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Kedves Magyar Kornyeszek,
Az Egyesult Allamokban a napelemes vizmelegites es es a solar collectoros
energiatermeles evi 25%-os sebesseggel no.
Ez ugyancsak furcsanak tunik, annak ellenere hogy a Reagan adminisztracio
gyakorlatilag a torkara tette a kest ennek az iparnak (mindenfele
eltorlesevel etc.)
Szoval ennek ellenere reneszanszat eli a solar heat. 
Akit erdekel szivesen kuldok informaciot, magunk is gyartunk solar elemeket,
a tervezesben pedig sokat tudunk segiteni.
P.O. Box 665
Ambler, Pennsylvania 19002-4945
 Voice: (215) 643-6922
Fax:     (215) 248-5668
Alex Varga, President
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Kedves Kornyesz  Olvasok
Itt tovabbitom ezt a konferencia ertesitest.  Talan erdekel valakit?
Laborfalvi Benke Tibor
Return-Path: >
Priority: normal
Date:         Sun, 21 Apr 1996 08:48:02 +0900
Reply-To: "Jacky Foo, IAS/UNU" >
Sender: "Announcements from Ecotechnology Network (ECOTEC)"
Organization: The United Nations University
Subject:      2nd World Congress on Zero Emissions
To: Multiple recipients of list ET-ANN >
2nd Annual World Congress on Zero Emissions
(29-31 May. Chattanooga, USA)
 The Tokyo-based United Nations University's Zero Emissions
Research Initiative (ZERI) is sponsoring this Congress with the
objectives of offering a vision of manufacturing in the future
based on the principles of sustainable development. The Congress
will address issues on how to identify technological
breakthroughs needed to succeed; create new jobs, new
industries, and a higher quality of life; and to facilitate an
effective network to speed up implementation and to secure
financing of zero emissions research.  There will be
representatives from many governments - President Suharto of
Indonesia will speak via Internet; Vice President of the US, Albert
Gore; US Representative Zach Wamp; and Ritt Bjeregaard,
European Union Commissioner of the Environment.  There will be
representatives of industry - Curt Nicolin, Chairman of Asea
Brown Boveri; Edgar Woolard, Chairman of DuPont; Kazuhiko
Nishi, President of ASCII Corp.;  Soren Gyll, Chairman of Volvo; and
representatives of research facilities and universities--Heitor
deSouza, Rector of the UN University; Gunter Pauli, founder of
ZERI; and senior members of the Academies of Science in Sweden,
China, Brazil and Latvia; senior officials of the United Nations and
the World Bank.
 More information about the Congress is available at
http://www.zeri.org/ and via the mailing list "ET-TOR". To receive
further information, updates about the Congress, and news and
reports from the Congress, please send an email to
 and write the message:
SUB ET-TOR yourfirstname yourlastname (organization)
e.g. sub et-tor Gene Gore (ZERI Foundation)
How to Participate:
You can participate by one of the following ways:
(a) visit the ecocity Chattanooga and attend the on-site
Congress. Please check
http://www.zeri.org/zeri-registersitefax.html or fax River
Valley Partners at (+1) 423-265-7924 for registration.
 (b) if you are unable to travel to Chattanooga, the Congress is
available via Internet and you can participate in front of your
computer. For registration, please check
http://www.zeri.org/zeri-registernetfax.html or contact

 (c) there are two pre-Congress conferences on "Industrial Organic
Carbon Sinks" and "Zero Emissions by Beer Breweries".
Registration is free, please send request to 
From: Mr. Jacky Foo
Institute for Advanced Studies, United Nations University,
5-53-67 Jingumae 5 chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150.
http://www.zeri.org/    http://www.ias.unu.edu/
+ - allas (energia, kozlekedes) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

THE ENERGY FOUNDATION is seeking a full-time PROGRAM OFFICER, with 
primary responsibilities in transportation reform.

The Energy Foundation is a non-profit, grants-making foundation with an 
annual budget of $10 million.  Its mission is to promote energy 
efficiency and renewable energy in the United States, as a path to a 
sustainable energy future.  The foundation was started in 1991, and is 
expected to operate through 2000, and possibly beyond.

Based in the Presidio, in San Francisco, the Foundation has a small 
professional staff which runs a grants program, and launches initiatives 
where there is an unmet need.  The Foundation is governed by an 
independent Board of Directors, and is funded by the John D. and 
Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, The Pew Charitable Trusts, and The 
Rockefeller Foundation.

