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+ - Designer Perfume copies from France (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Designer Perfume Copies for Sale

High quality Eau de Parfum designer copies.

We manufacture high quality Eau de Parfum using the finest ingredients
available from France.  Our fragrances are manufactured respecting the
rule of the high quality French perfumery.  They are made using the noblest
aromatic basis and thus gives total satisfaction to our customers.

The following designer copies are available in bottles or bulk:
Chanel 5, Eternity, Paloma Picasso, Kashahia, Opium, Poison, Dune,
Angel, L'air de temps,Champagne, Gautier, Anais, Shalimar, Eden,
Paris, Loulou, Samsara,Fidji, Coco, Tresor, O de Lancome, Eau Sauvage,
Drakkar Noir, Azzaro, Armany, Farenheiht, Jazz, Egoiste

Please contact via email or fax for more information.

Joan Robertson
Amore Emporium

Fax 816 746 8779
+ - Re: INVESTMENT OFFER (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

>In the case that you, as a financially strong investor are looking for
>very  high yield offerings...
>In this respect the required minimum capital would be 3.0 million US $,
>but the earnings are really excellent. It is a  joint US&german...
>..The initial investment to join could be higher,
>if the investor wants to do so, but always in lots of 3.0 million
>dollars (3/6/9/12...m).
Oh boy, what a problem! I got $5.9 mil on my hands, but now I only know
what to do with 3 of them.. Could you help me with the remaining $2.9 ?
I heard Burma Highways System project allows an initial investment of
$2.5 mil only. What a deal! Heard of it?
>...an AAA-guarantee, but in this case the paper should be available by  one
>day earlier.
Does it have anything to do with the guys who helped me once with the car?
>Reinhard Firlinger
>Investment advisor and broker
>Vienna, Austria
I saw an office of some R. Firlinger on Small Arnaut Street.
What a coincidence!
Misha Solonenko
+ - The English Patient (Re: English words to "Szerelem, Sz (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

At last, the English translation to "Szerelem, Szerelem" from THE
ENGLISH PATIENT.  This is the record that Almasy plays for Katharine and
jokingly translates into a song about a Hungarian count who wanders
without purpose until he meets an English harpie.

My thanks to Doug for taking the time.

> Love,
> why don't you blossom on the top of each tree,
> so that every boy and girl could pick you?
> I have already found a blossom
> and lost it again.
> What wouldn't I do
> to have my true love back again.
> I would drain the sea for her
> and pick the pearls from the sea-bed
> for her necklace.
> From the CD "Prisoner's Song" (Rabnota)
> Marta Sebestyen and Muzsikas

Also on the soundtrack of THE ENGLISH PATIENT.  Marta Sebestyen performs
on at least two other tracks on it.


+ - Call US->Hungary for $0.42/min, flat rate. (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Call US->Hungary for $0.42/min, flat rate. 
No need to change your long-distance carrier.

800 number access + CALLING CARD (not prepaid) with the same 
international rates (US domestic rate is 19 cpm). No surcharges. 

For details, email 
or visit http://www.angelfire.com/biz/telco
+ - Request for translation (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I'd be grateful if someone could translate this passage into English
(or French, or German) for me. It's from an interview with Terry Jones
of Monty Python's Flying Circus (http://mm.iit.uni-miskolc.hu/Lart/

"Ez azért van, mert nem kötôdtünk szorosan sem helyhez, sem idôhöz.
Ha mégis megemlítettük egy miniszter - például Reginald Maudling -
akkor sem konkrétan ôt, hanem az általa képviselt embertípust, "a"
politikust akartuk megidézni. Nem szándékosan törekedtünk az
inkább ösztönösen tartózkodtunk az aktualitásoktól."

T P Uschanov, University of Helsinki, Finland, European Union
 ### http://www.helsinki.fi/~tuschano/
      "Omnia praeclara tam difficilia, quam rara sunt."
                 (Baruch Spinoza, 1632-1677)
+ - Croatian Govt. Takes On Soros Destabilizations (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Previous posts on George Soros included exposes in both the 23-page article 
titled, "The world according to Soros" written by Connie Bruck in the Jan. 23, 
1995 issue of The New Yorker and in the  Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) 
article of  Nov. 1, 1996 titled  "The Secret Financial Network Behind  
'Wizard'  George Soros" by William Engdahl.

Readers may recall that George Soros is a member of the American side of 
participants of the American-Ukrainian Advisory Committee (AUAC) sponsored by 
the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)  which include:

Zbigniew Brzezinski (CSIS counselor), 
Richard Burt (chairman, International Equity Partners), 
Frank Carlucci (chairman, Carlyle Group), 
Gen. John Galvin (dean, Fletcher School of International Law and Diplomacy), 
Michael Jordan (chairman and CEO, Westinghouse Electric Corp), 
Henry Kissinger (chairman, Kissinger Associates) and 
George Soros (chairman, Soros Foundations).

Previous American advisers of AUAC included Malcolm Steve Forbes, Jr. 
(editor-in-chief, Forbes magazine), whose magazine gained some notoriety 
recently for publishing the  "Tinderbox" article by Paul Klebnikov, and Dwayne 
Orville Andreas (chairman and CEO, Archer Daniels Midland Co.), whose company 
 pleaded guilty in November, 1996 for anti-trust and price-fixing violations 
and agreed to pay a $100 million fine---the largest fine of its kind ever.

The following article by the Executive Intelligence Review News Service 
(EIRNS) dated Dec18-96 presents additional information on George Soros.

