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5 Re: ARE THE HUNGARIANS MONGOLS? (mind)  52 sor     (cikkei)
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15 Re: ARE THE HUNGARIANS MONGOLS? - postscript (mind)  6 sor     (cikkei)
16 Re: UP TO 5 MILLION DOLLAR REWARD - RE: TERRORIST BOMBI (mind)  21 sor     (cikkei)
17 Need you help! (mind)  20 sor     (cikkei)
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20 Re: More paranoia from Bratislava (mind)  116 sor     (cikkei)
21 Re: SCM: Hungarians from Egypt?!? (mind)  66 sor     (cikkei)


On July 23/96 > 
(Maria Egorov aka Albert Egorov)claimed:
    [ I know lots of Hungarians in United States and other foreign   ]
    [ lands who are presenting the Romanians as Gipses.Advancing the ]
    [ idea that ROM=ROMANIAN=GYPSY.                                  ]

On Aug 4/96  
(Maria Egorov aka Albert Egorov)claimed:
    [ I know lots of Hungarians(+GERMANICS) in United States and     ]
    [ other foreign lands who are presenting the Romanians as Gipses.]
    [ Advancing the idea that ROM= ROMANY= ROMANIAN=GYPSY.           ]

It is proper scientific procedure that when you re-publish material you
identify that it is a revision. In the above postings, which you had altered
from the July 23/96 edition to the August 4/96 edition, you failed to abide
by proper scientific procedure and this, of course, will only increase your
already discredited standing in any intellectual community that you may
strive to impress, European or otherwise.

Wally Keeler					Poetry
Creative Intelligence Agency			is
Peoples Republic of Poetry			Poetency
+ - Re: NPA -- the saga continues (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


On 3 Aug 1996, Andras Kornai wrote:
>[...] But NPA is more of a true conspiracy nut, with the Jews/Commies (and
> perhaps the masons? I don't remember him pronuncing anything on this weighty
> issue)

 But of course he was (see eg. FORUM #1621); and don't forget the 
homosexuals and the UN either ;-<!

- --
 Zoli , keeper of <http://www.hix.com/hungarian-faq/>;
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+ - Re: CANADA KICKS YANKEE ASS (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

 (wally keeler) wrote:
>How sweet it is.
>Poetic Justice!
>Canada wins the gold in the men's 4-100 meter race at the Olympics.
>How the Americans via NBC were boasting.
>How the Americans boasted that they had never lost the 4-100 for decades.
>How wonderful that CANADA beat their ass off.
>How wonderful to watch both CBC and NBC, and see what unadulterated sore
>losers the Yankees are -- what a self-centred lot they are -- not a single
>shot in American tv of the gold winners doing their victory lap waving the
>Canadian flag.
>What an ungracious lot of silver-losers that they spent their post-race
>commentary analyzing the US teams short-comings, and not one minute spent on
>the winners.
>Typical of the US assholes, whose Marines two years ago marched into the
>stadium with the Canadian flag upsidedown, while Toronto's Blue Jays
>baseball team won the World's Series, that penultimate American game.

Wally, you old shitkicker, add "hypocrite" to the words that describe you
(beside "pseudo poet" and "dumbass").

Wouldn't it be more accurate to write "...some Americans..."?

I hope you wrote such stuff in your diary when Canada lost its dominance in the
Ice Hockey World Championships in the '60s, and even withdrew from the 
competition for several years.

+ - Re: Hungarian/Sumerian origins (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Dear Peter,

Since I could not access the home page of Fred Hamori  could  you develop 
this subject a bit more?.
+ - Re: ARE THE HUNGARIANS MONGOLS? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >,  says...
>Dear Maria,
>It is interesting to read your posts. However, there is something in your
>writing style, which I do not understand. What is the motive of your 

Her motivation is a deep-seated anti-Hungarianism; see THE MARIA EGOROV FUQ.
The causitive factor for this anti-Hungarianism is unknown.

>Maria Egorov wrote:
>>The same is the case of HUNGARY and FINLAND.You guys want to be called
>>(Although your language is NON EUROPEAN, your name is NON EUROPEAN, your
>Well, we could say, that the Finno-Ugrian languages are more "European" 
>than the Indo-European languages, which came to Europe from Asia much 
>later than the "Uralic" proto-language. You should not let the names 
>bluff you. However, this dispute is very stupid. 

But not for Maria -- she wallows in it.

