PUFO'KA KALANDJAI  /ism./  (13')
      Szabadsa'g a mezo"ko~n
      - szines ne'met ismeretterjeszto" filmsorozat -
      Irta e's rendezte: Eduard Zingg
      A zoolo'gusok ma'r felvetette'k, komolytalan megjelo~le's az
      "a'llatok kira'lya'"-ro'l besze'lni a him oroszla'nt illeto"en,
      ugyanis a no"ste'nyek viselik a korona't. Viszont a faj
      minden tagja'nak vannak ellense'gei, amelyekto"l tartanak.
      Egyedu~l az elefa'ntoknak adatott meg az o~nfeledtse'g, nem 
      fe'lnek senkito"l. Ehhez hasonlo' titkok nyoma'ra vezet 
      bennu~nket a nagy ne'met vada'sz, Eduard Zingg...
15.30 EZ TO~RTE'NT BUDAPESTEN (1943 - ism - 75')
      - fekete-fehe'r, magyar ja'te'kfilm -
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Dobos Gyo~rgy. Rendezte: Hamza Dezso" A'kos
      Szereplo"k: Mura'ti Lili, Hajma'ssy Miklo's
16.50 CIMBORA - Tallo'zo' /ism./ (50')
      Szerkeszto": E'. Szabo' Ma'rta
17.40 Mese
      MUSTI: Musti e's a kara'csonyfa  (6')
      PILI E'S POLI: Bregyo' be'ka e's a hangjegyek  (6')
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's  (5')
18.00 HIRADO'  (15')
18.15 REKVIEM GRANADA'E'RT  II.  (49')
      - szines spanyol ja'te'kfilm -
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Vincente Escrina, Manuel Matji
      Zene: Anton Garcia Abril. Operato"r: Jose' Garcia Galiesto
      Rendezte: Vincente Escrina
      Szereplo"k: Manuel Bandera, Horst Bucholz, Delia Boccardo,
      Gioia Scola
      A mo'r kira'lyfi, Boabdil felno". Egy lovagla's alkalma'val 
      ismerkedik meg a gyo~nyo~ru" kereszte'ny nemesho~lggyel,Isabel 
      de Solissal...  
19.05 CIA    (52')
      - szines amerikai dokumentumfilm -
      VI/2. re'sz: Csu'cstechnolo'gia'val a legme'lyebbre
      Operato"r: Graham Frake, Ian Kennedy. Zene: Geoffrey Burgon
      Irta e's rendezte: John Ranelagh
      A berlini fal - ke'pletesen szo'lva - a CIA munkamo'dszereiben 
      is va'ltoza'st induka'lt ma'r a hatvanas e'vekben, amennyiben 
      elo"te'rbe keru~lt a csu'cstechnolo'gia alkalmaza'sa, fo"ke'nt az
      informa'cio'szerze'sben. A technika azonban csak regisztra'l, 
      legala'bb ilyen fontos a ha'tte'rben dolgozo' elemzo"k munka'ja.
      James Bond iroda'ba ko~lto~zik? Igen is, meg nem is, de ezt a
      va'laszt bizonyitsa'k a filmben az eseme'nyto~rte'net felide'zett 
      te'nyei: a kubai va'lsa'g -, az U2 botra'nyaival kapcsolatban.
20.00 RITMUS '94    (45')
      Ko~nnyu"zenei magazin
      Szerkeszto": Berki Tama's. Rendezte: Bokor Attila
20.45 ESTI KE'RDE'S -- A nap interju'ja  (13')
21.00 HIRADO'  (15')
21.15 Tudo'sita's a XXVI.Magyar Filmszemle'ro"l  (15')
      Szerkeszto": Po~ro~s Ge'za. Rendezte: Buglya Sa'ndor   
      - magyar dokumentumfilm -
      Szerkeszto": Radva'nyi Dezso". Operato"r: Ma'tray Miha'ly
      Rendezte: Kova'cs Andra's
      A II. vila'gha'boru' ideje'n jo' ne'ha'ny francia kapott 
      menede'kjogot haza'nkban. Erro"l szo'lnak a tu'le'lo"k, 
      felelevenitve emle'keiket.
22.30 VERS   (5')
      Ka'nya'di Sa'ndor: Pantomim
      Elmondja: Bala'zs E'va
1995 febr. 7. kedd
8.00-14.00 KE'PES KRO'NIKA
      Ta'je'koztato' nu"sor
      A Duna Televizio' ta'je'koztato' mu"sora, amelyben minden
      o'ra'ban 20-20 perc ke'pu'jsa'g, mu"soraja'nlat e's va'roske'pek 
      va'ltja'k egyma'st.
14.00 LAPOZO'  (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15 VA'LTO'   /ism./      (45')
      Gazdasa'gi magazin
      Fo"szerkeszto": Szabo' La'szlo' Zsolt
      - angol ismeretterjeszto" magazin -
      A ko~rnyezet ve'delme az ege'sz vila'g u~gye e's minden orsza'gnak
      re'szt kell vennie benne. A brit korma'ny inte'zkede'sei 
      integra'lt ko~rnyezetve'delmi rendszert hoztak le'tre. A 
      megalakult ka'rmento" csoportok meg tudnak birko'zni a viz, a 
      levego", e's a fo~ld szennyeze'se'nek proble'ma'ival. Az 
      inte'zkede'sek ko~ze' tartozik az is, hogy a szennyeze'se'rt 
      felelo"s va'llalatokkal fizettetik meg a me'rgezo" anyagok 
      eltisztita'sa't. Az orsza'g minden u'j u~zeme'nek szigoru' 
      ko~rnyezetve'delmi ko~vetelme'nyeket kell kiele'gitenie.
      Ege'r-extermina'tor; Sivatagi csata; U"rvende'g     
15.50 E'SZAK A'LLATVILA'GA'BAN   / 1975./  (24')
      XXVI/11.: A la'p dala
      - szines finn terme'szetfilm-sorozat -
      Rendezte: Tapani Korkolainen
      Az o"sla'p amolyan terme'szetes vadrezerva'tum, amely -
      terme'szete'bo"l ado'do'an - ke'pes megve'deni saja't 
      e'rinthetetlense'ge't. Ez a magyara'zata a film felejthetetlen
      sze'pse'gu" felve'teleinek.
