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+ - Re: Sports in Hungary (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


Glad you bring up the "Magic Magyars" of 1954. They were indeed robbed of the
World Cup. There was an expose in one of the Italian sports magazines a few
years back on why the Magyars lost that match to West Germany. Turns out they
the whole German side were on steriods to give them more stamina because of the
trashing they took against the Magyars in the preliminary match. To further
support this claim there is not one member of that squad alive today, whereas
most of the Magyar side is. Many of the German side died from complications as
a result from steriods (much as Lyle Alzado of the Oakland Raiders did a few
years back),but who knew the side effects back then?? So, who knows??

I have some older Scottish friends who still talk about that 6-3 pounding the
English took like it was yesterday. They know all the names. They say that," It
was the best team ever!!!  There's never been a team like them, since.". It's
fitting because it was a Scotsman who went to Hungary in the late 20's early
30's that introduce the early forms of the "Magic Magyar" style of play that
revolutionized football. One thing is for certain: The decline of Magyar
football started there and has never recovered.

Czifra Jancsi
john_czifra @ shi.com
+ - Re: Feminism in Hungary/general (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

> SAT scores have been falling since the 60's (the decade of women's lib) and
> sky has been falling.  The idea that a parent should be home with the kids is
> the right idea, and women by natureare better at nurturing children, so they
> the natural choice (oh, i can hear the cries of outrage already!).  Maybe the
> "old fashion, backwards" Hungarians are doing something better than we are -
> in the west don't know everything.
> Paul Gelencser

Your argument is not correct, a much higher percentage of women
work fulltime in Hungary - or used to before 1990 - than in
the US, but educational reults and deliquency was not
worse than in the US, to say the least.
Fulltime free professional pre-schooling and a bit authoritarian
school education (lots of supervised homework and continuous
assessment) seem to be more important, than millions of
isolated women getting bored to death at home.
(Ok, this is true if their job is not even more boring,
which unfortunately is mostly the case.)

+ - Re: Feminism in Hungary/general (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Paul Gelencser wrote:

>women by nature are better at nurturing children, so they are
>the natural choice (oh, i can hear the cries of outrage already!).

Janos Zsargo wrote:

>Paul Gelencser rised the question of naturallity. Beside that I basically
>agree with his opinion, I would have a question.

>Hopefully nobody argues about the anatomical difference of the male and
>female (:-)),

Why not Janos?  What are you afraid of?  I'm sure that many people who read
either your or Paul's comments might easily conclude that women have bigger

Joe Szalai
+ - Re: Keyser Soze (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article <v01510100ad21a55ef782@[]>, Doug Hormann
> writes:

>I do not and cannot understand how you interpreted my brief post to mean
>all those things that you have stated.  Perhaps you are one of those
>60's types who have fumigated their brain cells with too many hits on the
>bowl of happiness.  Perhaps, Sam, you believe that only a god could
>possibly refute your crass pontifications with any authority.
>Give it up Sam.  Perhaps this flame war is amusing to you, but I find it
>kind of dumb.
>Doug Hormann


Flagging a bit, are we, Dougie? Perhaps you shouldn't start these things
when you don't have the wit to finish them.
Sam Stowe
+ - Re: Hungarian Characters (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

A couple of years ago I purchased a Hungarian font set and a corresponding
keyboard driver from the following British company. Cost was around $80,
but it may be cheaper now. They do hundreds of different fonts.

The Electronic Font Foundry
The Studio
Gibbs House
Kennel Ride
Berkshire, SL5 7NT

Tel. +44 1344 891355
Fax. +44 1344 891366

Good luck

 Jonathan Gordon-Till
+ - Re: Sport in hungary (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)



My memory could be failing me, but as far as I remember
we had 9 golds in Tokio, and ever since I am involved
with brits I can thoroughly annoy them by winning bets
via Hungary producing more medals/points than the mighty ex-empire.
However, I am fully aware that this doesn't mean enough
effort to promote mass-sport activities, only prestige
and propaganda investments - as everywhere else.
However I don't think I dare to put my money down this year.