>All peoples originate from Africa, anyway. 

What!?!? You mean Russian Jews, Catholic Magyars, Gypsies and the Queen of 
England are spawn from the same seed in that Kenyan valley!

>I, personally, would call "European" any person, who 
>is born in the area of Europe, not depending on his race, language, 
>religion, or ethnic background.

This is very rational and the MODERN European outlook on life and culture.

>What is wrong with you, are you a racist?


>>And remember that
>>the so called
>Here you are mistaken. Mitochondrial-DNA -studies are very respected 
>nowadays. Check e.g. the works of Dr. Paabo et.al. (who is not a Finn!).
>Regards, Jari P. Turku, Finland, Europe

It's not unusual -- Maria is mistaken about many things. She is well-known 
for it. Well, Maria, I guess you better bone up on that research by Dr Paabo 
et al.
+ - $$cash$$.txt (1/1) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

+ - Final Olympic medal counts (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Well, the Games ended for Hungary with a blast!  Three additional golds
and several other medals were obtained on the last two days, making the
total 21 (Gold: 7, Silver: 4, Bronze: 10).  This medal count placed
Hungary at the head of former East Bloc countries and 12th in the
overall medal count.  The closest other former East Bloc countries are:
Romania (13th, with 20 medals of which only 4 are gold) and Poland (15th,
with 17 medals of which 7 are gold). 

Congrats to the Hungarian athletes for the great start and great finish!
Not bad for a country of only 10 millions; better than two medals for
every million of its citizens!

Joe Pannon
+ - Re: ARE THE HUNGARIANS MONGOLS? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

