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Renegade Botanicals From Exotic Botanical Resources!

To express our appreciation to all of our loyal customers, we are offering the 
following products "2 for 1"  for a limited time only.  Ragga Dagga, Stoney Mah
oney, Sweet Vjestika, Aqueous Kathmandu, along with a free 1oz. package of Capi
llaris Herba.

Also, see our money saving Introductory Combo Offers, below!

Now Open Monday thru Saturday!  

Call 1-623-974-2295 and Get the 2 for 1 Deal ! 

9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Mountain Time)

We have three (3) powerful NEW products from the ethnobotanical herbalists who 
brought the herba supplementals Kathmandu Temple Kiff 1 & 2 Personal Choice, pi
pe-smoking substances to the common market!


	1.  Temple 3 Ragga Dagga (tm)
	2.  Aqueous(liquid)Kathmandu (tm)
	3.  Stoney Mahoney (tm)

   ~~~~~TEMPLE 3 RAGGA DAGGA~~~~~

We are finally able to offer for your Sensitive, Personal Choice Smoking Enjoym
ent, the Temple 3 Ragga Dagga (tm) Pipe-Smoking Substance Supplemental Product.
  Introduced after three years of research and development, Temple 3 is Persona
l Choice, legal Smoking and Indulgence Redefined!!!  

Thanks to recent dramatic technological advances in the laboratory processes fo
r the extraction of alkaloid and glycocide supplements from botanicals/herbas/p
lant matter, we are now able to offer in more cultivated, enhanced, viripotent 
and substantiated format, what had actually already been the most significant, 
lawful Personal Choice smoking substance available on the planet.  Temple 3 Rag
ga Dagga (tm) is the sweet, sweet evolution of all of that. 

* A 20 X more viripotent herba supplement than its predecessors (Temple 1 & 2)!
* Happier, happy smoking!
* Indeed, a depressive/regressive, supplemental mood-enhancer.
* More sophisticated, uplifting & poised than illegal smoking substances.
* NO regulation; NO illegality; NO failed drug tests!
* Inhibits stress & anxiety!
* Inspires contemplativeness & creativity!
* Enhances the sexual experience!
* Generates more restful sleep & lucid dreaming!
* A significant herba/botanical supplement in the battles against drug & alcoho
l dependence!
* Easily ignited & stoked.
* Smokes sweetly!
* Absolutely legal; non-invasive; no downside!
* Lingers for a good, long while!
* Possesses many fine ganja virtues with none of the negatives!
* Just a little snippet/pinch goes a long, long way.  Just 4 or 5 draws of your
 pipe (a traditional hand herb-pipe is included with each package of Temple 3 R
agga Dagga).

Temple 3 Ragga Dagga (tm) is an exclusive, botanical/herba, proprietary, Nepale
se-formulated, "Sensitive/Responsive" pipe-smoking/stoking substance, and it is
 undoubtedly the most prestigious, legal offering of its sort on the planet!

So smokin' stokin' potent is this cutting edge formulation, that we have even b
een able to establish a very happy clientele market base within the hard-core s
toner arena and have made positive, happy smoking differences in many, many liv


A one-of-a-kind, proprietary amalgamation, comprised of extreme high-ratio conc
entrated extracts which are derived from various common and uncommon "sensitive
/responsive" herbas primarily cultivated within and imported from the southern 
and eastern hemispheres ... Temple 3 Ragga Dagga (tm) high-ratio, factored, bot
anical extractions are master-crafted into solid jiggets/bars which are structu
rally reminiscent of what one might find in the "happiness" coffee and tea hous
es of Nepal, Kathmandu or Amsterdam, and in many aspects, possesses a more coll
ected and more focused, less-scattered ambience. 