16.15 A TE'R  (16')
      - magyar ismeretterjeszto" film-
      Rendezte: Dulo' Ka'roly
      A film az e'pite'szeti te'r segitse'ge'vel tesz kise'rletet egy
      korszeru" te'rfogalom kialakita'sa'ra.
      - magyar, ismeretterjeszto" film -
      Rendezte: Kolla'nyi A'goston
      Az a'llatok mozga'sa'nak lege'rdekesebb tipusai
16.40 A II. VILA'GHA'BORU'   (1973 - 53')
      26/3. re'sz: Franciaorsza'g eleste 1940. ma'jus-ju'nius
      - angol dokumentumfilm-sorozat -
      Zene: Carl Davis. Operato"r: Mike Fash, Frank Hodge, Peter Lang
      Irta e's rendezte:Peter Batty
      A francia hadsereg az elso" vila'gha'boru' gyo"ztes hadserege volt. 
      Vezeto"i, az orsza'g politikusaival egyetemben, nem me'rte'k fel 
      rea'lisan a ne'met terjeszkede'sek elsza'ntsa'ga't. Ez persze
      egya'ltala'n nem volt kive'teles jelense'g a politikusok ko~re'ben
      az akkori Euro'pa'ban. Franciaorsza'g katonai vezete'se mindezek
      mellett vakon bizott a ne'met hata'r mente'n kie'pitett Maginot 
      ero"ditme'ny-rendszerben, amely kora'nak valo'ban egyik leg-
      korszeru"bb ve'delmi rendszere volt. Ezzel a te'nnyel Adolf Hitler
      veze'rkara is sza'molt...
17.40 Mese  (12')
      DINI, A KIS DINOSZAURUSZ: A barlang szelleme
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's  (5')
18.00 HIRADO'   (15')
18.15 RE'GI IDO"K FOCIJA  (1973 - 78')
      - magyar filmvigja'te'k -
      Forgato'ko~nyv -- Ma'ndy Iva'n novella'ja nyoma'n: To'th Zsuzsa
      Zene: Tama'ssy Zdenko'. Operato"r: Raga'lyi Eleme'r
      Diszlettervezo": Romva'ri Jo'zsef. Rendezte: Sa'ndor Pa'l
      Szereplo"k: Garas Dezso", Major Tama's, Temessy He'di, Pe'ter
      Gizi, Kern Andra's, Vogt Ka'roly, Ma'rkus La'szlo'
      Igazi kome'dia a mozi e's a futball ho"skora'bo'l. Minarik Ede 
      mosoda's igaza'ban csak szenvede'lye'nek, a futballnak e'l, 
      illetve a Csabagyo~ngye SC futballcsapata'nak, amelyet o" hozott 
      le'tre e's amelynek megmarada'sa'e'rt naponta meg kell ku~zdenie.
      Mivel nincs pe'nze, arra ke'nyszeru~l, hogy legjobb ja'te'kosait 
      "eladja", mindenkori a'lma, hogy a Csabagyo~ngye az elso" liga'ba 
      Esz-du'r vono'sne'gyes
      Rendezte: Komlo's Andra's
20.00 GAZDAKO~R  (45')
      Magazinmu"sor gazda'lkodo'knak
      Szerkeszto"-mu"sorvezeto": Gyulai Gyo~rgy
      Szarvasmarhatarta's a Ka'rpa't-medence'ben -- Kisu~zem-nagyu~zem
      -- Piacossa'g -- Hu's, tej vagy mindketto" ? -- Kerti patika -- 
      Sza'moljunk! -- Filmjegyzet
20.45 ESTI KE'RDE'S -- A nap interju'ja  (15')
21.00 HIRADO'   (15')
21.15 Tudo'sita's a XXVI.Magyar Filmszemle'ro"l
      Szerkeszto": Po~ro~s Ge'za. Rendezte: Buglya Sa'ndor
21.30 E'letmu"dijas: Romva'ri Jo'zsef diszlettervezo"
      KU~LSO"-BELSO"  (50')
      Egy diszletterv
      - magyar portre'film -
      Operato"r: Go'zon Francisco. Rendezte: Hartai La'szlo'
      Besze'lgeto"ta'rs: Raga'lyi Eleme'r e's Muhi Kla'ra
      "Tudoma'nyos ko~ro~kben az az a'ltala'nos ne'zet", hogy a ne'zo"k 
      szeretik a filmszta'rokat, istenitik o"ket. Ezen tu'l /fel/ismerik 
      me'g a filmrendezo"ket, tala'n-tala'n me'g az operato"ro~ket is 
      jegyzik. Ami viszont a ha'tte'rben teremto"dik, s nem 
      rivaldafe'nyben, titok marad. Holott ene'lku~l egy film nem film. 
      A diszlet- e's la'tva'nyterveze's a ku~lso" szemle'lo" sza'ma'ra nem 
      la'tva'nyos mesterse'g, a filmben a "le'legzo"", e'letteli diszlet 
      a la'thatatlan Ia'thato'. Magyar mestere Romva'ri Jo'zsef 
      diszlettervezo", aki ne'lku~l nem le'tezne a magyar film. Sza'mokba 
      fojtva 130 ja'te'kfilm, 30 te've'film diszletvila'ga't a'lmodta 
      va'szonra, s alkotta meg tehetse'ggel, eleven hitelesse'get 
      ko~lcso~no~zve ta'rgyainak, elo"- e's ha'ttereinek.
22.20 VERS      (4')
      Weo~res Sa'ndor: Az e'let ve'ge'n
      Elmondja: Mensa'ros La'szlo'
1995. febr. 8. szerda
8.00-14.00 KE'PES KRO'NIKA
      Ta'je'koztato' nmu"sor
      A Duna Televizio' ta'je'koztato' mu"sora, amelyben minden 
      o'ra'ban 20-20 perc ke'pu'jsa'g, mu"soraja'nlat e's va'roske'pek 
      va'ltja'k egyma'st.