My Esteemed Hungarophobe...                                              
   Allow me to be one of the many Net-Citizens to praise you for your 
brazen ignorance and venom... The Magyars are Asiatic/Mesopotamian Yes! 
So in one respect you are right to stipulate the Asiatic nature of 
Magyars. Interesting for you to mention archaeology as a proof of a 
common Magyar-Uralic link. Well as they say in Hungary... UGYAN! 
(Nonsense, Bullshit) I'm astounded at your contemptible remark to 
Sumerian view (can hardly wait for this theory to be proven) Have you 
ever noticed a Arctic or Finnish type cultural trait among Magyars? I 
sure as hell haven't found in my Magyar friends (They still have strong 
links with the homeland... In fact, archaeology has slowly shown a 
cultural/linguistic (in the form of unearthed tablets) link between 
Magyar and Sumerians... At the same time, Magyars are probably partly 
Mongol in ancestry (a friend of mine has prominent Mongol cheekbones with 
small eyes and a round head. Of course with her ancestors being 
Europeanized over the centuries, she has blond hair and blue eyes with 
light coloured skin.) however it is known that the Mongol element in 
Hungary is very minor. For example, do you see many Magyar men who have 
sparse black beards and yellow skin? On the contrary we see Magyar men 
with bushy beards and mustaches (bajusz in Magyar) with light skin unlike 
we Orientals. This can be attributed to the Scythian-Turkic element of 
the Magyars, I could go on forever as I'm disgusted at such brazen 
ignorance and stupidity. Again, if you are not a prejudiced soul then I 
suggest you examine the example web-sites I included at the end of my 
entries entitled "Magyar-Sumerian origins"                               
    As to your comment on someone finding a Mongolian-script tablet in 
Transylvania, are you implying that the Magyars might be Semitic? (For 
your info. Mongolian script has its ultimate roots in the Aramaic script 
of Syria...)                                                             
                                      A Hungarophile named Chong
+ - Re: Hungarian/Sumerian origins (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Okay, this is not gonna be easy,,,                                       
      It is prehistoric times, the human race has just migrated out of 
Africa. One branch (later known as Caucausoid white man) head west 
towards Western Europe (We're in the Ukranian steppes), next another 
branch heads east and becomes my ancient-ancient...ancient forefather 
(Mongoloid-type humans) and gradually each one of these main races 
(negro included) subdivided into the subraces (Dinaric, Alpine, 
Amerindian, Polynesian, Ainu, etc.) A people living in Central Asia who 
are probably Caucausoid-Mongoloid in feature migrate towards the 
southwest to Mesopotamia... (c. 6000-4000 BC) Here they gradually settle 
down and learn a sedentary way of life. These Central Asians who now 
inhabit Mesopotamia and their relatives in the Central Asian steppe speak 
closely related languages if not identical ones. (It is very probabl that 
 these Central Asiatics whose domain stretches from the Carpathian Basin 
all the way to Mongolia form the ancestry of the Scythians, Parthians, 
Medians, Huns, Avars, Magyars, Finns, Koreans, Japanese (?), Ugrians, 
Udmurt, Mordvin. Estonians, Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Kalmuks, Oirats, Tungus, 
Manchus, Turks, etc. i.e. Turanian or Ural-Altaic peoples. - This would 
explain the many mythological and linguistic similarities among the 
majority of these groups. Look at the web pages I recommended) Anyways... 
These Mesopotamian inhabitants display a very high level of culture as 
they readily adapted to their new lands and the autochtonous inhabitants 
already living there. By 3000 BC, the Sumerians have invented writing, 
the wheel and a host of many other breakthroughs in human accomplishment 
and society. However, Semitic tribes such as the Akkadians, jealous of 
the riches of the Sumerians raid and eventually plunder the Sumerians... 
However, the Akkadians like the Magyars, Bulgars and Mongols of later 
history adapted the local (Sumerian in this case) ways and are culturally 
and probably racially assimilated into the old mainstream.               
     By 2000 BC, the Sumero-Akkad civilization (the Akkadians are now 
fat) are raided again and again by other Semitic tribes and eventually 
their city states fall apart. Like the Akkadians before, these new 
Semites assimilate and blend Sumero-Akkad ways with their own. In the 
meantime the city-dwellers, fearing for their lives lest they become 
slaves and sex-slaves for the new masters flee. Some head to India, 
others even to China and Vietnam. Some head home to Central Asia and 
northern Persia, others head east to Egypt. However the bulk of them head 
north towards the sources of the Tigris and the Eurphrates to the land 
then-called SUBARTU - land of the free. Incidentally the Magyar word for 
free is SZABAD... Here the city-dwellers and local Subarean peoples 
mingle and out of this comes a blend of Sumero-Akkad and Subarean 
culture. These Subareans who were originally horsemen introduce their 
skill to the city-dwellling Sumerians who find horse-travel very 
convinient.... In the Zagros Mountains of Iran, the local Elamites and 
Medians, having recieved their influx of Sumerians also go through a 
similar process as the Subartu people did. (This part I'm not very clear 
on, now I really suggest that you read Fred Hamori's web-pages on 
Hungarian history and culture for this part)                             
     In 500 AD, the Magyars are living along the Black Sea and here I 
think the history is fairly known from this point on, (Khazar alliance, 
entering of Hungary in 896 by Arpad, integration of Hungary into the rest 
of Europe by 1001 - coronation of St, Stephen (István))                  
 Just to make sure, I'll write down the Web sites again (You don't have 
to access his home page for them - Hamori's word lists and articles are 
spread all over the Net...                                               
1) HTTP://EXO.COM/~FREDH/MYTHS.HTM (Sumero-Scythian and Magyar mythology) 
2) HTTP://EXO.COM/~FREDH/HISTORY.HTM (A more credible history of 
pre-Arpad times)                                                         
3) HTTP://EXO.COM/~FREDH/LANGUAGE.HTM (questions Uralic theory and leads 
into word lists with correspondances in Sumerian, Egyptian, Magyar, etc.) 
4) HTTP://EXO,COM/~FREDH/ANTHRO.HTM (Anthropology - I think you'll like 
this one.)                                                               
     I hope this clears it up a little bit but my own theory on 
Hungarians is based in several sources including Hamori's but bear in 
mind that I firmly believe in a Sumero-Scythian origin of not just 
Magyars but of all Ural-Altaic/Turanian peoples as well.... Good Luck.
+ - Hungarian WWW information FAQ (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

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     Hungarian electronic resources FAQ

3.      Interactive services
3.1  What's available on the World Wide Web

 The following is the chapter recently removed from the main body of
the hungarian-faq. This is not yet completely re-edited for stand-alone
format, nor completing a collection of all important links has been
attempted. For more comprehensive WWW directories see, for example:
<http://www.hungary.com/hudir/>;, <http://www.hungary.com/hudir/>; or

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 If you are using Hungarian interactive services from abroad (or vice
versa): please note that interactive Internet connections like WWW
may be very slow, even timing out during peak hours - try times of
lower network load when the response time is usually reasonable.