Temple smoking substances and Temple 3 Ragga Dagga (tm) have always been and wi
ll always remain exclusive EXOTIC BOTANICAL RESOURCES "House Smoking Substance 
Specialties."  Temple 3 Ragga Dagga (tm) is both a euphonious/celebratory and r
elaxing/calming pipe-smoking substance that offers both physical and cerebral s
ignificators.  Temple 3 Ragga Dagga (tm) is a proprietary, prescribed botanical
 amalgamation which includes the following synergistically/synesthesia conglome
rated, core-refined, ratio-enhanced herbas/botanicals, resins, essences, flower
-tops and oils in extreme ratio extractment ranging from 8.5 to 1, to 100 to 1 
viripotent concentrations Drachasha, Chavana Prash, Trikatu, Black Seed Herb, H
ybrid Flowering Turnera Diffusa, Capillaris Herba, Angelica Root, Wild Dagga ma
ture leaf matter, Haritaki, Shatavari, Labdunum, Neroli, Unicorn Root, Papaver 
Rhoes, Dendrobian stems, Calea Zacalechichi buddings, Rue, Amla, Salvia Divinor
um, Crocus Sativa, Lotus and Gokshura cuttings. 

Please Note:  Temple 3 Ragga Dagga (tm) is an absolutely legal, herba/botanical
, "Personal Choice," pipe-smoking substantiality product!  No included botanica
l factor therein is regulated by law or considered to be harmful by regulatory 
agencies.  There is no tobacco in Temple 3 Ragga Dagga (tm).  There is certainl
y no cannabis/marijuana in Temple 3 Ragga Dagga (tm).  And although we are not 
age-governed by law, Temple 3 Ragga Dagga (tm) is intended exclusively for soph
isticated adult usage! Subsequently, it is our MANDATORY ethical policy that Te
mple 3 Ragga Dagga (tm) may not be sold, offered, or given to any person that h
as not attained at least twenty-one years of age.  All things in their time.  A
s well, Temple 3 Ragga Dagga (tm) is not intended for use during work or while 
driving.  It should not be enjoyed during pregnancy nor is it intended to super
cede physician's care in any regard.

Call us direct with your orders or questions.


For those who choose not to smoke ... we have something for you.  Introducing A
queous Kathmandu "Happy Drops" (tm).

Aqueous Kathmandu (tm) Sensitive/Responsive Happiness Drops....(Temple "Quantum
" Variety), a Happiness Brew from the Kathmandu....a.k.a. "Secret Fire".

Who du the Kathmandu?  Now....everybody can du the Kathmandu!  (that is, if you
're 21 years of age or older....)  Aqueous Kathmandu is engaged to holistically
 inspire and instill sensitive/responsive happiness and mellowness, without the
 detriment of carcinogenic inhalation (smoking).  Aqueous Kathmandu is absolute
ly legal and does not contain any controlled, harmful, or regulated herbs and h
as no cannabis/marijuana factors!!!! 

As smoking has become so socially taboo over the years and so many people have 
asked us for a liquid product, we have long strived to bring a quantum-factored
 & concentrated liquid product to you. This has been no easy task for a variety
 of botanical and technological reasons.  Finally, we are able to say that this
 task has been accomplished....a sensitive herbal/botanical awakening, if you w
ill....as we have introduced and brought to market Aqueous Kathmandu (tm) Happi
ness Drops, Temple "Quantum" Variety, a.k.a...."Secret Fire"!!!

This liquid innovation affords us four factors within this particular botanical
 equation that were previously not realized....

1) The ability to provide a more substantial, high-ratio, concentrated applicat
ion of particular botanical factors that are utilized in our personal-choice, s
ensitive/responsive pipe-smoking product.

2) The ability to extract high-ratio concentrates of certain botanical factors 
that are not applicable to a smoking commodity, as they cannot be extracted int
o dry format.  (Please note....all botanical factors included in any of our pro
ducts are absolutely legal.  In the instance of Aqueous Kathmandu, we are simpl
y able to enjoy the advantages of specific legal herbas that just are not dry c
oncentrate applicable.