14.00 LAPOZO'   (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hirek    (22')
      Mit neku~nk szipo'kor; Dudu ku~lo~nleges ke'pe
14.35 DON QUIJOTE  (24')
      XXXIX/36.re'sz: A go'lyakaland
      Rendezte: Cruz Delgado
15.00 OKAVANGO - A VADON SZIVE   XIII/2. (1992 - 48')
      - szines gibralta'ri filmsorozat -
      Zene: Julian Laxton. Operato"r: Hans Kuhle. Rendezte: Mark Roper
      Fo"szerepben: Steve Kanaly, Sandor Smit, Wayne Crawford, Michele 
      Scarabelli, Lance Scott
      Lena'nak - apja parancsa e'rtelme'ben - egy e'vig Okavango'ban kell
      maradnia, s az o~sszeszoka's a csala'ddal bizony nehezen alakul. A 
      fe'lig noma'd e'letmo'd, no meg az elza'rtsa'g hiszte'rikus
      rohamokat va'lt ki belo"le, ke'so"bb azonban megbe'ke'l, olyannyira,
      hogy me'g egy ha'zassa'gi aja'nlatot is elutasit. Persze, Marcoe'rt 
      nem ka'r, s ennek Mackenzie fia, Kyle is o"szinte'n o~ru~l.
15.50 KLUMPA  (20')
      - magyar ismeretterjeszto" film -
      Rendezte: Gyo~rgy Istva'n.
      A filmbo"l az utolso' magyarorsza'gi klumpafarago' munka'ja't
      ismerhetju~k meg.
17.10 LEVELEK PE'TERVA'RRO'L   (61')
      - magyar ismeretterjeszto" film -
      Rendezte: Lakatos Iva'n
      A film Zichy Miha'ly e'lete't, munka'ssa'ga't mutatja be ke'pei, 
      levelei alapja'n.
17.15 MUZZY IN GONDOLAND  XX/18.  (5')
      A BBC English kalandos nyelvlecke-sorozata gyerekeknek
17.20 THIS IS THE WAY   40/18.   (20')
      Operato"r: Molna'r Pe'ter, Tolnai Ga'bor
      Szerkeszto"-rendezo" : Lo"rincz Zsuzsa
      Tanit: Jilly Viktor
      Amelyben megtanulunk o~sszehasonlitani ku~lo~nbo~zo" embereket,
      kontinenseket, folyo'kat, majd e'nekelu~nk egy - a gyapot 
      szede'se'ro"l szo'lo' - munkadalt.
17.40 Mese (14')
      FUTRINKA UTCA: Ezu~stpene'sz  
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's   (5')
18.00 HIRADO'    (15')
18.15 PUMMARO   (1992 - 97')
      - szines olasz filmdra'ma -
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Michele Placido, Sandro Petraglia, Stefano Rulli
      Operato"r: Vilko Pilac. Zene: Lucio Dalla e's Mauro Malavasi
      Rendezte: Michele Placido
      Fo"szerepben: Thywill A.K. Amenya, Pamela Villoresi, Jacqueline
      Williams, Nicola di Pinto
      Pummaro Afrika'bo'l jo~tt a't Olaszorsza'gba, hogy itt keme'ny 
      munka'val o~sszegyu"jtso~n o~ccse'nek annyi pe'nzt, hogy az 
      Kanada'ban elve'gezhesse az orvosi egyetemet. Csakhogy 
      Olaszorsza'g nemcsak munka't kina'l egy afrikainak, so"t azt
      sem mindig. Erro"l o~ccse is hamarosan megbizonyosodik, mivel 
      uta'naered, pontosabban csak a nyoma'ba, mert ba'tyja'nak 
      a'llando'an meneku~lnie kell, ha e'letben akar maradni.
20.00 RE'GIO'K -- Tudo'sito'k Stu'dio'ja  (45')
      Szerkeszto": Tanos Miklo's
      Aktua'lis eseme'nyek, tudo'sita'sok, portre'k, dokumentumok a 
      hata'ron tu'lro'l. Ottani filmesek, videosok tudo'sitanak 
      gondjaikro'l, mindennapjaikro'l. Teha't filmek Erde'lybo"l, 
      Vajdasa'gbo'l, Felvide'kro"l, Ka'rpa'talja'ro'l e's Szlove'nia'bo'l.  
20.45 ESTI KE'RDE'S -- A nap interju'ja   (13')
21.00 HIRADO'  (15')
21.15 Tudo'sita's a XXVI.Magyar Filmszemle'ro"l  (15')
      Szerkeszto": Po~ro~s Ge'za. Rendezte: Buglya Sa'ndor
21.30 XXVI. Magyar Filmszemle
      E'letmu"dijas: Morell Miha'ly va'go'
      ELE'GIA       (1965 - 19') 
      - magyar lirai filmetu~d -
      A forgato'ko~nyvet irta e's rendezte: Husza'rik Zolta'n
      Zene: Durko' Zsolt. Operato"r: To'th Ja'nos. 
      Va'go': Morell Miha'ly
      Elmennek, elhagynak a lovak. Ezeket az a'llatokat, amelyeket 
      ido"sza'mita'sunk elo"tt ke'tezer e'vvel az ember maga'hoz 
      szeliditett, s a'bra'zola'saiban elso"k ko~zo~tt o~ro~kitett meg
      a barlangfalakon, lassanke'nt kiszoritja a civiliza'cio'. Illo",
      hogy az ember, aki hosszu' ido"n a't ta'rsa'va' tette o"ket,
      bu'csu'zze'k to"lu~k. Ez a film lirai valloma's. A bu'csu'
      gondolata't fogalmazza meg az emle'kek szertelen megide'ze'se'vel.