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Subject: 3.1  What's available on the World Wide Web

 This document you are reading now is hosted at
<http://www.hix.com/hungarian-faq/hungarian-faq>;, and its directory
has a few other documents and several links to other sites of

 The Hungarian Home Page is at
<http://www.fsz.bme.hu/hungary/homepage.html>; with links to the
registered Hungarian www servers, including

     - the Prime Minister's Office:  <http://www.meh.hu>; (overseas users
    please notice that the use of the <http://www.hungary.com/meh/>;
    mirror is requested to cut down transatlantic traffic!)

     - a weather forecast page (this is updated daily, and includes weather
    forecasts, meteorological maps, and METEOSAT satellite images; this
    page is in Hungarian)

     - home pages of Hungarian cities (currently Budapest, Debrecen,
    Miskolc, Pecs, Szeged), and of educational and other institutions 

     - a comprehensive list of Hungarian telnet services (e.g. library 
    databases), gopher and ftp sites (3.2). The content of almost all the 
    Hungarian FTP sites is indexed and can be searched.

 The Hungary Online Directory (HUDIR) is at
<http://www.hungary.com/hudir/>; featuring a hierarchical
database of Hungarian online content worldwide. Currently it has links
in excess of 2500.

 HIX has a WWW server in the USA: the URL is <http://www.hix.com>;.
To check out fresh content, see <http://www.hix.com/friss2/>;, which
gives you a comprehensive table of content for new material arrived in
the last 24 hours (which is typically in the order of 100-150 pages).
Besides back issues of its email journals, and a plethora of other
files in Hungarian and English, it offers an on-line English-Hungarian,
Hungarian-English dictionary (<http://www.hix.com/hix/szotar/>; - its
European mirror is at <http://tpri6l.gsi.de/szotar.html>;), and various
home pages and pointers to other sources. Partial mirrors located in
Hungary are <http://www.eunet.hu/eunet/hix/>; (for the Magyar Narancs
archive), and <http://hal9000.elte.hu/hix/>; (for some pictures, and
searching the Radir database - see below).

 Hungary.Network - The GateWWWay to Hungary at
<http://www.hungary.com/>; has a number of government, commercial and
organizational users listed.

 TourInform is at <http://www.hungary.com/tourinform/>; is the service
of the Hungarian Tourism Service, the official promotion agency of the
Hungarian Tourist Board. They offer practical information, maps,
broshures and even tours on video casette.

 The Open Media Research Institute has a WWW server, available at
<http://www.omri.cz>;.  Available at this Web site are all back issues
of the Daily Digest, tables of contents for Transition, OMRI's
bi-weekly analytical journal, and information about OMRI's activities
and staff.

 The World Wide Web server of Central Europe Today is at the URL

 Find back issues of the Hungary Report on the World Wide Web at 
<http://www.yak.net/hungary-report/>; or <http://www.isys.hu/hol>;. 
The Hungary-Online archive is available from 
<http://www.yak.net/hungary-online/>; or <http://www.isys.hu/hrep>; 
as well.

 There is a growing Hungarian resource directory at
<http://mineral.umd.edu/hir/>;. [The same server also hosts a
"Hungarian Electronic Resources FAQ" <http://mineral.umd.edu/faq/>;.]

 There is a "Foreign Languages for Travellers" collection of essential
Hungarian expressions with English, German and French explanation,
complete with sound at

 The American Association of Young Hungarians (AAYH) has its homepage
at <http://www.aayh.org/>;.

 A Hungarian church in Chicago has info at

 The Gyorgy Bessenyei Teachers Training College (Nyiregyhaza) offers 
some 3000 pages worth of database for Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg county 
(Eastern Hungary) as well as other goodies and general Internet help,
in both Hungarian and English: <http://www.bgytf.hu/>;.

 See also section 2.3 above, which covers
<http://www.siliconvalley.com/>; and refers to other links as well.

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+ - Re: THE MARIA EGOROV FUQ (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I am glad that Ahmet Cosar is alive and well and living in Canada. How 
are you, Ahmet?
+ - Re: CANADA KICKS YANKEE ASS (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

>>Typical of the US assholes, whose Marines two years ago marched into the 
>>stadium with the Canadian flag upsidedown, while Toronto's Blue Jays 
>>baseball team won the World's Series

>Get Real. With how many Canadians...?

When an American NHL franchise wins the Stanly Cup, we don't go around
saying...oh, but most of the players are Canadian.