3) A most notable assimilation factor....being that liquid is more easily and t
herefore more generally metabolized, or assimilated and as such, is more absolu
te. Herbal/botanical applications administered as smoke possess a much wider va
riance in just how efficiently that smoke is integrated metabolistically, psych
ologically and perspectively.

4) We have sought and created a uniqueness between a "Smoke" and a "non-Smoke".
...sort of like the camaraderie between indicas and sativas, if you will....dif
ferent aspects of the same botanical genus arrangement.  Each are impeccable si
ngularly.... and at this juncture we will also mention to those of you who are 
not so against smoking something....that Aqueous Kathmandu (tm) Happiness Drops
 and the more traditional Temple "3" Ragga Dagga (tm) personal-choice, pipe-smo
king substance establish an enchanting "camaraderie". (Please refer to, "Introd
uctory Offers".) 

* No need to smoke.  No carcinogenic factors!
* Absolutely legal!  No prescription required!
* Does not include cannibis or any tobacco variety.
* Marvelously potent.  Remarkably substantial!
* Inspires contemplativeness and creativity!
* Adjusts attitude & mood enhancement. Relaxes stress & anxiety.
* Better than Kava Kava, St. John's Wort, etc.  Similar to but variant from Rag
ga Dagga.
* Certainly safer than pharmaceuticals!
* Many fine ganja virtues with none of the negatives!
* Better sleeping ... better dreaming.
* Non-invasive ... no downside.
* An exquisite compliment to Temple 3 Ragga Dagga (tm) -- (See Intro Offers)
* Quite simply ... it is a superior product!

Contents: Aqueous Kathmandu is a unique botanical substantiality.  It is offere
d and marketed as such.  Undisputedly, it achieves "distinctive accolade" of it
s own merit....  Aqueous Kathmandu is absolutely legal and does not contain any
 controlled or regulated or harmful herbs or cannabis factors.  However, it is 
our mandatory ethical policy that Aqueous Kathmandu not be offered to individua
ls who have not yet attained at least 21 years of age (all things in their time
....).  Please note as well that Aqueous Kathmandu is not intended for usage du
ring work or while driving.  And, as is true of all substance and indulgence, t
his product should not be enjoyed during pregnancy.  This proprietary formulati
on does include the following quantum-ratio, core-extracted/refined botanicals 
in an alcohol base as a preservative: Albizzia flower-tops, Drachsha, Chavana P
rash, Lactuca Virosa, Hybrid Flowering Turnera Diffusa, Wild Dagga, Capillaris 
Herba, Angelica Root, Zizyphi Spinosae, Buplerum, Hybrid Valeriana officin

 For your convenience, we're open Monday-Saturday
		Call 1-623-974-2295


In regard to the introduction of Stoney Mahoney (tm) personal choice smoking su
bstantiality product, we have strived for years to develop a consummate Sensiti
ve/Responsive (loose-leaf) smoking product, "Amsterdam Cup" style so to speak!

With knowledge acquired via the development of such notable smokeables, as Wiza
rd Smoke(tm), Dream Smoke(tm), Dragon Smoke(tm), Vajroli Mudra(tm), Stashish(tm
), ShemHampHorash(tm), Yerba lena Yesca(tm), Weedé(tm), Kathmandu Temple Kiff(t
m) 1 & 2 & 3, (which for the most part have been proprietary formulations, of w
hich the rights have been sold to other less aggressive, less developmental com
panies), we arrived at the lofty "personal choice" smoking status of our premie
r Ragga Dagga (tm) solid pipe-smoking product.  