      /Ez a csoda'latra me'lto' filmvers eddig mindig Husza'rik Zolta'n 
      e's To'th Ja'nos alkoto'i ko~nto~se'ben tu"nt fel. Most, itt Morell 
      Miha'ly elo"tt tisztelgu~nk, aki a so~te't "kamra'ban" hozta 
      le'tre remekmu"ve't./
21.50 SZINDBA'D   (1971 - 91')
      - szines magyar film -
      Forgato'ko~nyv -- Kru'dy Gyula rege'nye alapja'n: Husza'rik Zolta'n
      Va'go': Morell Miha'ly. Zene: Jeney Zolta'n. Operato"r: 
      Sa'ra Sa'ndor. Rendezte: Husza'rik Zolta'n
      Szereplo"k: Latinovits Zolta'n, Ruttkai E'va, Dajka Margit,
      Nagy Anna, Szegedi Erika, Muszte Anna, Andai Gyo~rgyi, Horva'th 
      Sa'ndor, Pap E'va, Zelk Zolta'n
      Kru'dy, Husza'rik, Latinovits Szindba'dja ku~lo~no~s, ille'kony
      hangulatu', liraisa'ga'ban szinte a szu~rrealita'sba hajlo' 
      filmele'gia. Szindba'd Kru'dy ho"se e's egy kicsit o~nmaga. Az 
      emle'kezet hajo'ja'n utazva keresi az e'let e'rtelme't, az 
      o~ro~kke'valo'sa'got - a terme'szet sze'pse'geibe, zene'be, sze'p 
      no"kbe, hajakba, simogata'sokba, e'rze'keny se'ta'kba, ko~nnyes 
      o'ra'kba, fa'jdalmas bu'csu'za'sokba belefeledkezve. A 
      vonza'sa'ba keru~lt asszonyok tarto's szerelmet kina'lnak, e's o" 
      e'ppen eze'rt tova'bbmegy, ele'bemegy az e'let csoda'latos 
      szineiben ko~zeledo", rezigna'cio't kelto" elmu'la'snak, a 
23.20 VERS  (5')
      Mo'ra Ferenc: A hegedu"
      Elmondja: Bessenyei Ferenc
1995. febr. 9. csu~to~rto~k
8.00-14.00 KE'PES KRO'NIKA
      Ta'je'koztato' mu"sor
      A Duna Televizio' ta'je'koztato' mu"sora, amelyben minden 
      o'ra'ban 20-20perc ke'pu'jsa'g, mu"soraja'nlat e's va'roske'pek 
      va'ltja'k egyma'st. 
14.00 LAPOZO'  (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15 EMLE'KKE'PEK-RE'GI HIRADO'K   /ism./   (15')
      Bokor Pe'ter mu"sora
14.30 Mura'ti Lili filmjei  (84')
      A CSU'NYA LA'NY   (1935.)
      - magyar filmvigja'te'k -
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Vadnai La'szlo', Gaa'l Be'la
      Zene: Ma'rkus Alfre'd. Rendezte: Gaa'l Be'la
      Szereplo"k: Mura'ti Lili, Ja'vor Pa'l, Kabos Gyula, Gombaszo~gi 
      Ella, Go'zon Gyula, Pethes Sa'ndor, Ra'tkai Ma'rton, Szu"cs 
      Dr.Halmi a no"kkel szemben nagyon szigoru' elveket vall.
      Alkalmazottke'nt iroda'ja'ban csak csu'nya no"ket tu"r meg. Igy 
      mit tehet a szege'ny a'lla'stalan titka'rno"? Egy paro'ka e's egy 
      szemu~veg segitse'ge'vel, ve'n satrafa'nak a'lca'zva maga't 
      hamarosan az u~gyve'd ne'lku~lo~zhetetlen titka'rno"je've' 
15.55 KAPCSOK   /ism./  (55')
      - ismeretterjeszto" magazin -
      Szerkeszto": Lengyel Gyula. Rendezte: Orba'n A'gnes 
16.50 PHO"NIX A DUNA PARTJA'N  (15')
      - magyar dokumentumfilm -
      Rendezte: Alekszander Belenykij
      A Pesti Vigado' viszontagsa'gos sorsa'ro'l ad impressziv 
      o~sszefoglala'st a film, korabeli a'bra'zola'sok, re'gi hirado'k,
      valamint egykoru' szo~vegek felhaszna'la'sa'val.  
      Szerkeszto": Hollo's La'szlo'. Rendezte: Paczola Be'la
      A mezo"gazdasa'gban ja'rtas emberek sza'ma'ra fogalom a jersey 
      szarvasmarha, amelyet a vila'g legjobban tejelo" fajta'ja'nak 
      tartanak. O"shaza'ja az Anglia'hoz tartozo' Jersey szigete, ahol 
      ma is rendkivu~l vigya'znak az a'lloma'ny genetikai e'rte'keire.
17.30 Mese   (24')
      PUMUKLI KALANDJAI: Pumukli e's Puvakli  
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's  (5')
18.00 HIRADO'  (15')
18.15 A GAVALLE'R   (1978. - ism. - 97')
      - szines francia ja'te'kfilm -
      Rendezte: Philip de Broca
      Szereplo"k: Jean Rockefort, Annie Girardot, Nicile Garcia
      Egy napon a klasszikus zene'sz no"csa'ba'sz mege'rzi, hogy kezd 
      elmu'lni fiatalsa'ga, s megpro'ba'lja eloda'zni az o~regede'st.
20.00 VA'LTO' -- Gazdasa'gi magazin   (45')
      Fo"szerkeszto": Szabo' La'szlo' Zsolt. Rendezte: Oblath Pe'ter
20.45 ESTI KE'RDE'S -- A nap interju'ja   (15')
21.00 HIRADO'   (15')
21.15 Carlos Saura filmjei 
      GYORSAN, GYORSAN   (1980 - 96')
      - spanyol ja'te'kfilm -
      Zene: Los Chunguitos, Lolo y Manuel, Emilio De Diego, La Marelu
      Operato"r: Teodoro Escamilla. A forgato'ko~nyvet irta e's 
      rendezte: Carlos Saura
      Szereplo"k: Jose Antonio Valdeomar, Berta Scouellamos Zarco
      Pablo, Sebas, Meca e's Angela e'rdekes, szines, izgalmas 
      e'letre va'gynak. Ehhez azonban sok pe'nz kell e's leheto"leg 
      /A ne'gy fiatal e'lete'nek ne'ha'ny dra'mai ho'napja't bemutato' 
      alkota's 1981-ben Berlinben Arany Medve dijat kapott./  
22.50 A II.VILA'GHA'BORU' (1973. -ism. - 53')
      26/3. re'sz: Franciaorsza'g eleste 1940. ma'jus-ju'nius
      - angol dokumentumfilm-sorozat -
      Zene: Carl Davis. Operato"r: Mike Fash, Frank Hodge, Peter Lang
      Irta e's rendezte: Peter Batty
23.40 VERS   (5')
      A ballada't elmondja: Molna'r Gizella
1995. febr. 10. pe'ntek
8.00-14.00 KE'PES KRO'NIKA
      Ta'je'koztalo' mu'sor
      A Duna Televizio' ta'je'koztato' mu"sora, amelyben minden 
      o'ra'ban 20-20 perc ke'pu'jsa'g, mu"soraja'nlat e's va'roske'pek 
      va'ltja'k egyma'st.