Keep things in perspective and shut up.

+ - Re: More paranoia from Bratislava (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I hope you don't mind that I'm cross-posting this to soc.culture.magyar.

On Sun, 4 Aug 1996, Roman Kanala wrote:

> Peter Hakel wrote:
> =20
> ~ On Sun, 4 Aug 1996, Roman Kanala wrote:
> ~=20
> ~> Peter Hakel wrote:
> ~>>
> ~>>   Germanic tribe of Quadi lived there. I don't know however,
> ~>> if they still were in the area when the Slavs arrived.
> ~>
> ~> After what I read about the issue, several cities in the Upper Hungary
> ~> were founded by the German tribes of Quades and Markomans. Sorry, but
> ~> I find no relevence of this fact to the discussion about "more paranoi=
> ~> from Bratislava".
> ~=20
> ~   Me neither, but I wasn't the one who made the first step in this
> ~ direction. Perhaps I should have changed the subject.
> ( ... )
> ~>>   BTW, why do you attempt to divert attention from the real point of
> ~>> discussion (in this case Magyar conquest)?
> ~>
> ~> No, Magyar conquest has been brought here as the surrogate subject and
> ~> IMHO has no relevance to the discussed matter: the oppression TODAY.
> ~
> ~   You are arguing with Igor Gazdik and Joe Pannon, not with me. They
> ~ use this kind of logic you and I disagree with. Once Mr. Gazdik brought
> ~ this issue up and Joe replied, I used it to illustrate the fallacy behi=
> ~=A0 it. IMHO they are both showing their true colors.
> It's good to read your explanation. Sorry if I have argued=20
> with your words expressing the opinions of both gentlement,=20
> not the yours ones, but from the formulations used, it was=20
> difficult to make the difference.

I agree that quotation marks are sometimes difficult to notice.  :-)
Especially since I didn't use them as much as I should have.

I'm sorry if I made you feel being linked to certain ideas. I didn't mean=
it it that way and I knew you didn't either. That's why I talked about=20
"abuse." Leonardo da Vinci had some ideas about submarine construction=20
but being aware of its military potential he acted accordingly. I only=20
expressed a similar type of concern, nothing more.

> I know your opinions from your former contributions and=20
> indeed, I was surprised by your words. Mr. Gazdik is a=20
> known phenomena that people already had many times an=20
> opportunity to make an opinion about. Mr. Pannon is somewhat=20
> too sensible to expressions of hostility from the Slovak side,
> that's all. Sorry for the confusion.

No problem. It should be the purpose of every discussion to make things=20
clear at the end, shouldn't it?

> Roman Kanala

I think I'm ready for a little break...

Peter Hakel

E.G.Engelbrecht ) wrote:

: My argument is that the word "terrorism" should be used only to describe
: military actions against unarmed civilians and not military targets.

I find that definition to be wrong.
Terrorism is any act of indiscriminate violence (such as a bomb or a 
drive by shooting) that is perpetrated by a group or individual in a time of 
peace as an attempt to bypass diplomacy and force others to accept a 
point of view. It doesn't matter who the target is supposed to be. 

The act of trying to control others by means of fear is different from 
the presence of a military force to deter the occurrence of conflict.


          A nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat.
                 ---Monty's circus #3---
+ - Re: ARE THE HUNGARIANS MONGOLS? - postscript (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Oh, one last point... Put it this way, if Historic Hungary had not been 
where it was in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, you're ancestors would 
have spoken and taught you Turkish. (1458 Nandorfehérvár, 1526 Mohácsi 
vész, 1540s Szigetvár, Eger -> Az egri csillagok...) ÉLJEN A MAGYAROK!   
                                   A Hungarophile

In >,  (Joao Carlos Paulino 
Cabedal Vicente) writes:
>E.G.Engelbrecht ) wrote:
>: My argument is that the word "terrorism" should be used only to describe
>: military actions against unarmed civilians and not military targets.
>I find that definition to be wrong.
>Terrorism is any act of indiscriminate violence (such as a bomb or a 
>drive by shooting) that is perpetrated by a group or individual in a time of 
>peace as an attempt to bypass diplomacy and force others to accept a 
>point of view. It doesn't matter who the target is supposed to be. 
>The act of trying to control others by means of fear is different from 
>the presence of a military force to deter the occurrence of conflict.

Can I claim some dosh as I saw US bombers taking off and 
bombing civilians in Libya when theer was no war on.