After all of this, we had come to the technological and philosophical point of 
view that we could not conjure a loose-leaf formulation that would provide effe
ctuality that would be more significant than that of our much-heralded Ragga Da
gga (tm) solid-format pipe smoking product.  Mostly, we were right about this, 
as this new Stoney Mahoney product is not so much significant as in "better", b
ut "Signature Significant" as in "unique", in that we chanced upon a new world 
class, botanical source for the rare true-brid variety of Artemisia absinthum (
flowering tops only), which at one time in history was distilled into Absinthe,
 a greenish, aniseed flavored liqueur which brought on certain euphoric and nar
cotic attributes which ultimately resulted in it being declared illegal.  As we
ll, we have finally perfected our exclusive "kiffening" technique, which inspir
es and establishes alkaloid and glycoside enhancement on a molecular level.  He
nce, we introduce (although supply is limited) this highly "potentiated" S

And for all of you Ragga Dagga fans, please note that, it isn’t so much that St
oney Mahoney loose-leaf is more potent than the Ragga Dagga solid-format,  that
 Stoney Mahoney is effective in a much different way than Ragga Dagga.  Sort of
 like apples and oranges, like Panamanian and Jamaican, if you will!  Within ou
r test marketing, even traditional "Kind Bud" aficionados have magnanimously ac
claimed this Stoney Mahoney jester variety.  Most folks say that Ragga Dagga mo
tivates them in an up "Sativa" sort of way, and that Stoney Mahoney mellows the
m out or giggles them out in a "soma," Indica sort of way.  If Stoney Mahoney h
as any shortcoming at all, it is quite simply that due to the extreme "kiffenin
g" of this product, it may be to the uninitiated practitioner, a harsh draw.  I
t is for this reason that in addition to the inclusion of a standard herb pipe 
and package of rolling papers, we also include a brass, personal water-pipe (ho
okah).  As is true for many high-minded folks, a water-pipe filled with ch

* Indica oriented.
* Definitely happy smoking!
* Mood enhancer.
* Smokeable & brewable mood food!
* Good-bye stress, anxiety, & restlessness.
* Sleep deep -- Good-bye funky dreams!
* Hornier than horny goatweed!
* Superlative mixer with Ragga Dagga and/or Aqueous Kathmandu.
* Roll it or bowl it or brew it ...
* Just a pinch goes a long, long way ...
* Possesses many fine ganja virtues with none of the negatives.
* Non-invasive.
* Absolutely Legal!
* Rolling papers, herb pipe & personal brass water pipe (hookah)are included.

*Attention!*Attention!* We have, by popular demand and in the interest of good 
economics, created an introductory offer that features both Ragga Dagga and Sto
ney Mahoney products and, also, still another introductory offer which includes
 Ragga Dagga, Stoney Mahoney and, for you non-smokers, our Aqueous Kathmandu Ha
ppiness Drops (these are pretty special!).  [For non-smokers, Stoney Mahoney (J
ester Variety) loose-leaf product is also a brewable delight.]

Please Note:  Stoney Mahoney (Jester Variety) (tm) is an absolutely legal, herb
a/botanical, "Personal Choice," loose-leaf substantiality smoking product!  No 
included botanical factor therein is regulated by law or considered to be harmf
ul by regulatory agencies.  There is no tobacco in Stoney Mahoney (Jester Varie
ty) (tm).  There is certainly no cannabis/marijuana in Stoney Mahoney (Jester V
ariety) (tm).  And although we are not age-governed by law, Stoney Mahoney (Jes
ter Variety) (tm) is intended exclusively for sophisticated adult usage! Subseq
uently, it is our MANDATORY ethical policy that Stoney Mahoney (Jester Variety)
 (tm) may not be sold, offered, or given to any person that has not attained at
 least twenty-one years of age.  As well, Stoney Mahoney (Jester Variety) (tm) 
is not intended for use during work or while driving.  It should not be enjoyed
 during pregnancy nor is it intended to supercede physician's care in any regar

Stoney Mahoney (Jester Variety) (tm), factored in an Absinthium Labyrinthine Co
nfiguration, is an exclusive, kiffened, loose-leaf, primo modino, Sensitive/Res
ponsive, Smoking and/or Brewing Herba which may be, depending upon preference, 
rolled or bowled or brewed.