14.00 LAPOZO'   (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15 RE'GIO'K -- Tudo'sito'k stu'dio'ja /ism./   (45')
      Szerkeszto": Tanos Miklo's  
15.00 REGINA RE'VBE E'R  (1990 - 52')
      X/2. re'sz: Te'li szerelem e's kis hazugsa'gok
      - ne'met te've'filmsorozat -
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Barbara Piazza. Zene: Michael Ru~ggeberg
      Operato"r: Reginald Naumann, Erich Krenek, Veit Schloemp
      Rendezte: Bernd Fischerauer
      Szereplo"k: Katja Riemann, Mark Kuhn, Serge Avedikian, Karin Kienzer
      Az elo"zo" re'sz tartalma:
      Martin a hosszu' hadifogsa'gbo'l sorsta'rsaival egyu~tt 1955. 
      tele'n te'r haza Mu~nchenbe. Felese'ge nem va'rta. Hosszu' volt a
      17 e'v, az asszony ma'r ma'ssal e'l. Martin egyedu~l ko'sza'l 
      szilveszter e'jszaka'ja'n, e's ra'akad a fiatal la'nyra, aki 
      ugyanolyan maga'nyos, mint o". Martin e's Regina egyu~tt kezdi az 
      u'j e'vet, egy u'j e'let reme'nye'vel.
15.50 E'SZAK A'LLATVILA'GA'BAN    (22')
      XXVI/12: Egy medveko~lyo~k napja
      - szines finn terme'szetfilm-sorozat -
      Rendezte: Veikko Korkolainen
      A medve a ragadozo'k e'szaki ke'pviselo"je, tulajdonke'ppen 
      mindenevo". Eze'rt azta'n, ha feltu"nik a vadonban, kello" 
      tisztelettel viselkedik vele szemben minden e'lo"le'ny, me'g 
      akkor is, ha o"kelme csak egy bocs.   
      A ku~rt
      - kanadai ismeretterjeszto" sorozat -
      Rendezte: Alain Rondeau
16.15 "A FA PARANCSOL NEKEM"   (36')
      - magyar dokumentumfilm -
      Szerkeszto": Varga Ga'bor
      Portre'film a csikzso~go~di szu~lete'su", 1978 o'ta Tataba'nya'n 
      e'lo" Sallo' Istva'n faszobra'szro'l. Munka'inak fo" te'ma'i: a
      magyar ballada'k vila'ga, e's Erde'ly kiemelkedo" to~rte'nelmi 
      szeme'lyise'gei. A kellemes ritmusu', e'rdeklo"de'st kelto" 
      riportot, a szobra'sz faraga'sainak bemutata'sa szinesiti.
16.50 TALPALATNYI ZO~LD  /ism./  (45')
      Ko~rnyezetve'delmi magazin
      Szerkeszto": Gado' Gyo~rgy Pa'l. Operato"r-rendezo": Kocsis Tibor
17.40 Mese   (11')
      RE'MUSZ BA'CSI MESE'I: Hol van a nyu'l neveto"helye
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's   (5')
18.00 HIRADO'   (15')
      - szines de'l- afrikai filmsorozat -
      XXXIII/30. re'sz
      Irta: Paul C.Venter. Operato"r: Jakes de Villiers
      Zene: Louis van Rensburg. Rendezte: Dirk de Villiers
      Fo"szereplo"k: Ian Robert, Libby Daniels, Brian O'Shaugnessy
      Az a'tkele's a folyo'n a legutolso' pillanatban to~rte'nt, az 
      e'rkezo" hatalmas a'rhuIla'm levonula'sa embere'letet ko~veteIt,
      sza'mtalan anyagi vesztese'get eredme'nyezett. Igy komolyan 
      vesze'lybe keru~lt a tova'bbutaza's leheto"se'ge.
19.05 MUZZY IN GONDOLAND  XX/18.   /ism./  (5')
      A BBC English kalandos nyelvlecke-sorozata gyerekeknek
19.10 THIS IS THE WAY    40/18.    /ism./  (20')
      Operato"r: Molna'r Pe'ter, Tolnai Ga'bor
      Szerkeszto"-rendezo": Lo"rincz Zsuzsa
      Tanit: Jilly Viktor
19.30 LISZT FERENC   XVI/12.  (26')
      Isten muzsikusa
      - magyar te've'film-sorozat -
      Rendezte: Szineta'r Miklo's
      Az 1860-as e'vek Liszt Ference kolostorok lako'ja. Az egyha'zi
      zene megu'jita'sa'nak gondolata foglalkoztatja. A vila'gi e'let 
      vonza'sa azonban ero"sebb, elhagyja Ro'ma't.
19.55 5 PERC EURO'PA TO~RTE'NETE'BO"L    (5')
      Anglia, 1926-1935: Mu"ve'szet
      Renzdezte: Annty Lanner
20.00 KO~ZE'P-EURO'PAI MAGAZIN   (45')
      Szerkeszto": Balogh Ju'lia
20.45 ESTI KE'RDE'S -- A nap interju'ja  (15')
21.00 HIRADO'  (15')
21.15 IKREK (1988 - ism. - 103')
      - szines amerikai filmvigja'te'k -
      Forgato'ko~nyv: William Davies, William Osborne, Timoty Harris,
      Herschel Weingrood. Zene: Georges Delerue. Operato"r: Andrej 
      Bartkowiak. Rendezte: Ivan Reitman
      Fo"szereplo"k: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny de Vito, Chloe Webb
      Csak az anyjuk tudja megku~lo~nbo~ztetni o"ket... Egy ambicio'zus 
      genetikai kise'rlet rosszul sikeru~l. Ikrek szu~letnek, a'm 
      cso~ppet sem hasonlitanak egyma'sra. Elva'lasztja'k o"ket 
      egyma'sto'l, ma's-ma's ko~rnyezetben no"nek fel. E'vekkel ke'so"bb 
      a testve'rek tala'lkoznak. Julius a mu"velt, de a sze'lto"l is 
      o'vott, la'gy szivu" o'ria's e's Vincent, aki feleakkora, de 
      o~ro~kke' no"kre e's pe'nzre va'gyik. Bara'tno"kkel ko~ru~lve've 
      e's egy gengszterrel a nyomukban a testve'rek elindulnak,hogy 
      megkeresse'k anyjukat - de ve'gu~l o~nmagukat ismerik meg jobban.