E-mail me and I'll let you know where to send the cheque.
+ - Need you help! (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

	I need help in your languge.
	How to translate "I love you" in your local lang?

	I'm trying to collecting it from very country 
	now I just got

	English			I love you
	Chinese(Mandarin)	Woa Eai Nhee
	German 			Ich liebe dich
	Thai			Chan ruk thur

	Please fill out about your country :) and if you know more please do
	Thank you in advanced

Best Wishes,
Navaporn Wanvimonsri
P.S. If you can send me GIF file of how to write it would greatly appreciated
+ - Re: HIT (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Ivan Marinov irasaiban a szog lassan kibujik a zsakbol: Solzhenytsin
akit minden lapja alatt idez, egy Oroszorszagot szeretne latni 
az Orthodox hit vezetese alatt. Ez rendben van. Ez meg Bulgariaban is 
lehetseges. De Magyar Orszagon ezt nem lehet megcsinalni.
Itt meg kinevetnek.   
+ - Re: *** JATEK *** #111 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Ha valakinek van egy Tetris játéka (Win95),
jelentkezzen !

+ - Re: More paranoia from Bratislava (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

This bunch of non-sense would not be worth my attention otherwise, but
since Joe Pannon raised the issue about the presumed Slovak nationality
of the author, let's see what's there. I will make an effort to formulate
in an easy way to give the young author a chance to understand.

On 2 Aug 1996 18:38:42 GMT,  (Kristina Szurek) wrote:
> As much as I hate dividing land and countries, and drawing borderlines,
> in today's day and age, one must establish ownership.  So just as much as
> I am responsible for the content of this message, because I am its owner,
> the Slovak Government is responsible for the running of their country.

And as one should dispose only with things he is the owner of, the Slovak
Government should think of its own business. First because no government
is the owner of the citizen, second because no government can pretend a
group of citizen to give up to voice their concern and put forward their 
interests. Oh, pardon, I forgot to add, no government in the Free World...

> As I said before, I have nothing against the Hungarian minority
> living mostly in the southern part of Western Slovakia Region (na juhu
> Zapadoslovenskeho Kraja), I do object to this minority, or any minority
> in general in breaking laws, or attempting to take advantage of the
> system.  I fully support the Slovakian Government in their ways to
> pretoct themselves.

It's a long time ago I haven't seen such a stuff. But let's go slowly. 
The little Polish girl is wrong in pretending that a Magyar minority is 
living mostly in the southern part of the Western Slovakia. Magyars are 
living long on southern border from Bratislava until the Ukrainian border 
in a continuous stripe. Kosice city still has a perceptible Hungarian 
character, as there was fewer immigrants from the deep Slovakia than, for 
example, in Bratislava.

Speaking about minority breaking laws - who is breaking laws, what laws, 
when they are breaking laws, how they are breaking laws, all these questions
seem to be beyond the scope of the thoughtful contribution of the little
Polish girl. Once upon time, when there were no Magyars to break laws, there
were other people who broke the laws. Their crime was simply to exist. The
law broken was called "The Jewish Codex". The punition was: Auschwitz, in 
Polish: Oswiecim. 

In reality, it's the government that's the biggest lawbreaker. These merry
fellows have happily pushed the "Language Law" through the Parliament, 
without worrying about a "Minority language law" that had to be approved 
immediately. It's still not ready and like many other missing pieces of 
legislation, it will not be uder the present cabinet. Overall, these guys 
are violating the Constitution in an average rythm once a week, without any 
worry. And things are getting worse.

> Someone here asked, how did those Hungarians get there?  Well I am aware
> that they settled there before Slovakia was formed, but it is common fact
> that Hungarians are a nation of travellers (koc~ovne' kmene) of the
> Ugro-Finn Tribe.  The issue of the borderlines of Slovakia and Hungary
> should have been dealt with at the beginning, when it was formed.  Now it
> is layed down, and those Hungarians "stuck" in Slovakia will have to
> adapt, and those Slovaks "stuck" in Hungary will have to adapt as well.
> You cannot please everyone all the time.

So, border's there, game over, give up your identity, hier wird Slowakisch
gesprochen. Later (and it's already going on) everybody will be asked to 
give up his identity. And everybody will love the Fuehrer and to think only 
good about Him. 