As is an herbalist’s way, three or four draws of Smoke should be inhaled and re
tained.  For the non-smoker, it is most appropriate to engage this herba as a p
otentiated tea/brew.  (Steep approximately one tea-spoon of Stoney Mahoney herb
a per one cup of water for ten minutes or so & strain.)  When smoking Stoney Ma
honey, please draw gently as Stoney Mahoney is a most preeminent smoke and may 
be considered to be a harsh draw to the uninitiated practitioner.  (Water-pipe 
is included with each package of Stoney Mahoney (Jester Variety), for smoother 

Stoney Mahoney contains and is kiffened with the following exotica botanicals a
nd botanical extracts & essences: Dutch Lactuca virosa, Bulgarian Artemisia abs
inthum (flowering-tops only), Yucatan Turnera aphrodisaca, Chinese Valeriana ce
ae, Jamaican Verbena officinalis, Spanish Peumus boldo, and European (flowering
-tops only) Sarothamnus Scoparius. Stoney Mahoney does not include any tobacco 
or any cannabis factors...Stoney Mahoney achieves distinction upon its own meri


We offer other fine herbal, botanical products including the following:

1.  Sweet Vjestika Aphrodisia Drops (tm); An erotic aphrodisia; sexual intensif
ier / enhancer liquid amalgamated extract for MEN and WOMEN.
2. "Seventh Heaven" Prosaka Tablets (tm); a botanical alternative to pharmaceut
ical medications for calm, balance, serenity and joyful living ... 

3. "Seventh Heaven" Gentle Ferocity Tablets (tm); a most efficacious, non-caffe
ine, non-ephedrine, non-MaHuang botanical energizer and cutting-edge appetite s

4.  Extreme Martial Arts Botanical Remedies; Equivalence Tablets & Dragon Wing 
Remedy Spray ... pain management that works to alleviate pain even for arthriti
s and fibromyalgia sufferers...   

5.  "Hairricane" (tm) -- an Extreme High-Ratio, Dry Botanical Extract Herba Die
tary Hair Supplement for Men & Women

> ==========================================
> ==========================================


***Ask About Our Special Offers***

One     .75 oz. jigget/bar          $65.00
One    2.0 oz. jigget/bar          $115.00 
One - 2 oz. bottle (90+ usages)    $115.00
Two - 2 oz. bottles                $170.00

3.    STONEY MAHONEY (tm) Jester Variety Loose Leaf
One - 2 oz. package 		   $150.00
Two - 2 oz. packages               $225.00
Each 2 oz. package of Stoney Mahoney includes 
1 pkg. of clipped-rolling papers, a traditional
herb pipe & a brass, personal water-pipe (hookah).

Sorry, but due to a limited supply of Stoney Mahoney (Jester Variety) only a ma
ximum purchase of two - 2 oz. packages per customer is allowed per order.

One	1.0 oz. bottle		$90.00   
Two	1.0 oz. bottles	       $140.00  
One    100 tablet tin          $40.00
Three  100 tablet tins        $105.00
Six    100 tablet tins        $185.00
One   300 tablet jar          $130.00

7.    Equivalence Tablets - Each bottle contains 90 - 500mg tablets.
**  3-pack  (270 tablets)    $83.00
**  6-pack  (540 tablets)    $126.00 (save $40.00)
**  9-pack  (810 tablets)    $159.00 (save $90.00)
**  12-pack (1,080 tablets)  $192.00 (save $140.00)