 Yes is was about that many. But in the last european championships we came
away with only a handfull. Shameful. Egerszegi (if she hasn`t already) should
(have) retire(d) - at the top rather than waiting until she`s being beaten.
We`ve got Guttler Karoly, Rosza Norbet (I think) and a couple of others that
could win potentially at the next olympics - but that`s about it. Hungary has
a very good water polo team (there are a few very good players, I`ve heard,
coming up from the under 21`s team to further strengthen the side).
 The trouble is that the government doesn`t cater for the young athlete any
more. At the time my father was playing for his local club in hungary in the
early 50`s, athletes received almost everything for free that related to
training. Young people in Hungary do not seem to have the enthusiasm for
sport that must have had in those golden years. They are probably more
interested in getting into a business career - and rip off the government for
a couple of million!

George Szaszvari wrote:


Don't forget the Magyar chess team in the Olympiads (World team tournament)
when they pipped the super-strong Soviet favourites TWICE in the last couple
of decades, or so, for the gold medals! (The exact dates escape me right

The biggest sporting memory cherished by Magyars on this side of the
Atlantic must be in football (soccer, to you Americans), Puskas and Co.
dishing out a double hiding to England: 6-3 at Wembley in 1953 and 7-1
in Budapest (1954?), England's worst ever defeat :-)

The Hungarians were robbed in the 1954 World Cup final, losing dubiously
2-3 to West Germany, a team they beat 8-3 in a previous round! The real
final of that World Cup should have been the semi-final Hungary v Brazil
(won 4-2, but also costing some injuries).


 Chess a sport?! Only joking.

 I`ve heard that during the 1954 world cup that the West Germanys may well
have been (allegedly -ish -ish) using some sort of drug to enhance their
performances because a fair majority of players of that era are now in the
long-term care of hospitals becasue of problems with their nervous system.
Also that the ezcuse for the 6-3 defeat in qualification was that the Germans
had "rigged" the system of qualification in a way that they would have an
easier game in the final stages, so they lost (8-3, I`m sorry!) on purpose.
The semi-final has been nicked name "the Battle of .......(can`t remember of
were - must have been the place they were playing; I think it was Berne)
because of the amount of fouling in the game - Puskas Ferenc got injured here.
Then in the final there was a goal (I think) scored by Puskas that was clearly
over the line, but was disallowed by the ref. Puskas so have been taken off
because he was playing like my grandmother.

        And I don`t think a Hungarian as one anything in the world figure
skating championships for many many years.

        One recent success by a Hungarian is in the world marathon swimming
championships in which a hungarian won the gold medal. Also there a few very
good hungarian speed boat champions.

+ - music study/work in Hungary? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


I'm looking into the possability of either
continuing my education or preferably working
in music in Hungary.  My parents left in 1956
and I have never been back but my music
seems to have roots that were laid in my family's homeland.

My work is primarily electronic or mixtures of electronic and
acoustic. I''m currently finishing an Masters of Fine Arts
at Mills College where I've been doing work with interactive
performance computer medium and sound installations.

I am most interested in a university type setting.

I'd also be curious if there are any new music festivals
that are oriented towards electronic music in Hungary.

thanks in advance

robi Kauker

+ - Re: Sports in Hungary (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

zcapl74 ) wrote:
:         Sadly, sport (quality of) in Hungary seems to be a bit on the naff
: side at the moment, at least compared with what sport was like before most of
: Hungary`s athletes left during/after 1956. Before `56 no one country could
: touch the Hungarians in almost any sport you could care to mention.

you mean like swimming, athletics, tennis, golf, hockey, ice hockey,
skiing, sailing.....?

+ - Feminism in Hungary/general (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I'm sorry if you see this post twice.  My mail server is giving me problems.
It's saying that it has posted this before but I don't see it anywhere.  So
I'm trying once more.


Paul Gelencser wrote:

>women by nature are better at nurturing children, so they are
>the natural choice (oh, i can hear the cries of outrage already!).

Janos Zsargo wrote:

>Paul Gelencser rised the question of naturallity. Beside that I basically
>agree with his opinion, I would have a question.