> I also want to thank the person replying with the statistics of Hungarian
> cities having only at-most 99% non-Slovak population.  First hand
> information is valuable, as I haven't visited Slovakia for quite some
> time, and I am drawing some references to the sitation as I saw it 3 years
> ago.

These numbers are available with only a very little effort, for example from
http://www.eunet.sk, Slovakia Document Store.

> In any case, how do you explain that Ukrainian minority living on Slovak
> land is not screaming for the same issues as Hungarians are?  How about
> Polish? or even the Czech minority?  It would seem that either Slovaks are
> extremly cruel to Hungarians than to any other minority living in
> Slovakia, or the other option is that Slovak-Hungarians are just
> loud-mouthed, give-them-a-helping-hand-and-they-grab-the-whole-arm,
> always-wanting-more type of people.

When one sees the numbers, there is 86% of Slovaks among Slovakia's 
inhabitants, 10-11% are Magyars, the rest are Ukrainians, Czechs, Poles.
How important is the rest ?

> I do not know what the Slovak government has up their sleves (I do not
> follow overseas politics too closely), but they should introduce more of
> those laws that strengthen and support Slovak nationalism and unity.

The little Polish girl says not to follow overseas politics too closely,
yet she offers her expertise and a number of recommendations how to deal
with these pesky minorities. 

The government is indeed working on introducing these "laws to strengthen 
and support the nationalism and unity". The Slovak National Party is 
fighting to have the Slovak-Magyar basic treaty abolished. They are pushing 
the "Law on the Protection of Republic". They want to reintroduce the death

> And here, I am NOT talking about national cleansing or anything sick
> like that, I am simply talking about unity.  We have been stepped on by
> Germans, Russians, Hungarians, and Czechs, now it's about time we
> step on ourselves. :-)  I mean step up ourselves.

As a grand finale, it's a finale. I think I owe my apologies to Jozef Pannon.
Not only the little Polish girl is claiming to be of Slovak heritage, what
she produced can really be considered as gazdik-caliber fascizoid crap.

Please remember that majority of Slovaks are not fascists.

Roman Kanala
+ - Re: SCM: Hungarians from Egypt?!? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Johanne L. Tournier wrote:
> Haliho!
> At 01:33 03/08/96 -0000, Peter Kovalszki wrote:
>  wrote:
> >>
> >> Hi!
> >>
> >> I've recently been talked to an acquaintance regarding the origin of the
> >> Hungarian people.  And from there we went through the usual ones about com
> >> from Siberia, the Ural mountains, Sumeria, etc..  He however mentioned som
> >> thing as well as a "theory" as crazy as it sounds about Hungarians
> originating
> >> in Egypt!
> <snip snip>
>  I was wondering if anyone may have heard of this
> >> and if they have could they please explain how the heck this is possible?
> >>
> >> Thanks,
> >> Peter
> >
> >     Yes, there are a few villages, I think on the lower course of the
> >Nile(or in the delta?), who are descendants of Hungarians taken as
> >slaves by the Turks in the 16th century, who kept alive the legend of
> >their Hungarian ancestry, being called "Magyarabs"(ie "magyar arabs").
> >Actually I met accidentally a young couple in June in Budapest. They
> >told me they are Magyarabs. They did not speak Hungarian, I exchanged a
> >few English words with them, and that was all.
> >Regards, PK
> Well, that is a new one on me - are you sure that they weren't just pulling
> your leg? Although the Turks did have captured Christian boys in their
> military - didn't they call them *janissaries*? - it would be surprising to
> me that a group of them would manage to retain their Hungarian ethnicity as
> a group, since I think the janissaries were drawn from all different
> Christian populations.
> I was thinking that this notion may have originated with the notion that the
> *gypsies* originated in Egypt - hence the name *gypsy* of course - and that
> some people had confused *gypsies* with *Hungarians*. Any possibility that
> this could be the case?
> Yours,
> Johanne
> Johanne L. Tournier
> e-mail - 
> Johanne L. Tournier
> e-mail - 

    Retaining ethnicity is not the question/though one can imagine 
eventually even that- retaining the history/legend of their origin is 
the thing. I met them at the MVSZ meeting , as guests.But this was not 
their pulling of my leg- I asked them if they are Magyarabs, and they 
conmfirmed it. I heard about this somewhere.And their ancestors being 
also Janissaries does not contradict this.I will try to research this, 
and if I find something, I'll let You know

Regards, Peter Kovalszki