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+ - Re: *** HUNGARY *** #360 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


        My name is Balazs Hegedus and am doing a degree in computing in
Nottingham, Uk. I was born, and lived in, Hungary for the first twelve years
of my life. I have written to ask any subscribers who could give information
leading to, or offer me, a summer vacation placement IN HUNGARY.
(ie: A temporary job July to end of september in in Budapest (preferebly))
        If you can, please write to:
        Hegedus Balazs
        Lejto u. 12

        or phone (++3611861908)
        I will not be there till the 13th... but please leave a message if
phoning before..

Thank you

Hegedus Balazs.
+ - Maros Cleaning Camp July 12-22 (fwd) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Forwarded message:
>From   Thu Jul  6 04:05:38 1995
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To: "Environmental Issues in Central and Eastern Europe List"
Subject: Maros Cleaning Camp July 12-22
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 1995 08:14:20 CET
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Organization:  The Regional Environmental Center
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Environment- and Nature Protecting Organisation
Tg.Mures, street Victor Babes  11./221.
Mailling adress: P.O.Box 56, Of.p. 1.,
4300   Romania

Do you want to join us cleaning the Mures river in a nice camp in
the meantime d oing other actions, workshops, games and parties in
Romania? Here you can find more information about this. Please write
us as soon as it's possible, because we are already in late.


Rhododendron from Tirgu Mures organises a river cleaning action camp
on the Mures river between Heviz ( Toplita ) and Deda from 12 to 22
July 1995 and invites You to join us.

Our aims are :
- To clean this section of the river for the second time ( we did it
last year, too );
- Environmental education out in the nature;
- To measure injurious effects on nature and try to find solutions
against them;
- To analise regulary the quality of the water from the river. The
camp's place : is an isle near Ratosnya ( Rastolita ) village on the
down side of this part of the river.

Accomodation, food : We will live in tents on the isle and it costs
5 $/day, inc luding a place for tent, food ( the lunch will be served
in the eating-place of the village). What to bring with you : Tent,
equipment for trips, do not forget to bring rubbe r boots and
protecting glowes.

Participants : Most of them are youths, our club's members, people
from Transylvania and Romanian eco-groups, invited people from

Our time-table :
- Cleaning up the bend and the bank using a raft;
- Taking out the electric cables from the river what are used for wild ( illega
  ) fishing;
- Resolutions with the inhabitants;
- Workshops, analises of the water from the river and fountains;
- Trips, mountain-earing;

How to find us : We are waiting for you at Tirgu Mures. There is a
train from Bu dapest to Tirgu Mures, which arrives at 23 o'clock. We
are waiting for you at the railway-station.

More information from:
- Kati Kelemen : tel : 00 - 40 - 65 - 148680.
  str. Infratirii 13/3 Tg Mures

Railway time tables:
Bucharest                Brasov                 Deda
13.00                       15.52 - 17.48        21.42     =20
16.20                       18.55 -19.34         23.48
18.45                       21.47                 2.02
21.05                       0.00                  4.20

Bucharest                Razboieni             Tg. Mures
13.00                       19.33 - 19.55         20.52
23.25                        6.02 -  6.24          7.29
19.55                        2.35 -  3.37          5.06

 Send your application form to this fax number: 00 40 65 115026

    The Maros Cleaning Camp 1995

So the Maros ( Mures ) cleaning action takes place from 12 to22 July
between Mar osheviz (Toplita) and Deda. Our financial support comes
from the Romanian section of REC and some comercial companies.

The aims of our campaigne:
- to offer a basic eco-mentality to the inhabitants, mainly to the
youth and to involve them actively into the solutions of local
environmental problems , first of all how to keep the river clean,
because as a tradition, local people use it as a trashcan;

- to lead the inhabitants into the consciousness of how desastruous
can a pollut ed river be and to accentuate the importance of the
untouched nature as a way to the development of eco-turism, which
should rise th e living standards of the inhabitants reviving old,
traditional trades and giving new jobs for youths;

- to renew the fish stock in Maros, small rivers around and in the
new collectin g lake on the Ratosnya stream, to resettle the dying
fish species, to stop the wild electric fishing which would be a
great realisati on on national and international level, g iving big
opportunities for normal and sport fishing and for organising
fishing competitions;

- this 50 km section of the river between Marosh=82v=A1z and Deda is
to = be a National Park ( see the 19/1993 decision of the Council of
Maros County ) ;

- to involve members from the leadership of the country into
decision making for the solutions of these themes;

- ecological education, different presentations about geography,
history, local etnography, botany, ornitology and ecosystems for
the participants = of the camp;

- we hope to be a kind of " Modell Action ", preventing the polution
of the alpi n streams and rivers;

- this would ensure our group's future giving us new members,
getting involved i nto the solutions of local eco-problems and their
official survey.