Stefan Lemieszewski


Croatian Govt. Takes On Soros Destabilizations

by Umberto Pascali

Dec.18 (EIRNS) -"Croatian authorities [have discovered] a secret channel for 
smuggling foreign currency into Croatia for financing [George] Soros's 
activities," said the announcement broadcast Dec. 12 on Croatian TV. Shortly 
before, at Bregana, on the border with Slovenia, Croatian Customs had arrested 
two prominent executives of Soros's network in Croatia. In the back seat of 
their car, in a plastic bag containing sandwiches and soft drinks, they 
carried $65,000 in cash---a huge amount for a country like Croatia, pauperized 
first by the Yugoslavian regime; then by Grater Serbian aggression; and 
finally, after its independence, by the economic shock therapy of the World 
Bank and IMF.

Despite protests by the Soros operatives that carrying cash that way is their 
normal M.O., Croatian authorities arrested them. In contradiction to that 
initial statement about their normal M.O., the Soros executives later told the 
media they thought their group had been "infiltrated," because the police knew 
exactly which car to stop and where to look for the money.

The arrested men were Srdjan Dvornik, managing director of the Soros 
Foundation, and Ivanka Marton, the Foundation's accountant. They were detained 
for 24 hours and interrogated at Zagreb's Department for the Suppression of 
Commercial Crimes. In the meantime, the police picked up Carmen Basic, the 
executive director of Soros's main organization, the Open Society. She was 
interrogated and released within a few hours. Although many in Zagreb think 
this is only the beginning of a broader operation against Soros's activities, 
the authorities maintain complete silence concerning their next moves.

Tudjman's Speech

Five days earlier, on Dec7, Croatia's President (and chairman of the ruling 
HDZ Party) Franjo Tudjman had delivered, in a speech to his party leaders, a 
virulent indictment of the policy and operations of George Soros.

In the speech, broadcast in full by Croatian TV, Tudjman accused Soros of 
having infiltrated his network deeply into post-communist Croatia, with the 
intent to destabilize it. He compared Soros's network to the remains of the 
Communist structure, and gave a detailed report of what he said were the 
groups and individuals financed or otherwise controlled by Soros.

These extraordinary events, and the unprecedented speech by President Tudjman, 
go far beyond the borders of Croatia and its internal battles. It goes also 
beyond the figure of Tudjman and his policy, both internally and vis-a-vis 
Bosnia (where HDZ-linked Herzeg-Bosnia mafia-like groups are sabotaging the 
unity of the country). As stressed by many observers in former Yugoslavia and 
the U.S., leading circles, especially in many countries of the former Soviet 
bloc, know and fear George Soros. Besides the publications associated with 
Lyndon LaRouche and the Schiller Institute, there has never been an adequate 
response to the destabalizing maneuvers and cultural  infiltration  organized 
by Soros against the former Communist countries. These countries are weakened 
by the economic butchery of the  international financial organizations which 
supposedly  represent the West--but which instead are provoking a resurgence 
of nostalgia for the "old good (Communist) days."

Thanks to a vast amount of money, Soros--asa modern financial pirate in Her 
Majesty'ss Service, a la Francis Drake--has with his speculations accumulated 
against currencies all over the world. His political and financial power is 
far greater than that of many countries. Thus he can practice a new form of 
subtle imposition, going for the takeover of political and cultural 
institutions, recruiting  naive  young leaders, readily corrupting nearly 
anybody and, when blocked, brandishing the flag of "freedom" and 
"democracy"---while destroying them.

Even leders like Tudjman, who are considered prone to dictatorial and 
autocratic decisions, did not dare confront Soros until now. One reason for 
Soros's untouchability, is the fear he evokes. Whoever attacks him is smashed 
by the "West," and by the gigantic media machine he controls directly or 

London Is Scared

The biggest reactions to the expose came from Soros's protectors, the British 
elite. After trying to ignore it all, London's rage exploded in the Hollinger 
Corporation's Sunday Telegraph. "Diplomats Diagnose Insanity After Tudjman 
Outburst," read the Dec. 15 headline. "One Zagreb source said he thought Mr. 
Tudjman had, in the clinical sense, 'gone mad.'  While Zarko Puhovski, a 
veteran political commentator and human rights activist, said:  'Tudjman has 
lost control of himself.' " The paper forgot to mention that Puhovski is a 
leader of the Soros clan in Zagreb.

London's apprehensiveness became paranoia, when it saw no defense of Soros 
from Washington. British media and outlets began screaming when, on Dec.11, 
the U.S. Information Agency, controlled by the State Department, released a 
poll showing a whopping 81% "pro" rating among Croatians for Tudjman. 
Diplomatic sources quoted in British press outlets said, "Some asked why a 
U.S. agency released a poll buoying Tudjman just  days after he denounced  
'foreign influences' ...   including the U.S. based Soros Foundation."

"The timing is weird. What is the USIA doing? You had Tudjman criticizing any 
kind of 'foreign influence' and then the biggest one, the Americans, put out a 
poll supporting him."

To sharpen British fears, on Dec. 15 the main Zagreb daily, Vjesnik, titled 
its lead editorial "Soros, Also a Problem For The Americans." The editorial 
detailed the denunciation by the Drug Enforcement Administration's Thomas 
Constantine and White House National Drug Policy Adviser Gen. Barry McCaffrey 
of Soros's efforts to legalize drugs. Other Croatian media began reporting the 
legal troubles Soros is going to have in Italy for his illegal speculation 
against the lira in 1993. Can the Croatian example be contagious?
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