8.    Dragon Wing Spray Remedy - Each spray bottle contains 4 liquid oz.
**  3-pack  (3 - 4 oz. bottles)     $83.00
**  6-pack  (6 - 4 oz. bottles)     $126.00 (save $40.00)
**  9-pack  (9 - 4 oz. bottles)     $159.00 (save $90.00)
**  12-pack (12 - 4 oz. bottles)    $192.00 (save $140.00)

9.    Dynamic Duo Introductory Offers 
**  3-pack Equivalence Tabs & 3-pack Dragon Wing   $126.00 (save $40.00)
**  6-pack Equivalence Tabs & 3-pack Dragon Wing   $159.00 (save $50.00)
**  9-pack Equivalence Tabs & 6-pack Dragon Wing   $215.00 (save $70.00)
**  12-pack Equivalence Tabs & 9-pack Dragon Wing  $271.00 (save $80.00)

11.  "HAIRRICANE" (tm)
**  3 Pack (3 bags of 90 capsules each)..... $102.00
**  6 Pack (6 bags of 90 capsules each)..... $174.00 (SAVE $30)
** 12 Pack (12 bags of 90 capsules each).... $288.00 (SAVE $40)

* One (1) 2 oz. pkg. of Stoney Mahoney
* One (1) 2 oz. jigget/bar of Temple 3 Ragga Dagga
Price:  $190.00 (Reg. $265.00  Save $75)

* One (1) 2 oz. pkg. of Stoney Mahoney
* one (1) 2 oz. pkg. of Temple 3 Ragga Dagga 
* One (1) 2 oz. bottle of Aqueous Kathmandu Happiness Drops
Price:  $240.00 (Reg. $380.00  Save $140)

* One (1) 2.0 oz. jigget/bar of Temple 3 Ragga Dagga
* One (1) tin (100 tablets) of Seventh Heaven Prosaka
* One (1) jar (300 tablets) of Seventh Heaven Gentle Ferocity 
Price:  $200.00 (Reg. $285.00  Save $85) 

* One (1) 2.0 oz. jigget/bar of Temple 3 Ragga Dagga
* One (1) jar (300 tablets) of Seventh Heaven Gentle Ferocity.  
Price:  $170.00 (Reg. $245.00  Save $75) 

* One (1) 2.0 oz. jigget/bar of Temple 3 Ragga Dagga
* One (1) tin (100 tablets) of Seventh Heaven Prosaka.  
Price:  $125.00 (Reg. $155.00  Save $30) 

* One (1) 2.0 oz. jigget/bar of Temple 3 Ragga Dagga
* One (1) 1 oz. bottle of Sweet Vjestika Aphrodisia Drops.
Price:  $150.00 (Reg. $205.00  Save $55)  
* One (1) 2.0 oz. jigget / bar of Temple 3 Ragga Dagga
* One (1) 1 oz. bottle of Sweet Vjestika Aphrodisia Drops
* One (1) tin (100 tablets) of Seventh Heaven Prosaka
* One (1) jar (300 tablets)of Gentle Ferocity 
Price:  $260.00 (Reg. $375.00  Save $115)  

* One (1) 2 oz. jar of Cockle Doodle Doo Souffle'
* One (1) 2 oz. jigget/bar of Temple 3 Ragga Dagga
* One (1) 1 oz. bottle of Sweet Vjestika Love Drops
Regular Price $297.00.  Yours for only $197.00.  SAVE $100.00!

* One (1) 2 oz. bottle of Aqueous Kathmandu
* One (1) 2 oz. bar/jigget of Temple 3 Ragga Dagga
Price:  $155.00 (Reg. $230.00  Save $75)

* One (1) 2 oz. bottle of Aqueous Kathmandu
* One (1) 2 oz. bar/jigget of Temple 3 Ragga Dagga
* One (1) 1 oz. bottle of Sweet Vjestika
Price:  $235.00 (Reg. $320.00  Save $85)

* One (1) 2 oz. bottle of Aqueous Kathmandu
* One (1) 2 oz. bar/jigget of Temple 3 Ragga Dagga
* One (1) 1 oz. bottle of Sweet Vjestika
* One (1) 300 tablet jar of Gentle Ferocity 
Price:  $295.00 (Reg. $450.00  Save $155)

* One (1) 2 oz. bottle of Aqueous Kathmandu
* One (1) 1 oz. bottle of Sweet Vjestika
Price:  $150.00 (Reg. $205.00  Save $55)


For your convenience, you can call us direct with your orders or questions.
Call 1-623-974-2295 
6 Days a Week -- 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Mountain Time)
For all domestic orders, add $6.00 shipping & handling (shipped U.S. Priority M
ail).  Add $20.00 for International orders.


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