22.55 VERS   (3')
      Magyari Lajos: Nem a fenyo"k...
      Elmondja: Nemes Levente
1995. febr. 11. szombat
09.00 Hirek, mu"sorismertete's  (5')
09.05 SLAPAJ   (23')
      Fo"u'ri falbaru'ga's; Eltu~sszentett birodalom
09.25 MUZZY IN GONDOLAND  XX/18.   /ism./  (5')
      A BBC English kalandos nyelvlecke-sorozata gyerekeknek
09.30 THIS IS THE WAY  40/18.   /ism./   (20')
      Operato"r: Molna'r Pe'ter, Tolnai Ga'bor
      Szerkeszto"-rendezo": Lo"rincz Zsuzsa
      Tanit: Jilly Viktor
09.50 ELSO" SZERELEM   VI/6.  (1991 - 26')
      - szines norve'g ifu'sa'gi film -
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Jan-Olof Agren. Zene: Jacob Groth
      Operato"r: Henning Kristiansen. Rendezte: Leif Magnusson
      Fo"szerepben: Alexandra Royal, Johan Lilja, Linus Aberg
      Jester megjelenik Danielne'l, hogy bocsa'natot ke'rjen az elo"zo"
      napi viselkede'se'e'rt. Elhiteti a fiu'val, hogy minden gonoszsa'g 
      kitervelo"je Anders volt, aki igy akart bosszu't a'llni aze'rt,mert 
      Daniel mello"zte o"t Anna miatt. Daniel hisz is nelki, meg nem
      is. Az ezt ko~veto" eseme'nyek azonban egye'rtelmu"ve' teszik 
      sza'ma'ra is, hogy kiben bizhat, kire sza'mithat majd a jo~vo" 
10.15 A HO'KIRA'LYNO"    (1992 -  48')
      - szlova'k mesefilm -
      Forgato'ko~nyv -- Hans Christian Andersen alapja'n: Ladislav Capek,
      Rab Zsuzsa mu"fordita'sa'nak nyoma'n Ka'lma'n Judit.
      Zene: Jakoslav Celba. Operato"r: Zdenek Pospisil, Zvzana 
      Bukovinska. Rendezte: Ladislav Capek
      Az egyik legismertebb e's legkedveltebb ele'gikus mese. A 
      ho'kira'lyno" Andersen gyu"jte'se'ben. "Beko~szo~nto~tt a hosszu' 
      te'l. Egy Gerda nevu" kisla'ny meg egy Kay nevu" kisfiu', akik 
      szomsze'dok voltak, s mindketten maza'rdszoba'ban laktak, orrukat 
      az u~veghez nyomva ne'zte'k, amint a ho'pelyhek a levego"ben 
      ta'ncolnak, majd az ablakpa'rka'nyra, a teto"kre, a fa'kra, az 
      u'ttestre, a ja'rda'ra telepszenek. - Olyanok, mint a rajzo'
      me'hecske'k - jegyezte meg Gerda nagymama'ja. - Nekik is van 
      kira'lyno"ju~k? - kiva'ncsiskodott a kisla'ny. - Ha't persze! Ott 
      sza'lldos, ahol a legsu"ru"bbek a ho'pihe'k, e'jszaka'nke'nt ne'ha 
      bene'z az ablakon. O" a legnagyobb ho'pehely."
11.05 KEREKEK E'S LE'PE'SEK  (45')
      XXVI/7. re'sz: A szatma'ri sikon
      Operato"r: Stenszky Gyula, Szabados Tama's
      Rendezte: Gyenes Ka'roly
      Szinte nyilegyenes u'ton haladunk a Szamosto'l a Tisza'ig.
      Fo"bb a'lloma'saink: Fehe'rgyarmat, Penyige, Ko~lcse, Tiszabecs, 
12.00 De'li harangszo', mu"sorismertete's  (5')
12.05 HOGYAN KELETKEZETT A VILA'G   V/2.    (23')
      Az e'let eredete
      - holland ismeretterjeszto" filmsorozat -
      Ko~zremu"ko~dik: Dr. A. E. Wildner Smith
      Operato"r-rendezo": Jan Bodzinga
12.25 BIBLIAI TO~RTE'NETEK   XII/2.   (13')
      Da'niel az oroszla'nveremben
      Ko~zremu"ko~dik: David Wisner
12.40 KOBOLD KO'PE'K  (23')
13.00 A NAP FIA E'S A HOLD LA'NYA   IV/1. (1993 - 56')
      - szines sve'd film -
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Randi Katrine Olsen. Operato"r: Arne Boorsheim
      Zene: Geir Ohren, Bent Aserud. Rendezte: Solve Skagen
      Fo"szerepben: Liv Heloe, Mikkel Gaup, Andre' Svendsen
      Norve'g telepesek e'rkeznek az ezerhe'tsza'zas e'vek ma'sodik 
      fele'ben Lappfo~ldre, ko~ztu~k az igen szemrevalo', elado'sorban 
      le'vo" la'nnyal, Birte'vel. Ailo Korach, a lappok vezeto"je
      aggo'dik. A ke't ne'pcsoport eddigi egyu~tte'le'se nem volt 
      felho"tlen a ma'r kora'bban itt e'lo"kkel, eddig is voltak 
      su'rlo'da'saik, eze'rt gyanakvo'an figyeli, hogy kijelo~lt uto'da 
      - unokao~ccse - Niillas egyre to~bb ido"t to~lt egyu~tt a fiatal 
14.00 LAPOZO'   (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15 KO~ZE'P-EURO'PAI MAGAZIN  /ism./   (45')
      Szerkeszto": Balogh Ju'lia
15.00 CIMBORA -- Tallo'zo'  (50')
      Operato"r: Marcali La'szlo'. Szerkeszto": E'. Szabo' Ma'rta
      Rendezte: Andra's Ferenc
15.50 Mu"soraja'nlat  (10')
16.00 AZ ERDE'LYI EMBER E'S LE'LEK KRO'NIKA'SA   /ism./   (31')
      Nyiro" Jo'zsef
      - portre'film -
      Szerkeszto": Ugrin Aranka. Operato"r: Horva'th Adrienne, Mencseli 
      Tibor. Rendezte: Jeli Ferenc
      105 e've szu~letett a nagy erde'lyi iro', akinek munka'ssa'ga'ro'l 
      elo"szo~r ke'szu~lt televizio's portre'film. Az e'letmu" 
      bemutata'sa'ban az iro' lea'nya, Nyiro" Ildiko' e's Da'vid Gyula
      kolozsva'ri irodalomto~rte'ne'sz volt segitse'gu~nkre.