>Hopefully nobody argues about the anatomical difference of the male and
>female (:-)),

Why not Janos?  What are you afraid of?  I'm sure that many people who read
either your or Paul's comments might easily conclude that women have bigger

Joe Szalai
+ - What happened to "akg.isk.huninet.hu"? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I was corresponding with someone at that address but now I get the
response "error getting network address for 'akg.isk.huninet.hu'.  What
happened to this network address, and what, if anything is it called now?
  I would appreciate an e-mail response.  I am pretty sure that akg was
"Alternative Kozgazdagsagi Gymnazium"
Lee Laborczfalvi
+ - Headline: Hungarian government ready to sell out!!!" (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


Here's something stupid:

No. 11, 16 January 1996

by Slovak National Party (SNS) Chairman Jan Slota indicating that his
party is no longer opposed to the Slovak-Hungarian treaty was called "an
unquestionably good sign" by a Hungarian Foreign Ministry spokesman, CTK
reported on 15 January. The spokesman noted that Hungary "has high
expectations in connection with the ratification of the treaty," not
only concerning relations with Slovakia, but also regarding regional
stability. Slota announced on 13 January that the SNS would support the
treaty if certain compromises are made, including the approval of laws
on the protection of the republic, the state of emergency, local
elections, and education, Narodna obroda reported on 15 January. The
SNS, a junior coalition member, had previously been strongly opposed to
ratifying the treaty, which was signed last March. -- Sharon Fisher


16 January announced that the conditions set by the Slovak National
Party (SNS) concerning the ratification of the Slovak-Hungarian treaty
(see OMRI Daily Digest, 16 January) have been accepted. "The coalition
problem is resolved," he said. According to Meciar, the SNS's demands
will be addressed at one of the cabinet's upcoming sessions, Narodna
obroda reported. In other news, government spokeswoman Ludmila Bulakova
on 16 January said that Meciar will not meet with German Chancellor
Helmut Kohl during a trip to Bonn this weekend to attend a Bertelsmann
Foundation conference. Bulakova said Meciar will deliver two speeches at
the conference and has no time left to meet with Kohl, TASR reported.
Meciar is interested in making an official visit to Germany, rather than
having "just a short appointment" during a conference, she stressed. --
Sharon Fisher

Once again, the enept, Hungarian government is ready to sell out the ethnic
population. Of course  Meciar changed his "heart". Meciar has got what he's
longed for: the ethnic population by the golyok with the language law that,
finally, Max von der Stoel (High Commissioner on Minorities in the EC) even
criticizes, but the gullable Hungarian government still doesn't get it. If the
language law wasn't passed there'd still be this gridlock, but they throw a
bone to the dogma, that calls themselves the Hungarian government, saying,
"Yeah, we'll talk treaty." and they eat that up.

How pathetic, folks!!!

Rohej az egesz!!

Czifra Jancsi
john_czifra @ shi.com
+ - Re: Keyser Soze (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Stowewrite ) wrote:
: Hi, John:
: Whoever "corrected you" did you a sharp disservice. The script
: consistently refers to Soze as being Hungarian throughout.

that may be true. but he does not have a name which is even vaguely
hungarian, neither in spelling nor in pronunciation.

+ - Chechnya (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Is anyone on this newsgroup outraged by the vicious attacks on the Chechen
rebels by the Russian army, or am I just having difficulty adjusting to the
new world order?  I know that the Chechens have lost some support for their
cause because they've taken hostages and have resorted to terrorist actions.
However, the Russian attact on the village of Pervomaskaya reminds me of the
seventies when in Vietnam, the Americans would destroy a village in order to
save it.  That kind of tactic didn't work then and I think that it wont work

I find the silence of western governments to Russian excesses in Chechnya
difficult to understand.  If these kinds of brutal, savage, military attacks
against a minority are allowed to happen in one part of the world then I
fear for minorities in every part of the world.

I post to this newsgroup because Hungarians know what can happen when Russia
flexes its might.

Joe Szalai
+ - Looking for other Szilagyi's - possibly related? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

My father's name was George Szilagyi.  His brother is John Szilagyi, and
he is still alive, and living in New Jersey.

My grandmother (George's mother) was Fannie Szilagyi.  I am trying to
find other possible relations.  E-mail me at .

Thanks....Alice Carr (formerly Alice Szilagyi, however I spelled it