The program officer will, independently and with other staff, refine our 
transportation strategies, solicit (and sometimes help develop) 
proposals, write dockets for out board to consider, and follow through 
with grants after they are funded.  The program officer will also 
initiate and convene strategy sessions, and will run some programs 
directly.  With the Executive Director and the other program officers, 
the successful candidate will help set budgets, set priorities, and 
develop foundation materials.  The program officer will also represent 
the foundation at meetings around the country.

The foundation is looking for applicants with the following qualities:

-Outstanding verbal and written communication.
-Strong background in energy and/or environmental policy.
-Experience building support -- with usual and unusual partners -- 
	for innovative policies or programs.
-Experience in transportation policy.
-Insight on how change occurs in society.
-Incisive, independent, analytic mind.
-Likes teamwork; enthusiastic personality.
-Proven ability to initiate and manage projects.
-Good sense of humor.
-Willingness to travel.

The foundation offers a competitive salary and excellent benefits.  The 
Energy Foundation is an EOE employer, and strongly encourages people of 
color to apply.

Please submit resume to:

	Hal Harvey
	Executive Director
	P.O. Box 29905
	San Francisco, CA 94129-0905

Delivery address:  
Building 1012, 2nd Floor, Torney Avenue
San Francisco, CA, 94129-0905
+ - (Fwd) meadows columns 4/11/96 and 4/18/96 (fwd) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


I can see how television could be addicting.  When I stay at a hotel, I can
waste a whole evening surfing all those channels, letting nonstop idiocy wash
over me, too lazy, too hooked, too amazed to hit the off switch.  When I
finally come to my senses, first I feel terrible about devoting hours of my
life to such junk, then I feel thankful that at home we only get two channels.

So I appreciate Henry Labalme's idea of a TV-Turnoff Week.

Young, quiet, amazingly energetic, Labalme was working at an environmental
engineering firm in the 1980s, when he and his friend Matt Pawa, then a law
student, used to talk about saving the world.  Henry was worried about the way
mindless consumption consumes the stuff of nature.  Matt was bothered by
violence, illiteracy, incivility, intolerance.  Both saw TV as a major cause of
these problems.

For years they just talked, until Matt took some time off to be a house-husband
and did the legal work to set up an organization called TV-Free America.  Then
he told Henry, OK, I've got it on paper, now you make it happen.  Henry
hesitated.  He had a good job.  But he pictured himself as an old man looking
back and wishing he had followed his heart instead of his pocketbook.  So he
took a leave of absence that turned out to be permanent.

Labalme expected the idea of life without television to be met with resistance.
Instead he found himself riding a wave of enthusiasm.  "I can't believe you
exist," people told him.  "We thought we were the only ones who were disgusted
by TV."

TV-Free America held its first National TV-Turnoff Week last April.  Four
thousand schools signed up.  The American Federation of Teachers and the
American Medical Association supported it.  A volunteer sent a kit to Governor
Angus King of Maine, who held a press conference to praise the 25 participating
Maine schools.  Four more governors signed on.  "We never expected a governor
to endorse us," says Labalme.  "We thought we were being too radical.  Now we
wonder if we're being radical enough."

Phil Donahue invited TV-Free America to his show.  That caused a brief moral
crisis, ending in refusal.  "To advocate turning off TV by going on TV seemed
to us simply too great a contradiction," Labalme said in his newsletter.  On
his program Donahue said: "'No TV Week' -- yes, you heard it on the Donahue
Show.  They're promoting this nationwide, and they won't send anybody to our
program to talk about it. Not only do they not want you to watch TV, they don't
even want to be on it."

The greatest enthusiasm for the week of TV abstinence came from kids.  One
school class made up a slogan: "What I can be if I don't watch TV."  Comment
cards filled out by teachers, students, and parents after the week was over
showed clearly how TV eats into the lives of children.

A sixth grader from Pennsylvania: "I got to spend a little time talking to my
mom because she turned off the TV during dinner."

A third grader from New Mexico: "I'm glad we had TV-Turnoff Week, because I
probably wouldn't have gotten to do some of the things I got to do.  Like, I
wouldn't have gone hiking, spend lots of time with my family, play with my
friends, go to Chaco Canyon."