16.35 KATEDRA'LISOK KORA  (1984 - 55')
      IX/7.: A XVI. sza'zad fordulo'ja
      - ismeretterjeszto" sorozat -
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Roger Stephane, Roland Darbois
      Zene: Fr. Michel Albaric. Elo"ado': Georges Duby to~rte'ne'sz
      Rendezte: Roland Darbois
17.30 Mese   (22')
      TOM E'S JERRY GYEREKKORUKBAN: Ki macska'ja vagy? Droopy, a szta'r
18.00 HIRADO'  (15')
18.15 TAVASZI VIZEK   (1989 - 97')
      - szines olasz-francia-angol filmdra'ma -
      Forgato'ko~nyv -- Ivan Turgenyev rege'nye alapja'n: Jerzy 
      Skolimowski, Arcangelo Bonaccorso. Zene: Stanley Myers
      Operato"r: Dante Spinotti. Rendezte: Jerzy Skolimowski
      Fo"szerepben: Timothy Hutton, Nastassia Kinski, Valeria Golino
      A kisnemes, Dimitrij Szanyin a ne'metorsza'gi Mainz va'rosa'ban 
      marad, mert ke'ptelen szabadulni atto'l az e'rze'sto"l, amelyet 
      egy pillanat to~rt re'sze alatt az olasz Gemma kisasszony va'ltott 
      ki belo"le. Ha'zassa'gi terveiket azonban va'ratlan eseme'nyek
      mo'dositja'k, - nevezetesen - egy orosz gro'fno" mindezt nem tartja 
      helye'nvalo'nak, azon egyszeru" okna'l fogva, hogy maga'nak akarja 
19.55 AZ E'JSZAKA CSODA'I  (8')
      - magyar anima'cio's film -
      Rendezte: Horva'th Ma'ria
      Weo~res Sa'ndor u'jraa'lmodott verse egy he'tko~znapi, szu~rke 
      ku~lva'rosi e'jszaka to~rte'nete, amelyet izgalmas la'toma'sossa',
      szomoru'-vida'm vizio'va' no~veszt a szerelem.
20.00 PRIMA'SVERSENY   (54')
      A Budapesti Kongresszusi Ko~zpontban rendezett koncert televizio's 
      Rendezte: Koltay Bea'ta
      Mu"soron a ciga'nyprima'sok bravu'rdarabjai: /Brahms: Vl.magyar
      ta'nc; Miskolci Balogh Jancsi: Miskolci emle'k; Brahms: II.magyar
      ta'nc; Ra'cz Lali: No'ta; Dinicu: Hora Staccato; Babay:
      Ciga'nykarava'n; Monti: Csa'rda's I.te'tel; ism.: G-du'r koncert
      csa'rda's; Desz-du'r koncert; friss e's csa'rda's; A-du'r cifra no'ta,
      csa'rda's; a-moll csa'rda's; F-du'r no'tacsokor; Offenbach: Orfeus/
21.00 HIRADO'  (15')
21.15 KROLL  (1991 - 96')
      - lengyel ja'te'kfilm -  /Csak felno"tt ne'zo"inknek aja'nljuk!/
      Zene: Mishal Lorenc. Operato"r:Pawel Edelman
      A forgato'ko~nyvet irta e's rendezte: Wladyslaw Pasikowski
      Szereplo"k: Olaf Lubaszenko, Boguslaw Linda, Ewa Bukowska, 
      Agnieszka Rozanska, Cezary Pazura, Dariusz Kordek
      A hadnagynak 48 o'ra'ja van Martin Kroll felkutata'sa'ra. A fiu'
      megszo~ko~tt a katonasa'gto'l, kike'szu~lt. Ha ideje'ben nem keru~l 
      vissza a laktanya'ba, a katonai bo~rto~n va'rja. O~ten indulnak a 
      nyoma'ba, u~ldo~zo"k e's segito"k, de o" egyiko"ju~kkel sem akar 
22.50 VERS   (4')
      Janus Pannonius: A la'zbeteg Janus a ta'borozo' Bala'zsnak
      Elmondja: Blasko' Pe'ter
1995. febr. 12. vasa'rnap
09.00 Hirek, mu"sorismertete's  (5')
09.05 CAPE REBEL - SZA'MU"ZO~TTEK BALLADA'JA  /ism./  (55')
      - szines de'l-afrikai filmsorozat -
      XXXIII/30. re'sz
      Rendezte: Dirk de Villiers
10.00 SPORTKE'PEK (heti o~sszefoglalo') (120')
      Fo"szerkeszto": Juni Gyo~rgy
12.00 De'li harangszo', mu"sorismertete's   (5')
      Borbe'ly tizperc
      Erde'lyi Ja'nos e's Zsigmond Dezso" sorozata
12.15 KIRE HALLGATSZ ?   (37')
      - amerikai ifu'sa'gi dokumentum ja'te'kfilm -
      Operato"r: Fred A. Paddock. Rendezte: David N.Weiss
      A testi-lelki e're's kapcsa'n minden fiatal szembesu~l a szexua'lis 
      e'let elkezde'se'nek leheto"se'ge'vel. A'm ebben az e'letkorban 
      me'g to~bbnyire nem rendelkeznek azzal a felelo"sse'ge'rzettel
      e's lelki e'rettse'ggel, amely ke'pesse' tenne' o"ket a va'rhato'
      proble'ma'k  a'tla'ta'sa'ra e's a felmeru~lo" nehe'zse'gek
      megolda'sa'ra, elvisele'se're. Az Amerikai Egyesu~lt A'llamokban
      egy e'v leforga'sa alatt minden hetedik tizene'ves nemibetegse'get
      kap. A film az AIDS kora'ban, a tine'dzserek ko~zege'ben 
      megfontolando' gondolatokkal kiva'n segitse'get nyu'jtani ebben az 
      igen fontos ke'rde'sko~rben.