Participation and the camp itself There will the members of
Rhododendron, general pupils, students and invite= d persons from 10
- 20 groups from inside of the country, which are also busy wo rking
on the same theme participate on the cleaning action. We are
expecting people from abroad as well. We hope to have participants
and advices from Romsilva R.A., Romanian Waters R.A., Environment
Protection Office of Maros County, Hunting - Fishing Association,
The Council and Education Center of the county. We will go down on
the water of the river by rafts collecting the wastes fr= om the
river. Two parallel groups on both sides of the river will clean up
= the bank. This rubbish will be put on the raft too until we can put
it into the huge trash containers. Th e collected wastes will be
exposed for a while for local people ( the result of a similar camp
last year was five huge trucks full with an immens vari= ety of
wastes: thousends of plastic bags, textil relics, stoves, tractor
wh= eels, car frameworks, etc. ).
+ - help (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

The listserv commands won't work for me -
I'm being told, I'm not on the list!
But I get mail from !!!
Someone tell me what's wrong!
Please let me go nomail or unsub, otherwise
my mailbox will be clogged up when I'm not here.
I managed before to do it (last summer) honest!

+ - Hungarian email pointer (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

[NOTE: earlier I attempted a crosspost with hun.news which apparently
didn't make it thru to these groups; my apologies if eventually a
duplicate copy turns up. Incidentally, in general such crossposts with
gatewayed email lists are to be avoided - I'm only trying it in order to
make the article go into the Usenet periodical posting archives!]

Archive-name: hungarian/pointer
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Version: 0.81 (beta)
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Last-modified: 1995/07/05
URL: http://hix.mit.edu/hungarian-faq/hungarian-faq-pointer

 This document summarizes network-related resources of Hungarian
interest, which are accessible via email. Some of the most readily
available sources of information can be found in the archives of
periodical information postings to Usenet; these documents are commonly
known as FAQs (from Frequently Asked/Answered Questions). Knowing the
name of the file you can retrieve it by sending email to
 with the command "send
usenet/news.answers/<ARCHIVE-NAME>" in the message (without the quotes,
and with substituting the actual name for <ARCHIVE-NAME> in the pattern
shown above) - for example, to get the document described below, use

 send usenet/news.answers/hungarian-faq

 To learn more about the RTFM server just send the command "help" to it
- it will provide step-by-step intstructions on how to use the
archives, on retrieving indexes and so on.

 "Hungarian electronic resources FAQ" is a comprehensive collection
dealing with email, FTP, WWW and other Internet tools; its archive name
is 'hungarian-faq' (and the mail-server command to get it is shown in
the example above).
 If you only have direct access to email then, in order to use the
other tools, you'll need the methods described in "Accessing The
Internet By E-Mail" (Archive-name: internet-services/access-via-email).
 To get a general introduction to Usenet (with some guides to Internet
as well - and explanation of how they are different, too) see
"Welcome to news.newusers.questions!" (Archive-name: news-newusers-intro).
 For a guide to finding someone's e-mail addresses, see the "FAQ: How
to find people's E-mail addresses" (Archive-name: finding-addresses).
Do notice that it's usually inappropriate to send such blanket requests
to mailing lists; the search tools available give much better chance to
locate addresses sought than posted queries in any case!

 The hungarian-faq describes several email lists related to Hungary;
only a brief summary is shown here. Please keep in mind that
subscription requests (and other administrative communications) should
be directed to the server address, NOT to the lists themselves.

 List:  (the HUNGARY LISTSERV list)

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        MIDEUR-L (Middle European discussion list)

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Server: email to  (Hollosi Information Exchange)
 Lists: HIX is a collection of several separate lists, including
  - MOZAIK, a collection of news items in English
  - various discussion forums in Hungarian language
  - SCM and HUNGROUPS, which are email-accessible archives of the Usenet
    newsgroup soc.culture.magyar and the hun.* national hierarchy,
    respectively; to get a directory listing of these archives (as well
    as that of other HIX lists), send email to  with
    "arch" in the 'Subject:' line. Note that the SENDDOC utility takes
    its parameter from the 'Subject:' of the message (unlike many other
    servers, like the ones described previously, which use the body)!

 Note that this document is available on the
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 The latter also provides access for the full FAQ via
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reading via 'finger ' (notice that you
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"For my assured failures and derelictions, I ask pardon beforehand of my
betters and my equals in my calling."           -       Rudyard Kipling
+ - Re: help (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Eva Durant asks how to halt the reception of messages from the List

Just send mail to 

The body of the message should say (only)


In return, you will receive a reply noting the change in your status.

When you decide to resume delivery of messages, send mail to the same
location with the following message.


It is a great way to avoid cleaning up many messages after a long absence.
Though I must say that the level of activity on the List makes it far less
necessary to spend long hours reading messages than once was the case.

Have happy holidays!

Bob Jenkins
+ - Help! 3 Day tour of Budapest (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


I was getting nowhere fast on the travel board, so I'll give this a shot.

I would greatly appreciate any input on what to do/see in Budapest in 3 days
in August/September.  Also, suggestions on which restaurants to eat at/stay
away from and when there are national holidays during Aug/Sept.  I assume
Hungary is somewhat like Slovakia in that nearly everything is closed for
national holidays.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Paul Hisem

+ - Finding family. Is there a newsgroup or Web page? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I'm trying to find out my family roots, from Hungary. Is there anyplace I can
check? Family name is Toth. I think from Budapest.

Any help would be great. Thanks.

Michael S. Toth

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