A teacher in Texas: "Many more children were enthusiastic than I anticipated. 
My family loved it, except for my husband."

A parent in Wisconsin: "The kids were hesitant at first, but at the end of the
week my 6-year-old was telling everyone how he doesn't like TV anyway.  Now,
three weeks later, no TV has become a habit, and it seems odd when the set is

This year TV-Turnoff Week is April 24-30.  It has been endorsed by seven
governors, the American Federation of Teachers, the National Association of
Elementary School Principals, the American Psychiatric Association, the Family
Research Council, and more.  The American Medical Association sent out flyers
to 20,000 schools.  A businessman in Mississippi distributed posters at his own
expense to all the schools in his state.

Like Smoke-Out Day, TV-Turnoff Week gives us a chance to step away from our
addiction -- or fail to and thus realize how badly addicted we are.  Hundreds
of studies have linked TV watching to 1) violence, 2) diminished brain
development in children, 3) obesity and other eating disorders, 4) lack of
physical fitness, 5) breakdown of community, 6) materialism, 7) excess consumer
debt and 8) negative social norms, gender roles and patterns of conflict
resolution.  We can see the statistics play out in our own lives -- the average
child spends half an hour a week in meaningful conversation with a parent, 1.8
hours a week reading for pleasure, 5.6 hours doing homework, and 28 hours
watching television.  Many of us are angry with ourselves for watching too much
and for letting our children watch too much.  But, like addicts, we don't stop.

So here's a chance to stop, just for a week.  We might discover that, as author
Wendell Berry wrote to Henry Labalme, "It isn't as though we can entertain and
instruct ourselves in no other way.  We have the literature of several thousand
years -- more than anyone can read in a lifetime.  We have each other to talk
to and listen to.  Music can still be made locally.  We can play and walk and
dance without deference or payment to any organization.  The world contains
many beauties that we can look at directly, without the intervention of any

"Let us live our lives while we have them."

(You can contact TV-Free America at 202-887-0436.)

(Donella H. Meadows is an adjunct professor of environmental studies at
Dartmouth College.)
+ - Napenergia hasznositas M.o.-n (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Egy radioban elhangzott riportra probalok visszaemlekezni, melyben a Pecsi
Zold Kor Szolar Centerenel keszitettek. A melegvizellatashoz szukseges
rendszer ara 200 - 300 eFt.

Az arat ket dolog emeli fel ilyen magasra:

 - Tetoszerkezet atalakitasa. (Persze a most eplu:lo" hazaknal
 - Automatika. (Vezerlo egyseg, elektronikus csap ...) Sajnos ez utobbi nem
   lehet akarmilyen, hisz a rendes vizhalozatra kell raszerelni, ahol a
   vizmuveknek komoly a nyomastureshez szukseges elvarasai vannak. (Ha
   elromlik, akkor sem o:mo:lhet a viz...)

A rendszer telen is kepes mukodni, ekkor kell egy villanybojler ami a vizet
tovabb melegiteni. (Az automatika ekkor meg dragabb!)

Maga a nap melegenek felhasznalasa szerintem nem tul draga es bonyolult.
Gondoljatok a hetvegi telken alvanyra szerelt hordora...

A tavalyi BNV volt egy ceg ami napkollektorokat alitott ki, ami sokkal
daragabb volt...

Udv! Peter
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ezennel szeretnek koszonetet mondani ket keresemre erkezett 

eloszoris azoknak, akik segitettek gabcikovos es szigetkozos diakhoz 
jutnom.  gyonyoru szigetkozos sorozatokat kaptam bardos petertol!   
annak erdekeben, hogyha esetleg legkozelebb valaki szinten 
hasonlokat keresne,  ne kelljen ugyanazon a kalvarian keresztul 
mennie: bardos petert a 06-30-505409-es telefonon lehet megtalalni, es o 
nagyon szivesen bocsajtja rendelkezesre a kiallitasat, vagy 

aztan azoknak, akik segitettek passziv szolaris ugyben; a konkret 
konferencia proceedingssel egyutt rengeteg jo kapcsolatot is szerzett a 

a kereseimre erkezett segitokeszseg minden varakozasomat 


Vorsatz Diana
Dept. of Environmental Sciences and Policy
H-1051 Budapest
Nador u. 9
Ph:  (36-1) 327-3095
     or     327-3021
Fax: (36-1) 327-3031