      A po'rulja'rt hazudozo'
13.05 REGINA RE'VBE E'R   (1990 - ism. - 52')
      X/2.re'sz: Te'li szerelem e's kis hazugsa'gok
      - ne'met te've'filmsorozat -
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Barbara Piazza. Operato"r: Reginald Naumann,
      Erich Krenek, Veit Schloemp. Zene: Michael Ru~ggeberg
      Rendezte: Bernd Fischerauer
      Szereplo"k: Katja Riemann, Mark Kuhn, Setge Avedikian, Karin 
13.55 DON QUIJOTE   /ism./   (24')
      XXXIX/36.re'sz: A go'lyakaland
      Rendezte: Cruz Delgado
14.20 APRO' NE'PSE'G NAGY BIRODALMA   (1986 - 91')
      - szines kanadai mesefilm -
      Forgato'ko~nyv: David Sigmund. Zene: Normand Dube
      Operato"r: Michael Brault. Rendezte: Vojta Jasny
      Fo"szerepben: Karen Elkin, Michael Blouin, Michael J. Anderson
      Az ido"k kezdete o'ta le'tezik egy hely a sziva'rva'ny sarka'ban,
      ahol a jelen, a mu'lt e's a jo~vo" tala'lkozik. Itt lehet mano'kat,
      koboldokat, tu~nde'reket e's lide'rceket la'tni. Fritz, a ba'jos 
      kis mano' is itt settenkedik, hogy o~tsza'z e'v uta'n - ami persze
      neki csak egy tu~sszente'snyi ido" - isme't pro'ba'ra tegye az
      embereket. De pechje're elvesziti a vara'zsporos zacsko'ja't,
      azonban semmi baj, mert a ko~zelben ja'tszadozik a 10 e'v ko~ru~li
      David e's Jennie, akik azonnal a segitse'ge're sietnek.
15.50 KUTYAKO~TELESSE'G  (11')
      - magyar anima'cio's film -
      Rendezte: Macska'ssy Gyula
      Egy baromfiudvar za'rt, a'm anna'l mozgalmasabb vila'ga.
16.00 VILA'GTO~RTE'NET   10.  (26')
      Szines angol ismeretterjeszto" filmsorozat a TIMES magazin 
      vila'gto~rte'neti atlasza alapja'n
      Zene: Hans Zimmer. Operato"r: Mike Fash. Rendezte: Paul Fisher
16.30 POSTABONTA'S -- LEVE'LVA'LTA'S   (15')
      Szerkeszto": To~ro~k Erzse'bet. Rendezte: Ka'zsme'r Ka'lma'n
16.45 EMLE'KKE'PEK -- RE'GI HIRADO'K   (15')
      Bokor Pe'ter mu"sora
17.00 SZINHA'ZI E'LET   (25')
      Szinha'zi magazin
      Szerkeszto": Ka'llai Katalin. Rendezte: Sa'ra Bala'zs
17.30 Mese    (24')
      SZIPPANCSOK: Mi urunk kapzsisa'g   
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's  (5')
18.00 HETI HIRMONDO'   (60')
      Fo"szerkeszto": Csa'ky Zolta'n
19.00 Arthur Miller: AZ U~GYNO~K HALA'LA   (174')
      A Nemzeti Szinha'z 1959-es elo"ada'sa felve'telro"l
      Dramaturg: Hintz Gyula. Jelmez: Laczkovich Piroska
      Rendezte: Marton Endre
      Szereplo"k: Tima'r Jo'zsef, Ka'lma'n Gyo~rgy, Ka'llai Ferenc,
      Somogyi Erzsi, Bala'zs Samu, Linka Gyo~rgy, Ma'the' Erzsi,
      Keme'ny La'szlo'
      Willy Loman belefa'radt az u~gyno~ko~sko~de'ssel ja'ro' a'llando'
      utaza'sba e's az amerikai o~nmegvalo'sita'ssal egyu~ttja'ro'
      o~na'mita'sba, hogy o" a legnagyszeru"bb! Hogy csakis o" e's a 
      fiai fognak igazi u~zletet e's karriert befutni. O~ngyilkossa'gi
      gondolatokkal foglalkozik, mikor mege'rkezik re'g megszo~ko~tt
      kisebbik fia - szemefe'nye - akivel a'llando' konfliktusai voltak.
      Biff ima'dta apja't, de nem tudta elfogadni a'llando' o~na'ltato'
      hazugsa'gait, emellett egy titokra is ra'jo~tt, ami arra 
      ke'sztette, hogy elhagyja a csala'di ha'zat.
Az elo"ada's elso" szu~nete'ben:
20.15 "KIRA'LYI PA'HOLY"   (10')
      Szerkeszto": Ka'llai Katalin. Rendezte: Sepro"di Kiss Attila
22.05 GYORSAN, GYORSAN  (1980 - ism. - 96')
      - spanyol ja'te'kfilm -
      Zene: Los Chunguitos, Lolo y Manuel, Emilio De Diego, La Marelu
      Operato"r: Teodoro Escamilla. 
      Rendezo", forgato'ko~nyviro': Carlos Saura
      Szereplo"k: Jose Antonio Valdeomar, Berta Scouellamos Zarco
23.40 VERS  (3')
      Sa'rosi Gyula: Farsangi dal
      Elmondja: Darvas Iva'n